For His Glory and His Alone
Tuesday, March 04, 2008
  Reasons for Why
I'm getting stick again. I am told no names should be published. If names are mentioned and those people have accepted a personal responsibilty for other's redemption, and remember that is what the RCIA and the Church is ultimately all about. Then that responsibilty should be shouldered just as is the Cross. In any case can a problem be solved if one does not know where the problem is? It is like the Priest that told me I do not hear many confessions as they all go to the parish next door. I still have not found that parish. Of course those in denial will always pass of their works. "Not me old son try next door". As I told a deacon one time and you will always find this to be true. "The Particular (Last) Judgment is not a charitable debate". Now in retrospect I could have added it might be for the first time you will do His Will. You will certainly know for what you were responsible. For me at three score and ten, I know soon I will stand where I do not want to stand and hear what in all honesty I will probably not want to hear.
Who do I blame for the RCIA, the parish priest of course, the majority of whom never seem to check what is taught by neo catholics. It is their responsibility
Monday, March 03, 2008
  A Challenge for your memory or for personal research
Personally here is a way you can make a fool of me. Write a list of the more important periti at Vatican 2 and then find out their relationship with the Church. Kung, Schillenbix, Rahner Bernard Haring or whatever his name is, Gregory Baum the Canadian. Probably got the names wrong so then check it out.
  A later conversation
For all of you some more information.
Let me relate a later conversation with the present pastor of the French teacher's parish, mentioned in previous blog. I had an occasion to meet with the pastor presently in command. He was playing with kids on holiday at a local recreation site. Not from his parish but visiting locally. He complained or was going to complain to me actually to put me in my place for the dreadful letters I write to priests. His inability to answer two questions placed him very much on the defensive, horribly so. I asked this, "Do you pray for help Father?" You all know his answer. Then I asked, "when it comes do you recognize it or say no way God would send someone like that?" He was now back on his heels. "father", I asked do you ever pray for Fortitude and Discernment? That was when he admitted all the youth had left the Parish and joined the baptists. See preceding blog

Sometime soon I will start a new blog with the letters to priests. If you view my profile you will a list of my blogs
  Another Man's Opinion of Vatican 2 and the RCIA
I have some young friends who from time to time I have steered in the right direction. At least two are joining the priesthood with a vocation. Both have had similar experiences with the RCIA. Here is a young man's opinion who is a convert from the Jehovahs. This is not the work which I will not allow of someone using my space for his opinions. Those can set up their own blog.

Jason Homey wrote:

Hi Mike,

I just read what you sent regarding the non-infallible
status of Vatican II. My question is this: Is it not
odd, to say the least, that a so-called Ecumenical
Council of the Catholic Church would fail to produce
binding dogmatic statements? Were there no heresies
left to anathematize? Given the time period in
question and the plethora of heresies the 60's
produced, I fail to see how anyone could seriously
argue that such was the case. However, perhaps to
produce 'infallible' (or even 'clear', for that
matter) definitions would not have been in keeping
with the 'spirit' of that council, being a thing more
in keeping with the 'spirit' of past councils like
Trent and Vatican I (or to go back much farther, the
'spirit' of councils like those of Nicea and

This leads me directly to the issue I alluded to in
our phone conversation yesterday: What is the
'spirit' of
Nicea I? What is the 'spirit' of
Chalcedon? What is the 'spirit' of Trent? etc. If
there is a 'spirit' of Vatican II, and if Vatican II
is to be placed alongside the 20 prior Ecumenical
Councils as being nothing less AND NOTHING MORE than
the 21st Ecumenical Council, then why do the 'spirit
of Vatican II' fanatics seem to never speak of the
'spirit' of the other 20 Councils? (Will someone
please show me where in his writings St. Athanasius
speaks of 'the spirit of
Nicea', where St. Gregory of
Nazianz comments on 'the spirit of
Constantinople', or
where St. Cyril of
Alexandria writes of 'the spirit of
Ephesus'?) If there is a 'spirit' of Vatican II,
then, by the same token, there is also a 'spirit' of
Nicaea, Constantinople, Ephesus, etc. So, then the
question that ought to be answered is this: Is the
'spirit' of Vatican II in keeping with the 'spirit' of
previous councils? That is, are we dealing with one
and the same spirit here, or do we have here 'another
spirit'? If 'a different spirit', then also 'another
gospel' and 'another Christ', for, these three go hand
and hand according to St. Paul in 2 Cor. 11:4. And
all who preach 'another gospel' fall under the
anathema pronounced by the same saint in Gal. 1:9.

