For His Glory and His Alone
Saturday, March 29, 2008
  Private and Public Revelations cont.

The hierarchs that rule the Church today, within each of their fiefdoms, rule with an iron hand. Yet these are the ones who in Vatican 2 call for a return to early Christianity or at least their version of it. Look at the Acts of the Apostles and we see that the early Church, primitive though it was, was supernaturally driven. Peter had his dreams. He was guided by the Holy Spirit in the manner of eating. Paul had his on the way to Damascus and many others as we read his letters. He was called up to the Third Heaven and to Paradise Cornelius was known for his visions. He was pious, fasted, gave alms and received visions. Do you doubt this was the atmosphere of early Christianity. The Hierarchy wants us to return to this by degree of Vatican 2 and yet they deny the common, ordinary Catholic the right to do so and recognize as spirit driven the Charismatic movement. Who are not a gospel driven force but exist in the Acts and certain letters of Paul. A very incomplete Spirit with holy missing.

Now I want to return, with you, to my thoughts on revelations, private or public. Of course, by now some of you will realize that these opinions come from my personal experiences and from the contemplation on them as I struggle to discern the source. Now since I can honestly say I have had never received help from those from whom I have sought it. Those who should have, I mean. One priest told me he could not help me, although from what I did for him, showing Him something miraculous counted as nothing. He could not help me, as, if or when he reported it to the local ordinary, looking for permission to be my help, he would be told to close me down. Did he believe? Of course, this will give many who might read this blog the reason to dismiss this letter easily. It gives an easy and simple way out for the majority of the priesthood, but not for their consciences. I do not find this attitude amongst the older and more experienced priests. They are good men who try so hard to be hopeful. It is these dedicated men, who I find lonely and swamped with despair. They are not priests for their ego. These are the ones for whom I have the most pity and prayers.

I should think there are some priests who actually meditate on the numerous revelations we read or hear of today. It is probable they get dread feelings and a cold fear of the dishonesty, which their subconscious feels as they consider the meanings of all these messages. I have the same feelings many times. I ask in prayer for the truth and I receive it strongly. Often meditating on the revelations, claimed and real, that abound in the world today. I realize we have to look for guidance and truth. What if the institution we look to for guidance has abdicated its position, preferring to lead from the back thus avoiding controversy? I ask is it not possible that God through the Holy Spirit is trying to pass on His needs for the world, always asking for an improvement of our behavior towards Him and surprisingly enough answering our prayers. I could ask this in another way, "Is there no grace in the Church?" Could some of these outpourings from the Holy Spirit be pleas for ears to hear and eyes to see? What do we do if we find our thoughts are an answer to our prayerful queries? We seek guidance from those who are supposed to guide and we find there is absolute silence on the side of the Hierarchy, a dismissal of any thoughts or warnings. Yet you can find some of the uninspired guides who would reply, "You are looking for signs". Now I write any semblance of criticism of the ruling powers, must be resisted or some kind of correction will always follow. Will this correction be a change of attitude or a punishment? Who will be punished? Who will be corrected? This absence of guidance, this abandonment of the position to which they are called is shocking. As one priest asked me concerning a woman visionary, "Is Mrs. for real?" I quickly replied, "You are a priest. Pray and you will know the answer". Thank God he did not say I have prayed. That is a whole new kettle of fish. I ask you all to consider deeply, “Is my faith erroneous? Am I truly wrong?”

One day at the Easter Vigil as the priest processed down the church to the altar, the light darkened and I was in a dark underground room with a body wrapped in white before me. A woman in a black mantle with gold Grecian frets around it, her veil covering her face, asked me would I pray with Her for the Church? What is that, private or public? Should I be praying on my own for the Church? Are there too few praying for the Mystical Body. Later while praying for the Church, I knew that, “Jesus and I want Our church back”. The Hierarchy will claim this is not from heaven. Why not, because as far as they are concerned, Fr Pussy Willow et al’s behavior is not defiling the Church and has not changed in any way the Church's teachings on sins of same sex. Here is one that is likely to cause a big uproar. “A great many of the Bishops are not in a state of grace” I was born in England, Mary says “I want My Dowry back.” I knew from a previous occasion exactly where her dowry is. Mary has told me, of the forgotten souls and who they are and I should pray for them. Is this private, must I pray for them on my own?

