For His Glory and His Alone
Thursday, February 14, 2008
Catholics today should be able to make a statement after reading the Document on Divine Revelations that we read and understand history though the eyes of those who lived those times. Spin theologians and those of the pseudo christian cults write it as though history is now and it were 'of today' and use the most up to date modern words. Modern linguists make the claim their linguistic abilities are far superior to say "Jerome". A byzantine priest who walked the known world and visited monasteries and basilicas who kept records of the Apostles' and Christ's teachings within a century or two of when they were first recorded. Piffle, bafflegab and spin I say. They are without an ounce of integrity in their pride.
I expect soon that Jerome's translation of hebrew Laws expecially, "You must not pay the (prix canem) price of a dog at the synagogue, to soon become , "Never buy a puppy from a priest"
  Challenge me
I have been asked again why no place for comments. Well I stopped when I was getting statements not comments by catholics with agendas. Grunerites are about the worst, followed by traditionalists, who by the way were not around at the time of vatican 2. I can assure you we all prayed for the mass in the vernacular, including parish priests. Others like Voice of the faithful do not interest me. I want those who have fortitude not to make comments but to forward any of what you read to bishops, priests or religious to false cults to get their opinion. I challenge any of you to approach the Congregation for the Defense of the faith for an opinion.

Per Crucem ad Lucem et Veritas
Tuesday, February 12, 2008
  Following previous blog; priests and the charismatic movement
To Priests

Fathers, are you truly serving your congregation, with the way you have opened your heart and mind to the spirit? Do you really hold true to Catholic Doctrine as you willingly embrace the teachings of a group that found its authenticity and authority in the Baptist church in the American Mid-west? Yes the Catholic Pentecostals, as they call themselves from Duquesne, did not use their Parish priest as a spiritual guide but went first to an Episcopalian pastor who in turn sent them to a Baptist woman for guidance. In the book “Catholic Pentecostals” it tells us of the sensual feelings that enlivened them. The Baptists evangelized them. It cannot be as Christ said to the Apostles, “Go teach all nations”. One can honestly say one of the Nations taught them not one of His Apostles. As catholic sacrificing priests you must admit if anyone finds the Eucharist boring not withstanding the very scripturally foolish spin made often that the presentation is boring, then one must say they are not the state of grace. That is one with Charity Himself and cannot be part of the sacrifice in any way whatsoever

Have you and can you say with any degree of integrity that you have considered this pentecostal movement from the Catholic Viewpoint, the Doctrine of Grace? Have you ever considered it from Scriptures? Have you ever considered it from the Doctrine of the Trinity? Have you ever considered it from the liturgical forms of the Catholic Church? Have you ever informed your conscience in any Catholic Way concerning the validity of the objects of pentecostal worship? Have you watched the hissing and guttural groaning that occurs on the Benny Hinn show and know that it is acceptable to the majority of Catholic renewals? I will say from watching and observing the church today, our church, I do not think for one moment many of you have. I certainly feel among many of you who reads this have not. I believe that you have not once thought about the scandal that is involved in the prayers and actions of this sinful movement or the cost to the souls of God’s children placed in your care as their spiritual father.

Let me call your attention to some items of their faith. They have a dreadful description of a so-called spiritual reward claimed by them. They call it ‘slain in the spirit’. When did our God ever deal in death? It is not Catholic. Death is the eternal reward for the other family. The one ruled by the prince of this world, the prince of fools. I notice that some now call it ‘resting in the spirit’. I find no reference in scriptures that authorize such foolish action of falling down insensible either as an act of grace, or saintliness or holiness. Personally, to allow yourself to believe in this act as holy makes your dignity foolish. The Scriptures sum this action up most truthfully. I suggest you read John, Chapter 18:4, 6. Evil dies before the voice of God or in this case before “I AM”. You should read of the result when the Holy Spirit was present when the stone was rolled aside and the guards agin stupefied by sin were blown down by the wind of the Holy Spirit. Again consider Saul beaten off his horse by the Blinding Light that asked, “Saul, why do you prosecute me?” You should meditate upon the disaster you are permitting in your churches. If you want to find the truth, then ask your conscience, your interior warner this question. Does the Catholic Church deal in death? These pentecostals are looking to experience ecstasy of some kind. They seek God in a sensual way and many of you are caught in this trap.

