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Thursday, July 13, 2006
  Medjugorie again
A few days ago, Magisterial Fidelity 'a very good blog' on this group brought up Medjugorie again. I posted a comment. Then I and went back to what I knew some years ago. What you believe is your problem. I will do no violence to anyone's free will.Discernment comes through prayer or the Church's teachings ot both. You have to work out your own salvation. I wish you all the best as you try.

This happened to as I was praying with three friends about 8 years ago. Two have since gone their own way, due to external criticism, family with one so-called friends afflicted the other. One saw what I heard part of the agreement that I had with the Word made Flesh as I had agreed to tell what I am told.
I asked Mary about false teachers and false prophets. I asked Mary to tell me what is the truth? This is what happened. Mary started by saying, “You will be asking questions even in eternity.”
Mary, Queen of the Apocalypse, came dressed in a creamy white dress, with a hyacinth veil, a hammer in one hand and a sword formed from the Cross: the sword of vengeance, the sword of the Apocalypse. She stood on a white cloud with angels above Her carrying a banner with her name. She came in tears and in a hurry to share Her Mind
My question was, “I am uncomfortable with the messages from Medugorje and I feel that they are given to the Faithful always later than sooner and heavily censored?” She did not confirm my statement but said My Messages are this.
“I call for the conversion of sinners, a return to the Faith. To pray for Abortionists and for My Lost Sons. I say, pray to the Father Almighty to give Mercy to the world, come back to the church and back to the Faith. I tell them the Mercy gate is just about to close. I tell them that for those who believe there is time, for those who do not believe only a little time is left. I ask them to pray so hard for the conversion of the lost, lost souls.
Again I asked and an angel answered, “She came to a struggling little community, whose faith was strong to tell the world of the wrongs in the world; to tell the world to come back to the Faith, that the church was the only salvation, back to the faith of our Fathers. She came as there were people being oppressed. This saddened Her but their faith did not waver. She came to them, to console them. She comes as an intermediary for all people and is Humanities’ Mediatrix. If you come to Her, all that is asked will be given. She will not abandon anyone. Her Heart breaks for all who do not believe. It breaks and aches. It is so simple; fall down on your knees and repent. There is but One God, come back to your faith, repent, repent before it is too late.
An hour later Jesus came and said add this.
Go before My Cross. Lay bare thy soul in humble supplication. Go before the tomb of My Sepulchee. Like Mary Magdalene ask for mercy and you shall be given mercy. I am your Jesus of Divine Mercy.
Mary’s latest instruction, “Priests, all priests should go to confession weekly, make a good confession. Above all if necessary and where necessary priests should go each day."
Later I wrote (E-Mailed) to some one called Ante in Croatia, since at Christmas I again I had the urge to explore once more Medjugorie and Mary’s words there. I sent my musings on to Ante. Perhaps you might wish to compare them with what you perceive as Mary’s Graces. Compare your ideas with what Mary told me. How much at Medjugorie is directly from Mary. I mean founded and originated by the locals, those from Medjugorie acting under Her directions. Mary is both angry and disappointed at the Church and the behavior at Medjugorie. Visiting priests give testimony not to the messages or to Christ’s teachings but to their personal life experiences. Mary asks all people to join Her Son’s Church, the Catholic Apostolic One. She questioned me, why were pentecostals asked to verify Her presence? They are neither of Her Catholic family or have any great discernment. She did confirm that is warned the children early at the start of her visits against the Charismatic Movement. The Polish visionary Wladyslaw Biernacki, recognized by the Pope and most of the Polish Bishops wrote, his prophecies tell him, the activities of the Charismatics are directed by evil spirits. I received this message or probably more accurately my thought process became occupied with this, “Just look at these people Michael, not in a state of the grace that sanctifies, they lay hands on people and pray. Like psychics, they conjure up spirits”.
Look at the basic facts, Mary’s reasons why Mary went there and tell me if that is the case now. It seems that everyone and his dog has taken a piece of the action. As Mary says, “I have been made into an industry. No one remembers why Medjugorie exists. It has become Mammon riding on God’s coattails.”
Here are some quotes from one of Ante’s later newsletters.
There was occasionally special apparition (How Mary disdains that word) on the Hill for Ivan’s prayer group, but sad news that there will be no more messages given on the Blue Cross. At the same time that is not the reason that 11Pg and the MIR Peace Shalom stop their beautiful work.
One night we were very worried because there was a big fire on the hill of the first apparition.
Mary’s promises to the Visionaries on the number of times they will see Her is not in question. Mary will be true to Her name. But as recently some of the messages were from Alabama, Eastern USA and perhaps Italy, the messages from these locations should be named as it is misleading to the faithful. It is also false to give out old messages.
Tell me from where did the latest message posted, originate?
Was that all Mary told me about prophets that evening. No it was not and when I think it is time then I will say what it was and wait for the screams of stuck egos.
At that time I was also told this
The Arm of God has fallen, His hand has released the sling and a punishment for the world is hurtling towards it.