Will this shameful lack of action not soon lead to such a trial for the Church? Might ithe trial be the correction written of above? Our church since Vatican 2 is sorely separated and nowhere does one Bishop point out Fatima is truly a call for unity between the Catholic Churches. Not heeding the warnings these spiritual communications contain, may result in such an outpouring of heavenly anger, as we slowly drift apart to fulfill a house-divided prophecy. It will come quite soon and I hear often, "Michael learn Patience". This trial will and should equal the Passion of Christ, as the Mystical Body of Christ must now suffer, as did the Jewish Church, through the actions of Her Hierarchy? Does our Lord Jesus Christ see in the Hierarchy of today a similar grasping for power as He saw in the Pharisitical Hierarchy of His day, that is their power replacing God's, making our spiritual life under them to hard to live? Could be and can this point be denied? Why such fear that we the Laity would be betrayed by false visions? That surely is a complete denial of "Christ is with us until the end of the Age". Would He allow us His small and ill-equipped children to be scandalized without lifting His Hand to prevent it? Is He not our Father? Is that not what prayer is all about. This delay in discerning shows a complete mistrust in two things; one, Christ’s absolute perfect virtue of Truth and; two, the inerrancy of scripture. Am I wrong again?

  Continuation of Private and Public Revelations

It is astounding and if I had not experienced it so many times, it would have been devastating. I mean how many who read these blogs or any blogs at all, see only what they thought they saw. Long on ego and short on the words they read, these defenders of errors are very condemning. They are the same people who cry out, “You are not to judge”. The question never asked or rarely today is, “Is this the Truth, is this the behavior I see in the church today?” I can say the laity in the main, when they are taught what the Church directs, are far more obedient than the hierarchs and priests. One only has to study the directives of the Congregation for the Defence of the Faith, and the other Congregations, to attend the Novus Ordo and try to confess one’s sins, to see the truth in these words. One can see , unless they are in a state of denial that priests are petty dictators in their parishes and spin the reasons why they issue commands as they change the liturgies and rites, according to their gospel. They issue commands that they have literally no right to order or to expect to be obeyed. If you read, I have never mentioned one priest by name but have reported on conversations that I have been involved in. I bring to you for your consideration the actions of men who promised God they will be the sacrificial priests of the Catholic Apostolic Church.

First of all, these corrected thoughts of mine in this post and the next two will be too harsh for most of you, I make no apologies. I have seen too many good people in the Catholic Church vilified and insulted for their faith in Christ Jesus, Our Lord, and their love for the Church too many times. by those completely ignorant of the Church's ways and habits. These dreadful insults are always permitted by priests who should know better. What is most disgusting is it is the ones who use the confessional and are faithful to the instructions from Rome are rarely defended by the priest. It is more than likely those of whom the priest has no knowledge of their spiritual life or their dispositions towards the sacraments who are lauded. Is this true or would many call it a lack of charity. What then may I ask is counterfeit, my truths or my charity or perhaps both, harsh thought it may seem?