These pentecostal worshippers of ‘whatever’ also seek ecstasy in tongues and cite Paul’s letter to the Corinthians as their authority. How stupid and droll this is. That is, I mean such a lack of truth is laughable. I remind you Jesus never told jokes only parables. He became filled with joy when sinners made acts of repentance and reparation. How can a very deliberate misuse of the ancient word ecstasy make sense? Ecstasy in our church comes with and is in silence of prayer in our heart. This falseness of the use of the true traditions of the Church can only come from one source. So many of the pentecostals use tongues and continue to use tongues deliberately forgetting Paul’s instructions they are of no use and be considered as no advantage to the Church if no one can translate them. In fact we must say, as did St Faustina and others, "consider them as a low gift" They are not the grace that sanctifies. Christ’s list for condemnation and Paul’s descending list in First Corinthians containing gifts, differs only in the word tongues. Look what Our Lord Jesus Christ promised when he judges sinners; he made absolutely sure the Apostles comprehended what would happen at judgment day in Matthew 7:21 to 23

The Church has always taught exegetically that we must see the meanings in Scripture through the eyes of the time it was written. We are to be unlike them and translate History in the light of today, but must understand it in the light of the signs of those times. Well the word ‘language’, according to the Oxford Dictionary of the English Language, came into use from the meaning of the French noun “lingue” in or around 1600 AD. So tongue in English in the original English translation of the bible was used to describe speech. In fact St Chrysostom differentiates between Language and Tongues calling Language, Xenonalia and the use of tongues, Glossalia. Another point is to think why Paul needed to write his letter. It was aimed at errors in the Church at Corinth, especially in those who came into the Church as converts from the mystery religions. First Corinthians was never meant to be a general letter to all the areas of the church at that time. Paul himself tells us it was an admonishment. The whole tone of the letter was fatherly correction. That is why he wrote women (from I believe the mystery religions) should not speak in the church. His admonition to cover their hair came from the Andemeans who converted still wore their pagan plants etc woven into their hair. Never would he have denied Christ’s great act of emancipation whereby women could be baptized and in truth were as eligible to use the Holy Sacraments as any man. An entirely opposite action than the treatment women received in the Jewish faith. They were never purified until after the birth of their firstborn.

A claim can be made that tongues that nightmarish rattling and hissing of snakes called glossalia is not Catholic, nor is it Christian. The Church teaches us, we have three powers in us that are the likeness of Christ in our soul. They are Memory, Understanding and Will, His Divine Intellect. We are taught that prayer is the rising up of the heart and mind to God. How is praying in tongues an act of our intellect, or of God’s intellect. Do you really think that God listens hears unintelligent nonsense? Where in the scriptures does it tell us of God/Jesus speaking in tongues? How can we claim that tongues give us a special method of prayer when we run out of intelligence or knowledge. Often I hear I speak in tongues when I run out of prayers.Is that we do not know or have enough words to worship God. It is an absolute piece of stupidity with all the prayers and the liturgical rites and rituals in the Church that we run out of prayers to speak to God? Where is the understanding and use of Catholic Prayers and Litanies? Where is our understanding of what we pray and where is it an act of our will? One might hear the defense it is God’s will to pray this way. God never forces His will upon us and definitely when we pray unintelligently. Mind you this will be at least until the last day of judgment, thejn like it or not we will truly do God's will. Ask yourself, if it is not an act of our mind, our heart and our soul, those instruments of His infinite perfection in us, blessed by grace then who is it who prays in us? Whom, to whom or who is it who listens? False gods abound; it would seem that the first commandment is being broken here. Consider that carefully.

What is the proper gift for which we should all pray? What does Christ urge or wish for us? What did the Fathers of the Church recommend and what did the Saints of the Church do. First, what did Christ want as part of what we can see as His last will and testament? He said and in a great deal of pain and dying “Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me but for yourselves and for your children.” A last will and testament even in our society is never questioned. St. Evagrius Pontius, (Evagrius the Solitary in the Greek Church) said, “Pray for the gift of tears and when you receive it, remember for why you cry.” The Saints, Ignatius and Thomas Aquinas all cried. Tears of compunction were their ecstasy. Tears fulfill all of the obligations we have to God. They are a sign of sorrow and repentance. Our prayers should be seasoned with brine writes St. Anthony of Padua. What is this seasoning? I refer you again to Christ; He told us we are the salt of the earth. The brine of our tears season our prayers and make them acceptable to God. I urge you to consider Psalm 50, David’s prayer of sorrow verse 19. Read if you will Isaiah 63: 9, 10 and find how God treats those who rebel against Him. Read Matthew 7:11 and Luke 11:13 to see the answer of the Father to the prayer of a Christian Disciple. Mark 13: 11 does not tell us that when the Holy Spirit comes we will speak in tongues. Scriptures tell us that we will be given words to defend our beliefs, intelligible words not the hissing and clicking of a snake. In fact anyone who reads and meditates upon John 14:15 to 30 will have a greater knowledge of the theology of the Holy Spirit of Truth and Love than from the poverty in the meager posturings of the pentecostal, charismatic beliefs evident in the Church today. We must also acknowledge in Joel ch.3 (quoted by Peter) in his prophecy of the New Testament does not mention tongues as a gift of the Holy Spirit.