Monday, July 10, 2006
  Why use the Confessional
Why Should I Confess My Sins to a Priest?

Sin, in a literal translation of the Greek noun, means "missing the mark." Not being where we should be. Off base is the phrase we use today. Where we should be, but are not because of sin, is in communion with God. So, for practical purposes, sin is separation from God. And, by definition, separation from God is death, because life can only exist where God is present. One can find in Ezekiel Chapter 18; 4 God says all souls are mine; the soul that sins dies (Douai Rheims). Even a soul without life is His and He can do as He pleases with her (the soul).

Confession is the time when we try to reverse the effects of sin in our lives. We are, since sin came into the world with the very first person created by God. We are "consumers," filling ourselves with everything. We overindulge ourselves with food, possessions, material wealth, sexual adventures, various and sundry substances (drugs and alcohol, etc.) All are simply "ways" to satisfy our urges. We do tend to overindulge and spoil ourselves. Christ tells us that the poor are blessed and those as above, rich with the world’s treasures, are sorely tempted and often do not wish to surrender away those riches, the riches of the young man who could not surrender Himself to follow Jesus. We, and I include myself, are often contaminated by gluttony, avarice and other passions which lead to the death of the Soul. We are neither happy nor blessed but fallen. We must have ‘care’ for constantly we are at war with the world, unfortunately many have surrendered for the sake of their personal comfort.

Prayer, both personal and corporate, is also important during our daily life. The new hunger that will grow within us as we seek God, after a good confession, should be transformed by our prayer into a hunger not for food, but for God Himself, who is the Bread of Life and the Fountain of Holiness. Prayer without fasting is like the man who had the unclean spirit and cleaned it out, but left his heart empty, so seven spirits, even MORE unclean than the first, repossessed him. But the most personal and difficult aspect of our effort is the journey to the Sacrament of Confession. Confession of our sins is basic and necessary. But Confession in the Apostolic Tradition has always been face-to-face, a hard but humbling journey! Is it possible that besides pride, a lack of fortitude keeps us from approaching our priest for forgiveness? This might be so for when we are lacking sanctity we also lack many of the virtues and that is a Church dogmatic teaching found in Her teachings on the Holy Spirit.

Many people outside our faith wonder why we do not simply confess our sins in private “to God” The answer is very simple God already ‘knows’ about our sins. Confession is a sacramental gift from God that allows us not only to confess our sins, but to receive the assurance of God’s forgiveness and the spiritual guidance that we need to help us overcome these sins. What is more Confession is a gift instituted by Christ Himself and I ask what right or privilege do we have to pridefully dismiss such a gift. To do so is to tell Christ His Gifts, the Sacraments instituted by Him during His life are futile and not needed. To do so is to deny His Church as a lawful institution and then it is only a short journey to write our own dogmas and beliefs, putting aside all Her teachings as unnecessary for Salvation. We say, by example and denial, Christ was not needed and with this we include the Church, herself. We will find ourselves saying, “Who needs an organized Church?” You see from here it is only a short step to the heresy of Reformation when we claim to confess our sins directly to God. We will find ourselves saying, “After all He already has knowledge of our sins, He died for us, knowing our sins, therefore they are already forgiven”.

I am also reminded that in the Church today, with the echoing of protestant formulae, some think that an interior conversion is enough to return to God’s good graces after sinning, that all they need to do is tell God that they are deeply sorry for having offended him. But these conversations deny it was Jesus Himself who said, “Whose sins you shall forgive, they are forgiven them; and whose sins you shall retain, they are retained” (Jn 20, 23).
It is imperative that we are honest with ourselves and admit since no one is good judge in his own cause, the power to pardon or not has been committed by Christ to his ministers to be exercised in the tribunal of penance. If they are to grant or deny pardon, priest must know the sins and interior disposition of penitents. Therefore the sacrament of Confession is the forum by which a priest examines our disposition towards true penitence.

