For His Glory and His Alone
Friday, September 12, 2008
  Part 2. Meeting with a Visionary…Lorna Keras
Again before you read, as usual I say test the spirits. I say this not in the sneering way used to dismiss occasions of this ilk that gives rise to what may be blasphemy and pride. I mean, the actions of those who condemn inwardly what happens to others on the basis of their thought, "I am a good catholic and it does not happen for me." Here is an honest effort to give you a head start in your search. But at least try to mean it.

“Almighty and Eternal God, Beloved Father of us all, Consuming Fire of terrible jealous Love, Divine Companion of my heart, my soul and my love, I ask in the name of your Son Jesus Christ to know if this is the truth, it is your work , and your will that I might believe.”

The second visit was astounding and only confirmed much that was on my mind. How could Mrs. Keras have known my interior needs, of my mental thoughts unspoken at the time, this was very unusual to say the least. Let alone she could answer them. I asked her who was it who occupied my mind. Her reply was the name given was I am the Queen of the Most Holy Rosary. What I was being urged to do in order to keep my agreement, which I slowly realized was a form of Covenant and always nerve wracking and at first ,a harsh testing. It did always cause me to groan. In fact the Parish Priest at the time said, “I wish you would go back to what you were, sit in the pew and be silent”. I was able to be sympathetic to others who did undergo the same tests, the same question but the sympathy never ran deeply as more than one said, “This is what I got, (was told) it was/is for you. You do it”. Those were the one’s who severely criticized me and my efforts to keep my promise and said my relationship was with the other sinful side. All the time these were claiming their obedience to Christ and the Church.
What was my reward? I was later asked by Christ, “Just who do you think you are? I lead you follow. I died for you? Read the Scriptures.” Comparing this with admonitions that were on going for me, I began to realize how to obey. It was never more apparent when someone whom I trusted suckled a serpent as I watched momentarily. Who with a sneering successful mien said, “Mary told me to ask you about Judas”.

The second visit went this way, the annual pilgrimage to the Grotto at Mission, organized and founded by our Parish. Started by a group of older women, who made their husbands go up to the Grotto the day before Mary’s feasts and cut down the brambles so they could get close to the ruins and recite the Rosary. This is contrary to the official version, published today, of how the Pilgrimage started. The time for the annual pilgrimage was rapidly approaching, and it was almost upon us. The husbands had taken it upon themselves to organize it and had not yet started to organize it. These men, all Knights of Columbus were preparing themselves and their plans, they saw no hurry, so they thought. They learnt that the Diocese had started to plan it themselves and were already meeting. We went to ask a priest who, though we knew of the meeting from someone who had been present, denied it hotly. We went ahead on our own. This was the reason behind the second meeting with Mrs. Keras. Now we asked what should we do and we knew this by her words was, “Go ahead, Michael, you will speak for us and we will speak through you”. Go back a few sentences and think was I the only told this. It seemed so later. A further question is and was then, “For how long was this instruction to last?” It did not sit well with Lorna’s friends/disciples as I did ask later of one, “What was that you said?” I received the answer, “I never spoke”. Someone else heard it too. This is her words perhaps her thoughts, “Why did you pick him, there are much better catholic men than him. So we had the meeting and due to circumstances at that time the Parish Priest was away and the parish manager, was present.
Another controversy raised it’s head. We realized we were being steered not in the direction we always had followed but more towards forgetting the reason for the Pilgrimage, that is to honor the Mother of God but more towards placing the emphasis on Christ. When this was pointed out bluntly I might add the priest took exception and so I apologized to the priest but as I said not to the man. We then proceeded with our arrangements. The mass we offered was Missa d’ell angelis and in the manner that Pope Paul VIth. had requested some years before but before and during we sang Marian hymns, as we had always done. The day came and we had rain so the mass was offered in the parish church. Lorna Keras, the day before had called and told us, “The Wind of the Holy Spirit would roar down the valley”. He sure did. The native people who carried the offerings to the Altar were magnificent carrying an old Cross before them they were majestic and moving. As we sang the responses, the main ones Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, the Pater Noster in Latin many people wept and it moved the Bishop enough to ask us to finish with the Salve Regina. We did after the mass several of the Oblate priests came and thanked me for the beauty of the occasion. Why they thanked me I do not know. I was happy enough to watch as for the first time in a long time all the congregation was deeply involved in the Liturgy.
Thursday, September 11, 2008
  Meetings with a visionary.... Lorna Keras