When Christ says keep My Commandments; it means live the simple life He has taught us and that includes all the teachings from the appointment of the worldly Head of the Church to the Prophecies of the Messiah. We obey His Words that at no time included sensuality. Show to me, where Christ felt good and prayed in tongues. As one who has always been taught we are to be perfect as the Father is perfect and always we are to imitate Christ, I will not pray to what might just be the serpent through the lack of knowledge of what I am saying and you should not allow it either. I think a prayer to ask for tongues, is not something God would recognize either as prayer or as intelligence. To pray in tongues is a direct rebuff to God’s instructions. In fact it is probably disobedience. Will you as a priest let your children exist in this state of sin rather than the State of Grace? What of the outright misinterpretation, Paul authorized the use of tongues as He spoke in them, himself? Of course he did, look at his background. Paul lived in the second largest naval port in the Roman Empire. He was a tent maker, worked in canvas or its contemporary equivalent. He grew up in a city where there were many languages. There were slaves from all over the known world. He did business with Roman Mercenaries. I wonder how many tongues He could get speak? He talks of his other language the Tongues of Angels. We can know what that is and we all speak it. When we die and go towards Heaven, if we have not rejected God by sin, we no longer speak the languages of Faith or Hope. They die with us but we will speak the language of Charity. The tongue of Angels can only be the Language, the tongue of Charity. St Anthony of Padua when faced with a crisis of tongues said this, on the Feast of Pentecost:" The man who is filled with the Holy Spirit speaks in different languages. These different languages are different ways of witnessing to Christ, such as humility, poverty, patience and obedience; we speak in those languages when we reveal in ourselves these virtues to others. Actions speak louder than words; let your words teach and your actions speak. We are full of words but empty of actions." This is a quote from "Saints of the Roman Calendar" by Enzo Lodi, translated and adapted by Jordan Aumann, OP.
Is there any truth is there in the claim of the pentecostals for their singular ownership, their absolute proprietorship of the Holy Spirit? An ownership made at the expense of deserting the remainder of the Holy Trinity? Christ said, “No one can go to the Father except through Me.” Even the Angel at
Fatima prayed with the Children to the Most Holy Trinity. I ask you another question, where is the Sacrifice these wretches offer? Where are the Body and Blood of the Suffering Christ we acknowledge and remember? First you as priests must admit to the Catholic Doctrine of Grace. A Grace which lives in our souls with the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit. It cannot and will not happen unless we are in The State of Grace. That is free from our sins. This happens after Baptism, Confession or the Last Rites. It lives in the Church as the Forgiveness of Sins. In other words it would be the exception for the Indwelling to take place outside of an Apostolic Church. This Benediction, this Forgiveness from God cannot take place unless given by a priest consecrated by a faithful Bishop.

This loss of the Holy Spirit is caused by our individual or community rejection of God. Then as Scriptures say the Holy Spirit flees from a sinful soul in Wisdom Chapter 1:4,5. In Sirach Ch. 15:7,10, in Romans Ch.7:14 and in Psalm 50:12 and 13. How can there be any spiritual legality in the Pentecostal claim for their appropriation of the Supernatural Love of God. They deny or push aside quite willfully the Ritual that lies only in the hands of a Bishop, our Sacrament of Confirmation. Their prime theologian Fr. George Montague maintains in his book ‘The Spirit and His Gifts’ [page 4] the biblical basis for confirmation, still remains a problem. Rather he should write that in the two thousand years since Christ taught it, and the Apostles practiced it a veil of sin has come down over the eyes and minds of the Church and we are too eager to seek the advice of gentiles and pagans. This I cannot see nor read of Christ doing.