Speaking of anathemas: Why were no anathemas
pronounced at Vatican II? There are a good number of
statements in the council's documents which could have
been much better presented if they had been phrased in
the form of 'If any one says...let him be anathema.'
I will cite just one example here:

In reference to the Muslims, we find in Lumen Gentium
"...together with us they adore the one, merciful God,
mankind's judge on the last day."

But, Muslims do not worship the same God as Catholics,
and this is precisely why Muslims are Muslims and not
Christians. They acknowledge neither the Father nor
the Son, explicitly teaching contrary to the Creed
that God is not Father and that God has no Son.
Likewise, they deny the statement in the Creed which
we believe about Christ that 'He will come again in
glory to judge both the living and the dead'. So, is
Vatican II affirming that the one God who will judge
mankind on the last day is NOT Christ 'our God'?
(Please read 1 John
2:22,23 and John 5:22,23) Muslim
teachings about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are a
confused combination of:

1) Pharisaic Judaism (denial of the Trinity)

(notice what Jesus says in John 8:38-44 about the
identity of the Pharisees' 'father'; also verse 54:
"...of whom YOU SAY that he is your God" Jesus did not
say 'who is your God' for the Pharisees did not know
God, and this is what Jesus goes on to tell them in
verse 55). Just as the modern Jews ('followers of
Caiphas' according to St. Athanasius) accuse us of
worshipping three gods, so also Muslims have always
done the same. The Muslims are well aware that their
god is not the God worshipped by Christians. How come
Vatican II was apparently not aware of this? But,
heretics have always attempted to justify their
heresies - when convenient, and only when it suits
their purposes, of course - by feigning an attitude of
religious indifferentism: "After all, we all worship
the same God, don't we?"

2) Gnosticism

The Muslims have borrowed from the Ebionites the
doctrine that Jesus, although born of a Virgin, was
nothing more than a sinless man. Their doctrine on
Christ is therefore even more blasphemous and
heretical than that of Arius, and is therefore
condemned along with Arius', for it necessarily
entails the same impious propositions:

Nicaea I stated in no uncertain terms: "And those that
say 'There was when he was not,' and, 'Before he was
begotten he was not,' and that, 'He came into being
from what-is-not,' or those that allege, that the Son
of God is 'Of another substance or essence' or
'created,' or 'changeable' or 'alterable,' these the
Catholic and Apostolic Church anathematizes."

The Muslims have also borrowed from the Docetists
(those who denied the reality of Christ's flesh and
who are explicitly called antichrists by St. John in 2
John 7) the heresy that Jesus was not crucified and
did not die, but rather that some one else was
mistakenly crucified in his place (either Simon of
Cyrene, or, and more commonly in the Muslim version of
this absurd myth, Judas Iscariot). And if Jesus did
not die then he could not have 'rose on the third day
according to the Scriptures' And what could be more
contrary to the Creed and to the Christian Faith than
to deny the resurrection of Christ? (Cf. 1 Cor.

3) Montanism (the ancient version of the

Just as the followers of Montanus identified their
leader and founder as being the Paraclete, the Spirit
of Truth promised by Jesus in John 14:16,17,26, so
also Muslims have identified Mohammed as being the
Paraclete promised by Jesus, teaching falsely on the
basis of these verses that the Paraclete is greater
than Christ. (By the way, St. John Chrysostom, in his
homily on John 16:12-15 masterfully refuted the error
that the Paraclete is greater than Christ, long before
any one had ever heard of such a thing as a Muslim.)
If this does not constitute a blasphemy against the
Holy Spirit (namely, identifying His Person with that
of a mere man, and a false prophet at that,
notwithstanding the fact that Hans Kung and other
heretics of his breed have recently argued that
Mohammed was a true prophet - I shudder to imagine
what St. John of Damascus would have to say to such
'spirit of Vatican II' heretics as these), then what

In conclusion, what I propose is this: Vatican II
ought to have said: "If any one says that Muslims
together with Catholics adore the one merciful God,
mankind's judge on the last day, let him be anathema."