What sometimes happens for me is available spiritually for all papal catholics. Catholics who through the actions of good will and faith try to defend and love Jesus, just as He asked. Can you find any reason to deny this? If you do then what follows is so much excrement from a diseased mind. It could be either the wicked side or the good side whispering in my mind. What is important are the efforts we should make to ascertain who is the spirit who whispers. It is unfortunate that even though we have as catholics all the weapons available for a victory over our prideful inclinations, rarely do we use them. Opinionated we never look deeper than we have to. We accept what suits us and is comfortable. Many, and many do get these mental inclinations, but many never consider whether they charitably effect them or are a way of being mean and vicious towards our brothers and sisters. Never have I found the question asked, "Is it good or bad for others or for my soul?"

This for me is a very important ‘blog’. I hope many of you will read it carefully for it concerns a whole group of people who consider themselves holy with a spiritual interior life that sets them apart and beyond us mere mortals. They were when I met them charismatic renewals with the usual sense (normal to this group) of their implicit holiness. These are the basis of the observances I made when I was acceptable at that time to their vision of their importance I often saw that their reality did not include the woman around whom they clustered. It is about Lorna Keras, a Metis woman, whose interior life and good will at the time could not be faulted.

I met Lorna for two reasons the first was through my ownership of a print shop and secondly through it and the local parish I became friendly with a local notable catholic. This man was a director of Mrs. Keras’ Charitable Trust. I came on the scene because he asked me to go with him to meet her. He did not warn me, I believe he had enough trust in my acumen and wanted the mess over publishing Lorna’s next book “eased”. I went with him and over the next few blogs I will tell you all as much as I remember about her and those messed up scriptural fools that visited and in their amazing way “protected” her. My language will be strong and disdainful. I am indignant still, but not at any perceived way they treated me. Lorna at any time never was anything other than charitable towards me. I told her this with an sincere apology with a priest, Fr Tony Boniface, as a witness at St James’ in Abbotsford one Christmas Eve. Whatever he saw, he never told me but he said he saw a miracle. I thank and will eternally do so for his kind words and later sharing his concerns of what he had heard from one of his parishioners, concerning a visit by one of his parishioners with Mrs. Keras.

I went with the man who invited me to visit with Mrs. Keras and started into a time of great spiritual meaning to me that caused me to look even more clearly at myself. By the way iI am not claiming this was the start of a highly powered interior life. T feel this has been my lot from a very early age, and I thought it was normal. It just confirmed what I knew which I had sinfully and deliberately suppressed in my later years. This life has been a reality for me from early childhood fand became so for both my wife and I. It could be seen properly as a step, an extension to the urge my wife and I had at separate occasions, to return to the Church, as practicing orthodox believing Papal Catholics, different than just occupying space in the pews.. We began properly practicing the sacraments and praying the Rosary together. This Rosary occasion became a sharing with others on a twice daily basis, accompanied by that blessed smell as scripture puts it, “The scent of every flower ever blooming”. This was smelt equally by all present but by all not every time.