How can any such claim be made when they deny the Church’s teaching of what the Holy Spirit is? St Augustine calls it the Supernatural Love of the Father and the Son. St John Eudes wrote it is the combined Heart of the Father and the Son, then named it the Holy Ghost from which proceeds the love of the Holy Spirit. He had the approval of the Theological Dept of the Sorbonne, His Bishop, two Cardinals and two Popes. St. John is the originator of the Liturgy for the Mass of the Sacred Heart. Christ Himself was a supernatural synopsis, a compedinium of the Holy Trinity in man. In Him was and is the Father, The Son and the Combination of Heart from which Supernatural Love issued. How then do these people worship the Holy Trinity? When they claim only one aspect of it. They claim the issue and not the Substance. They give neither Adoration to the Father, the Son or the Holy Ghost but just to an ephemeral shade or chimera which they make some eerie claim. The Church is the Mystical Body of Christ, we as members are part of the co-suffering love. Joy will come to us when we arrive after a suffering journey at the Gates of Providence. Where is the joy in the journey? Where is joy in this world? Can the Prince of this World allow Holy Joy? Does not the prayer Salve Regina say, ‘we are weeping and wailing in this vale of tears?’ We are asked to give Him glory and praise. We are asked to carry His Cross, without complaint. How then can we joyfully claim all this until we have suffered with Him and in Him and have paid reparation for our sins?

Church Liturgy tells us of their most awful error. We find in the rite of Exorcism, the first sign of possession is speaking in tongues. The Church defines the first evidence of possession is sensuality, stubbornness and pride in one’s actions. I would think that many of you have pushed aside your conscience even though you are uncomfortable with these prayer groups. My advice go back to the old way have a community Holy Hour of audible prayers and hymns before the Blessed Sacrament. Answer for me God’s eternal question, “Could you not spend one hour with me?” Which is better for the Soul, to be in God’s presence, or in the company of some undefined spirit. Perhaps as the Apostles were awakened in the Garden to spend one hour with Him, so might you.

One final note and it is a question of understanding what we know about Our Church. Fr. F.W.Faber an Oratorian Priest who was a revered Author and Hymn composer in England. Faith of Our Fathers was his. In his book ‘The Precious Blood’ he wrote of the devotion of the Angels to the Blood spilt on Calvary. He claimed that Angels have so many graces that is gifts and these gifts are so numerous that we as mortals cannot, can never count them or understand them. We know that Michael; Gabriel and Raphael can all heal so therefore must all the Choirs. Msgr. Christiani writes in his book, “Evidence of satan in the Modern World,” as he dismisses those who claimed the Cure d’Ars received his gift of reading souls from the devil. Who could write such idiotic trash? “Whatever capacity satan may have in this direction, he has in virtue of his angelic nature, although fallen from this estate.” Paul in his letters makes the claim that God never takes back His Gifts. Yahweh in psalm 88 promises to sinners that He will never lose His Love for them but will but will punish their behavior with a rod. God we are taught allows everything to happen, even evil, providing some good is the consequence. Quoting St. Augustine who wrote, “God prefers to extract good from evil rather than to suppress evil entirely.” Here is the part you might violently disagree with. People pray in tongues to what they cannot truly identify with and pray over people who become healed. One could consider that these cultists not in a state of the grace that sanctifies lay hands on people and pray. Like psychics they conjure up spirits, but what kind of spirits? If studied we can find there are few miracles in their vocabulary and those miracles they claim lack grace and never last. Lucifer is a fallen Angel and can heal, but not an act of grace their cures and healings never last. Remember a witch called Samuel up from the dead. At Medjugorie, Mary told Her visionaries when they asked about the charismatic movement to be careful about them as many of their healings are not of Us. As priests, I tell you if you allow one of your sheep to pray in tongues, your priestly dignity is questionable. If they claim it is the tongues of the ancients, show them the door. The ancients who we can count as our friends are the Jews of the Old Covenant and Early Christians, anyone else is anathema, not being in any way related to the Community of God. Tell me who did those ancient spirits pray to, if they were not the community of God? I once asked a native man what the sweat lodge was. He described it to me this way. It is a dark shelter with no light but a fire glowing red. I immediately thought of the fires of hell. We sweat and are purified. I asked how he prayed in there, “With the language of my ancestors.” Pagans I believe. How are you sure it is God who answers? I asked. “I have my grandfathers’ spirits to protect me.” He pulled highly polished and colored stones from his pocket, “They tell me when evil is around”. This is animism. I went before the Blessed Sacrament and asked in the name of Jesus, if I should try this rite. All I heard, deafening in the silence, was, “I am the Lord thy God, place not false gods before me”. Is it any wonder Christ said, “Father forgive them they know not what they do”? You as their priests must tell them.