Regarding the RCIA:

I am grateful for the existence of the RCIA for one
thing only: as dreadful as the program truly is,
through the grace of the Holy Spirit (for God is
always able to draw good benefits from evil
situations) , it did succeed in providing me with the
occasion for entering the Catholic Church through the
Byzantine Rite instead of through the Latin Rite, thus
sparing me from the danger of relapsing into the
heresy of Protestantism via 'the spirit of Vatican

During the so-called 'inquiry phase' of RCIA I was
taught the following:

1) A Buddhist meditation technique:

The RCIA teacher (who was also the French teacher at
the local high school: I suppose that automatically
'qualifies' her to teach the Catholic religion, or
anything else for that matter - I have always had a
problem with the arrogant attitude prevalent amongst
the public school teachers I have known through the
years: I chose to go to an alternate school instead of
the high school, and now here I am being 'taught' a
decidedly un-Catholic 'version' of the Catholic
religion by public school teachers) said that she did
not know any Catholic meditation techniques, and this
is why she was teaching us a Buddhist one. I asked:
"What does this have to do with becoming Catholic?"
"Why must we learn this in order to be received into
the Church?" Public school teachers have always hated
my questions. But, after all, isn't this supposed to
be the 'inquiry' phase? Warm, fuzzy, questions only,

2) The rosary is only for 'ignorant peasants':
So, is the Pope an 'ignorant peasant'?

3) The Church no longer grants indulgences:

The nun who told me this during RCIA when I asked
about how one obtains an indulgence, didn't seem to
even know what an indulgence was, other than that
Martin Luther protested against the 'sale' of
indulgences. When I questioned her further I
discovered that she was not willing to acknowledge
that Martin Luther was a 'heretic'.

4) One can be a Christian without believing in the

I raised the question as to what is 'the central
mystery of the Christian faith' according to the
Catechism (which the RCIA teachers admitted to having
never read) when the definition was presented that
'Christians are those who believe that Jesus is the
Son of God.' I was frowned upon for asking the
question. But can one be a Christian without the Holy
Spirit? I suppose that according to these people, one
does not need sanctifying grace either. For, how can
one have sanctifying grace without the Holy Spirit?
That might help explain their careless attitude
towards Confession, and to the sacraments in general.

5) The Church has no teaching regarding

I 'inquired' about predestination because I could find
no clear statement in the Catechism on this subject,
and after all, this was one of the original Protestant
'Reformation' issues. At the time, I was in contact
with Calvinists who were trying to convince me not to
join the Catholic Church. The same nun who seemed to
view Martin Luther as though he were some kind of a
saint also appeared to agree with the Calvinists that
predestination and free will are mutually exclusive.
If that is so, then this would mean that the
Protestant 'Reformers' were right after all that the
teaching of the Catholic Church on free will
contradicts St. Paul's teaching in Rom. 8:29,30; Eph.
1:4,5, etc. So, would it be more fitting to call the
RCIA the RPIA instead, i.e., the Rite of Protestant
Initiation for Adults?

6) Repentance is not necessary for the forgiveness of

I saw a man walk out of RCIA class to never return
again (he was a Mason who seemed not to be aware that
one cannot become a Catholic and remain a Mason) when
both the nun and the French teacher teaching the RCIA
class both concurred with each other that a man can
beat his wife, go to confession and be forgiven, beat
his wife again, go to confession again and be forgiven
again, ad infinitum. Not a single word was said about
'examination of conscience', 'contrition' (or even
'attrition' for that matter - I doubt these 'teachers'
know what these words mean, or what the difference
is), 'firm resolve' to not sin again, or 'penance'.
Given that these people don't seem to acknowledge the
necessity of Confession either, how does their view
differ from that of Luther who said: "I can commit
adultery and murder a thousand times a day, and this
will not affect my justification before God"?

7) There is no fixed deposit of faith, but only
ongoing revelation.

This subject came up when I objected to the use of
language that would imply that the Councils of the
Church define 'new' teachings as dogmas, as opposed to
merely defining as dogmas those things which have
always been contained - either implicitly or
explicitly - in the apostolic deposit of faith. That
I have not overstated this point regarding the
position of the RCIA teachers on this matter is
confirmed for me by the fact that when my mother
appealed to a statement in the Catechism in order to
correct an error proposed by a friend of hers who had
already gone through the entire RCIA program, having
been taught by the same RCIA 'teachers', the woman
responded to the effect that 'well, you know, every
pope makes up his own catechism.' When asked who told
her this, she responded that she had been taught this
in RCIA. (This same woman also maintained that since
she 'saw' Jesus in the food she ate at home, it was
not necessary for her to go to Mass to receive
communion! Talk about 'private revelation'!)

8) Questions regarding the Catholic Faith are
irrelevant. What matters is how you 'feel' about this
or that.