Allow me to make this statement and further explain my feelings on one of the sorriest messes in our Church. I truly believe that, as the Hierarchy in the Church through Its inability and with an almost lack of interest to act, is mostly slow and always late. If they are timely in their actions, I have personally found it is only to give a dreadful spin to their decisions as they put aside instructions from Rome. The hierarchy defends itself and its collegiate ego claiming, “God has lots of time and Patience”, so they make haste slowly, never considering their sin might be one of procrastination. I have not forgot in the main many preach there is no sin or blandly and blindly ignore sin. Therefore, they mistakenly ignore or denigrate revelations, private or public, telling us in many cases we do not have to believe any of them. They conceal their vocation behind the word “private”. They do not count the cost of losing and misleading souls for generations. It seems it is as if it is of no concern. It certainly does not seem to weigh heavily on their conscience. Souls are lost in two ways, first with confusion that fills the mind of the poor soul who is disciplined by obedience. It is often, obedience, not to the One who sent her, the soul, but of blind obedience and trust demanded to the laziness and procrastination of the hierarchs. Souls are lost. Could it not be the souls of the thousands, who flock to revelations that are not valid due to the slowness of answers? Laic minds are made up and fashioned through impatience of catechetically uninformed Catholics, not by discerning leaders, who represent Christ in their priesthood. An example for your examination, here is a revelation that is not private and yet must be treated so if it is true, by the directions of the Church. Mary says, "I am a billion dollar industry Michael". Travel the Internet and see how many catholics rather than holding a proper job, as proclaimed by Paul, sell mementos etc on web pages. See how many unqualified spiritual guides, who are found on their personal web pages advertising they will guide souls to Medjugorie. They write, “Pay my fare and I will tell you how holy we are”. It is their unwritten, unspoken motto. Who gave them this charter if not the lackadaisical response of the Hierarchs? Never is an account taken that once it is an engrained belief, whether it is true or false, many years, centuries perhaps will pass before it is forgotten. That is if ever and is the History of the Church from Arianism to the cult of the mystery religions, in “Charismatic Pentecostalism”. The Hierarchs with authority from God who gave it to the church spin the scriptures in the Hope that this soul perhaps in error or maybe not will just vanish. The Church today under the guidance of the Prelates and priests have lost the sense of the supernatural. If Saul were alive today would he be accepted if he told of a bright light that smashed him from his horse and made the claim he is an apostle? How would the Cure D’Ars, the patron saints of parish priests, survive in the Church today? The trouble is the discerning of the supernatural is interrupted today by the need to count the pennies in the collection. Ask yourselves what seems of the greatest importance in the diocese today?

Thursday, March 27, 2008
  My error

I did pull my last three blogs. This was not due to criticism but to a lack of it. Why is this so? First although I might be harsh in my views of priestly behaviour I can tell you I am not as harsh as some of those who do talk to me on the subject, even I add the distress I have seen exhibited. But what is heart breaking is the absolute lack of concern and laisser faire attitude that is also apparent at times in these conversations. Let me again give you my viewpoint. First I do not bear any ill will towards priests, unlike a great number of older catholics who remember and compare the lives of the priests and bishops of our youth, with those of today. One of these groups above were badly formed, so take your best guess. Priests today are left as parish priests at too early an age and do not have the formation, nor the experience to handle the exigencies of parish life, let alone the aggressive actions of women whether they be feminists or female. They just are not experienced enough to face the modern woman’s outlook on life and are unfortunately unable to correct them or for the same reason teach the uninformed modern catholic (just converted) who are still full of the beliefs of the Christian cult they have left to join the Church. The RCIA is a complete and total failure in this regard and this is because many of the teachers of this well-intentioned group as members of the Church have only recently joined us or are humanists in their attitude towards the faith. Three of the premises taught in the North American RCIA, are from the viewpoint of an orthodox believer are heretical or should be in the funnies. One, the Pope is in Rome and we have to take care of ourselves here; two the Rosary is a prayer for peasants (Is the Pope a peasant?) and soon there will not be enough priests and we will have to do everything ourselves. Which I can assure you from the Sex that is teaching, means women will be offering the sacrifice. This is a denial of God’s providence. Can anyone tell me that God will leave us without an alter ego of His Son to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. How did the early Christians survive? I am sure they did not have many priests then but really are there not enough priests in the Church around the world. Are there not enough priestly vocations in Asia, Africa and Poland. Poland is surely taking up the slack in the UK. Perhaps it might be that the providential God does not like either the formation and or the candidates for the priesthood in North America and I wonder why. It is certainly not the mass, that is the concern, whether it is Tridentine or Novus Ordo, it seems that there are more Priests available in Asia and Africa where the Novus Ordo is the norm. Should we ask and consider, it might be a majority of the Bishops that are the problem? By the way I learnt very early in my life that criticism can be harsh in one’s life but I knew that one is sometimes cruel to be kind. Even today we hear the phrase “Tough love” and it is acceptable. How then can we today not make what are called judgment calls from moral observations and as a catholic be very concerned for the sake of the souls of priests. It is obvious that many of our priests as men lack fortitude and there is a certain lassitude, a procrastination even in one or two a prevarication about the manner in which they practice their chosen life’s work.

So I will rewrite those blogs and repost them.

My Rosary Voice what it means and you work it out for yourselves

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