The decision over the truthfulness of this warning, unless it is you do not consider it a warning and see it as insulting your intellect. That is a matter for your consciences. You may believe what I have written or not. You may condemn it or dismiss it. At least think about it. You may arrive at the conclusion to pray in unintelligible clicking is sheer effrontery to any intellect either your own or especially to God. It is your very personal decision and no one can make it for you.

Per Crucem ad Lucem

  Do we get full value for supporting our pastors

I am deeply shocked and wonder at so many in the church with their capacity to be outraged by simple facts. Unfortunately so many are. This is due, I personally feel, to their lack of correctly informing their conscience thus making them incapable of accepting any amount of what to them is perverse or shocking opinion, regardless it may be just as a personal interpretation of their wrong headed contra spirit of Vatican 2. I mean on a personal level when their undeveloped faith and spiritual intellect arising from their lacking one might say to be in a state of grace, is challenged by facts they have never or cannot consider.

When many of you read this, I would hope you will consider the thoughts written are not meant to deride those men whose life has been demanded by some spirit or other to be anointed into His created sonship. We could at one time, due to the discernment of the Church, claim they were chosen by God Now it is more honest to claim, perhaps they have been chosen by the influence of the world saying or thinking, the priesthood is a safe place in which I can avoid discrimination. Priests are men, and men are priests and one cannot be one without being the other. A man must be a man with all the attributes given to a man for Genesis tells us, “Men and Women He made them”, there are I think no maybes in God’s eyes.

Men protect the family by inclination, and protects a woman’s love. A love inclined inwards towards the family, at least there was a time when it did. Not one work of the modern world will change this trait, which is manifestly the Will of God. A man who is a priest must act as a father protector and provide adequate support for his children. Sometimes this is hard to do in this almost God-forsaken world. To be a priest is to take on the mantle of God to stand at the altar and to be Christ offering the sacrifice of His children, without fear. Let us in considering ourselves children of our mother, the church and keeping in mind St Cyprian’s declaration, “We cannot have the Church as our Mother if we do not have God as our Father.” So what does it mean when a man who is a priest is not spiritually fatherly in disposition? Are we not short-changed?
  A Sacramental Error

Once again inspired by the wicked one who so annoys my sensitivities, I must fight back. I make this case. The level of intelligence in the world has dropped sharply. Let me give you spiritual reasons why. Take them or leave them, these are my thoughts though many of you will not understand them. Religion is a moral virtue. Spirituality for the Apostolic Catholic is a state of sanctifying grace, from which unfortunately so many of us fall, and never notice. To some in the Church it is almost the other way around. Never-the-less, we cannot be spiritual without a soul vivified by the Holy Spirit used to be commonly called the indwelling of the Holy Ghost. Ezechiel and Paul both talk about the soul dying when it sins and Paul definitely wrote about our resurrection with Christ through the Cross. The Cross, God’s victory over sin, “Christus Vincit” In this state of grace we are allied intimately to the Divine Intellect, the uncreated Wisdom of God, by the presence of the Holy Trinity in us. Christ promised us, “I will be in you and My Father will come to join Me.” I stand by the fact the world is slipping further and further into dreadful sin, constantly we usurp the Work of God. How then can we claim any help from the Divine Intellect? Consequently I say as the world sinks deeper into sin then the level of intelligence drops.

Here then is another thought of mine based upon the workings of Grace in us. I have a big problem with the intelligence of the Hierarchy at Vatican 2. These obtuse fellows called Vatican 2 the New Pentecost. We have been taught, since long before those dreadful men who gave us Vatican 2 and its spirit, on the sacraments, their efficacy and repeatability. This spirit, abounding in the Church since the Council, is by the teachings of the Church on Sacraments a ‘contra spirit’. It is no great stretch of the imagination when we remember that some Sacraments give marks that cannot be repeated, commonly called “seals’. Look then at the much vaunted claim that Vatican 2 is a new pentecost.

The Sacrament of Confirmation is generally associated with Pentecost so then how can the Mystical Body of Christ be confirmed twice. By her own teachings the Church, as the Mystical Body of Christ can’t be re-confirmed. So the vacant souls present at Vatican 2 were in error. What we do need for the Church is a second Easter when as Paul said, “We rise again with Christ”. You who will be so eager to rush to scream heresy and satanic inspirations, pray and ask in the Name of Jesus is this correct. You will receive an answer.

My Rosary Voice what it means and you work it out for yourselves

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