What do I truly believe, know for certain about the sacrament? What is my opinion of the importance of confession in my life? I truly believe the conversation that takes part when I am before a priest at the Sacrament of Confession; due to Christ’s promises, is a very real conversation between Christ and me. It is an absolutely exceptional event in my or anyone’s life. Confession for me is the redemptive act of Christ repeated for my benefit seventy times seven, a personal benefit I can receive no where else.

Confession is a three-step process. First, we must recognize our sins. We call this an examination of conscience, which the Church recommends we do daily. As we get "holier," we see better and better how truly awful our life is, how truly estranged we are from God. Second, we must truly be sorry for the sins, and one of the true tests of our sorrow is the ability to confess those sins to another human being. We can be so prideful that we refuse to confess our sins because we are worried about what someone else might think about us, or horror of horrors we say by our actions, “Just why should I confess my sins to a mere man?” Also we insult priests, by looking for an excuse for our behavior, and accuse them of gossiping about our penitential admissions in the confessional.

Thirdly and finally, once our pride is defeated and the sin confessed, it is imperative, we make, to mean, to live and fulfill, a firm purpose of amendment, to overcome sin and live a truly sinless life. Of course, the effort is in the struggle, since we cannot actually avoid the distractions, the occasions, the temptations and the misfortunes of sin without supernatural help.

But why should we confess to the priest?

1. Sin is, as we have said, separation. First of all, sin separates us from God. Sin keeps us from being who God intends us to be by doing His will now, instead of at our first judgment. The communion with God, given on the first day of creation, is fractured by sin, and eternal life can only be granted when that fracture is healed, even if it is healed again and again.

2. Sin separates us from the Church. When the consecrated bread, the Body of Christ is raised off the paten just before Communion, the priest says "This is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, happy are those who are called to His supper”. What did the King do to the one who had no wedding garment? No one can claim they are "sinless" when they receive the Holy Eucharist, but when we progress in our "daily sins" or accumulate so many of them that our soul is burdened; we must confess them to restore our relationship with the Church. Our communion with the Church is fractured by sin, and healing can only take place when we bring our sin to the Head of the Church - who is Christ, represented by the priest who is the sacramental, mystical presence of Christ in the Church. He is our ‘other’ Messiah who brings us Salvation through the Sacrament of Confession. To restore our unity with the Church, we confess to him.

3. Sin also separates us from each other. Nowhere is the lack of communion between us and God that happens because of sin, shown better than in how estranged we are from each other. Sin destroys my relationship with the brothers and sisters of the church, the parish community and Christ Himself says that we can only know and love God when we know and love each other. It can be written so many of our sins are selfish, never denying ourselves, they are the disobeying of the second great commandment of Christ, ‘Love others as I have loved you’. You must consider if we lack Charity through sin, “Is our communion ‘Holy. Is the sacrament for us valid?”

4. Those who make the claim they confess directly to God may consider they might lack humility or fortitude and should honestly search to find if they are even interested in forgiveness and as such cannot know if their sins are forgiven. The promise was given, “Whose sins you shall forgive are forgiven”. It is hard to lower oneself to say, “I have sinned, especially one does not have the habit of examining one’s spiritual ego. The fact that one has to make an effort to make a confession before a priest is a good exercise. The embarrassment caused can restrain one later, especially when added to the self accusatory pain experienced. Above all we should realize to make the act perfect we must realize the pain we have caused Christ and the sorrow we may have given to another. Realizing these thoughts we can be assured through the sacramental Life of the Church, Love has conquered all and is victorious once more.

We must always pay attention to the Magisterium of the Church and we find in the Tridentine Council explicit instructions on what we should do to prepare for Holy Communion (Session 13).