So I went to visit the Visionary Mrs. Keras. The first visit was different to the times, that were to follow. It was like a setting the stage, a sounding out for future events. I was asked and I heard many who I took asked, “Will you do something for me?” The first discipline established by Mrs. Keras was, rarely did she remember anything she said. The second discipline that gelled in my mind during this visit and subsequent meetings was that very few others present heard the private messages given to others. I must say this. It seems in retrospect I did hear them all, mine and others, when I was present. There were times when I was present that what I prayed for was watched as a vision by one other when he was there. I was scorned the only time I explained this phenomena. So the first meeting was simple and for once in my life a fact which amuses my wife I remember very little except the question, “Will you do things for Me?” Now I warn anyone else who is asked that question not to be cavalier in their answers. It is of great import because of who asks it. Later needing to be firm and not confused by what was happening I took one priest, sent another, and visited the Vicar General of the Diocese with a request for this established group. I spoke to the V.G. when I realized, that the Words of God were at the mercy of a group of people who were very proud and unable to see any error in their behavior.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008
  Pray with intelligence
It is probable very few of you have heard of Fr. Savinian Louismet OSB. let alone read his books.
If you are fortunate and can find the original publications read them, but be very careful of recent or more modern efforts. They have been edited to suit those outside the fold, those new agers, who entertain rather different versions of what we and Fr Savinian believe. The gist of his books can be seen in his own words, "All catholics are Mystics" then he gives how through prayer, the Sacraments and proper practices  we reach out to God through a minimum of holiness derived from Catholic practices.
His description on the stages of prayer and through those stages, by meditation and thought we can recognize our journey towards God in the spiritual rewards which are not always the signs and miracles today's catholics demand of God in a lack of sincerity. They are interior actions of grace that urge us on ever upwards through the different stages of prayer.
It is my strong belief that Prayer is a strength, inspired by the Holy Spirit, that exists in us for ourselves and for others. I believe through meaningful prayer we achieve everything we need to live justly and righteously, that is overcoming our mean, low and often grudging spitefullness of our mean egos towards others. Although many of us feel at times we do not receive the grace we pray for never think for one moment we are not heard, our prayers are not granted by a loving God who is not listening. To often we pray for signs and miracles that we do not get, whatever does happen in answer, even unknowingly is the providence of a living God which governs our destiny for a good purpose. It is eminently possible we never in this world know the results.
 Think of it this way, prayer is not easy and the wickedness that truly exists does not want us to pray sincerely, but rather would tempt us to do other actions perhaps immoral. The very least these thoughts of ours, these temptations are as St Ignatius says are temptations to do a lesser good and are at times not even sinful but defintely are those actions which will do less charity for ourselves and others. Prayer is, even at times difficult. It will certainly, after a struggle, lead us into peace of mind and contentment, help us to undergo sufferings, I urge have a care of what to suffer means. It means in this dreadful world all the actions, thoughts and treatments that constitute vexations and discomfort for body, mind and soul, that can when either misunderstood or misinterpreted, lead us off the holy and sanctified path onto which we are created by God's will. There can be no prayer that is a sincere raising up of the mind and heart to God if there is no good will, no sincerity and certainly no intellectual thought. I ask you all, how can a mind clouded by personal pride seek God? How can a mind without thought and meaning seek action from God as we pray charitably for our brothers and sisters in Christ. It is not possible for God who comprehends every one of our actions, knows us intimately to act upon thoughtless behavior and meaningless words? Therefore we must pray the words as best we know as far as we are able, and it is the sentiments contained in our words and minds make our prayers pleasnt to God and pleases Him  to grant them, in His way and according to His will. St Faustina tells us in her diary, as she was told, "The prayers of the pure are always heard". This must mean our hearts and its inseparable partner in this world 'our soul' must have some minimum of holiness, light and wisdom so our words and thoughts are not just a repetitious formula on our lips.
Monday, September 08, 2008
  Why did she leave?
I read in one news release Sarah Palin was born and baptized into the Catholic Apostolic Church. I ask why then did Mrs Palin leave us? If we remember the words of Archbishop Fulton Sheen, it may well become apparent to us. He wrote if people really knew the Church they would like us (a very rough paraphrase of his statement on my part, I expect a spin from the usual sources). The Hierarchy with a great deal of spin tells us the Church is growing in leaps and bounds in North America and then they close churches. They admit the influx of illegal immigrants, illegal by secular standards are filling vacant spaces. Still they close parishes. Secular polls tell us a different story many of the protestant and evangelical sects are claiming more and more of our brothers and sisters in Christ. I suppose through ecumenism we can claim they are our step brothers and sisters. One step away I think, always justified by , all roads lead to God, there are many places in heaven and all religions worship the same God.
Why do so many leave? If the Archbishop is right, it is because they do not know the faith. Whose responsibilty is that? What is the programme in the Church that lacks the truth to inform and teach?
Surely it is not the contra spirit of Vatican 2? It can't be, for not one Bishop has admitted to it. Surely it can't be the RCIA, for not one Bishop has admitted to that either. What must it be? Who will take on the responsibilty for such desertions? Who will admit to lazy accomodations for the loss of souls? Many of you when standing before God will certainly know and will not be able to deny their responsibilty to Jesus the Judge or deny they lost any souls. Falseness will never bring eternal life
My Rosary Voice what it means and you work it out for yourselves

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