"What does it mean to be Catholic?" This was one of
the questions I remember hearing at RCIA. The answer:
"Uh, uh, uh...." All the emphasis of the RCIA class
was placed upon 'feeling' this or 'feeling' that. How
does that make you 'feel'? What are your 'feelings'
about this? A young woman who dropped out of RCIA
very early on in the inquiry phase, I later learned,
became a Baptist. I know personally the retired
Baptist pastor who was willing to 'answer' her
questions which the RCIA teachers dismissed as
'irrelevant'. Another young woman in the RCIA class,
completed RCIA and was received into the Church. She
no longer attends Mass. I gathered from her that
going to Mass no longer makes her 'feel' good. The
novelty has worn off, I suppose. Yet another woman
who completed RCIA later asked a Catholic to instruct
her in the Faith. This woman apparently realized that
she had learned nothing Catholic during all her time
in RCIA.

My involvement with the RCIA abruptly ended when, in
response to one of my questions, I got screamed at by
a 'Catholic' woman attending the class (herself a
product of RCIA) - though the person she had been
'sponsoring' had by this time ceased coming to RCIA -
telling me that I need to 'feel' more. I totally lost
my cool at this point, and verbally attacked the
'teachers' for their utter silence and gutlessness, in
their unwillingness to correct this woman for her lack
of charity, not to mention the plethora of heresies
and blasphemies constantly on her lips. The woman
Shirley I
had the screaming match
. She tries to bring
people into the Church through RCIA - as far as I can
tell - for no other purpose than to add to the list of
members of her own 'spirit of Vatican II' 'new wave'
sect. I was no longer involved with the
Latin Rite
in Hope when this happened, but I understand
that Shirley was shut down by Fr. David Hughes.
He too, so I have heard, had his own nasty
confrontation with her when he made it clear that her
nonsense, especially during the mass, would no longer
be tolerated, and that he would not be bossed around
by her as was the former parish priest.

If you wish, I can share with you what happened when
the RCIA people found out about my intention to become
an Eastern Rite Catholic. However, I would like first
to hear any comments you might have regarding what I
have related to you so far about the RCIA.

Glory be to Jesus Christ!


Sunday, March 02, 2008
  Does God see a need for Priests in the West

We are asked in the Church, by the priests to pray for vocations. In the west this is a waste of time. We have enough priests to support the way we are taught and the way in which we practice our religion and for sure in the minimalist way we are taught by the badly formed priests to be catholic. I bet the majority of you will disagree. If I am wrong why then did the Vatican promulgate this warning.

Parish Priest Seen as Premier Catechist

MADRID, Spain, FEB. 25, 2008 ( The priest is the premier catechist of a parish, and catechists need the presence of the parish priest to maintain their motivation, said the prefect of the Congregation for Clergy.

Cardinal Cláudio Hummes said this today while speaking at the Faculty of Theology San Dámaso in
Madrid on "The Priest and the Ministry of Catechesis."

The priest is "the premier catechist of the parish," he said, adding that "catechists need the presence of the parish priest to be motivated."

"Many parish priests don't accompany their catechists," said the cardinal. He said that the work of the priest is "to watch the fundamental orientation of the catechesis."

This is only part of the iceberg. Many priests in the west will not hear confession as it is as they tell us, "You have a psychological problem". Churches are closed during the week. Many do not visit the sick, nor do they carry out many spiritual works or corporal works of mercy. They spend more time acting like their Bishop as a CEO of a large business, looking after expenses and worrying about the receivables dwindling. How then can any priest claim to be busy other than making sure the Church Roof does not leak. The Church grounds are clear of snow, washrooms are clean and taps do not leak. Most of their daily lives are not spiritual and in spite of all their claims, it is apparent little or none of them, in so many hours of their day, spend time in prayer. Am I wrong about their ineptitude? Look at the fruits of their parishioners. Look how many have no outward signs of grace. Men walk around the church with their hands in their pockets; reverence is at a minimum; the lines for communion are far shorter by a tremendous magnitude than the line for confessions. The lines for confession can honestly be seen as less on Sundays than 5% of those who take communion. Have they ever taught on the effective graces of the Sacraments and how to be disposed to earn them? How often are the priests seen in prayer regularly with their sheep? I mean those who cannot due to their secular lives attend daily mass.

Tell me of the mind wearing, the brain tiring, work done by western priests in ministering the sacraments. As a sacrificing minister he, the priest uses God’s providential ways for our redemption. Now tell me would God see the priests in the west so tired He needs to form more?

My Rosary Voice what it means and you work it out for yourselves

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