“On the preparation to be given that one may worthily receive the Sacred Eucharist”.
“It is unbeseeming for anyone to approach to any of the sacred functions (sacraments, Mysteries), unless one approaches holily; assuredly, the more the holiness and divinity of this Blessed Sacrament are understood by Christians, the more diligently ought they to give heed that they approach to receive it, but with great reverence and holiness, especially as we read in the Apostle (Paul 1st. Cor.) those words full of terror; He that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh judgment to Himself (my thoughts turn to Judas and his kiss). Wherefore those who communicate ought to call to mind the precept of the Apostle; “Let those prove themselves”. Now ecclesiastical usage declares the necessary proof to be, that no one conscious to themselves of mortal sin, how contrite so-ever they might seem to themselves, ought to approach the sacred Eucharist without previous sacramental confession. This the Holy Synod hath degreed is to be invariably observed by all Christians”.
There is also taught, if we suddenly remember a mortal or grave sin as we communicate or near thereto in time we must immediately go to confession and the sacrilege is as though it never happened. (Precepts of the Church)

Finally we must confess our sins and repent of them to restore our relationship with the "others", that is our Church and our parish community. In the early Church that was very simply done you stood up in the midst of the church community and confessed your sin, thereby healing that relationship with others. When problems with that system arose through scandal, the priest began to stand in the place of the community. So we also confess our sins to the priest because he is a man, created and fallible just like everyone else, standing in the place of everyone else.
When these three "healings" take place, between God and I, between the Church and I, between everyone else and I, then true healing begins, with the long struggle to overcome our sins. We can know we have attempted as Christ commanded, "to be perfect as the heavenly Father is perfect." That is the Deiform man described by the Early Church teachers and known in the Catechism as deified by grace, the Grace that sanctifies and makes us children of God and members of the Communion of Saints.

On a more personal note, so many of us worry about our material life and existence as we grow older,we take out life insurance. We worry materially but not spiritually and rarely make a sacramental visit to the priest. This worry for our material welfare should be tempered by faith knowing that God also intervenes for our needs. How will He intervene? He does when He sees us behave faithfully and seek righteousness. He defends those who defend Him and He rewards those who give Him love and repentance. This love is the glass of water for which he pleaded on the Cross, “I thirst”


  The Consuming Fire of Terrible Jealous Love
In previous blogs of mine I have told you of my dreams. Dreams that seem so very real to me as I experience them. I find if one's mind is of the Scholastic bent they will be called private revelations and more than likely this will be the reason to dismiss them. I myself often wonder if scholasticism the use of one's reason to define the spiritual meanings of so many feelings led to Luther's scruples. Is it any wonder that the Byzantine Spirituality was or is taken aback by this lofty quasi- intellectual somewhat legal interpretations of our faith beliefs. Can we not accept the Spirituality that comes from our catholic history? A mystical spirituality that comes from the likes of St Gertrude and her sister, from Jan de Ruysbroeck, from the Theresas of Avila and of Liseux. Can we not truly believe in Bernadette, Mary Aloqoque, Salette or other great appearances and teachings of those whose intelligence we could doubt and yet their intelligences in communion with the attribute of God called the Divine Intellect calls us closer to Him. Yet these are judged by a priesthood whose vocation is not of sanctifying grace and whose actions today cause us to ask ourselves, "Do they not fear God?" Remember I urge you, we cannot have any spirituality without a quickened soul for god said, "A soul that sins dies". Can we just not believe in Christ's promise to send the Paraclete to help us remember His works? Luther lambasted the Church with the "Angel of Light scriptural quotation to deny the Church quickened by the Holy Spirit had grace" It has become habitual for those who we could see as gentile or pagan to do the same. Malicious is the "grace??" that is found in the Church when pride and jealousy deny the grace in others they claim for themselves. I mean the pious frauds that Christ gave His word to, when He said, " Not all that say Lord Lord will inherit the kingdom'. I myself believe in Popes, Bishops and Priests doing their work,using discernment (so sadly missing) to examine this voice of the Holy Spirit so necessary in the Church today.
Use your consciences and scripture to discern this.

Again in that period between sleeping and being fully awake I found myself before a huge single flame so immense in stature, so powerful in brilliance, I could neither see the top or barely look at It. There was a polyphonic hum of beautiful tones and as they crescendoed, so the flame pulsated with greater power. Little sparks flew off and bright sparks came back. Some came back like specks of charcoal and some were barely flickering. The dead sparks dropped off into an deep pit and the flame groaned, the flickering specks caught on a current of air danced closer and closer to the Flame getting slowly brighter.
What do you think it was I saw. Is my mind so inflamed I was imagining some allegory of God?
My Rosary Voice what it means and you work it out for yourselves

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