For His Glory and His Alone
Friday, February 13, 2009
A woman, one of three, with whom I used to pray daily spoke to me and said Mary tells me to ask you about Judas. The tone of reference in her voice frightened me interiorly. I thought immediately that I was a betrayer of all the wonderful gifts that I had been given. So I explained to her and to this day I often wonder if she understood.

This is a longer version of what I said. Judas was a jealous man, who wanted at first for Christ to show His Kingship and a tremendous worldly power for the help of the temple dwellers. He expected to be the liason between the temple and Christ. He wanted that Jesus would make the Temple all powerful and rich and he would share in the wealth. When Jesus would not do this he was so angry he deliberately and willfully betrayed Him.

I also prayed and asked if Jesus and Mary considered me to be today's Judas, and I was answered.

I prayed for the woman and after a while I felt that I needed to pray no more for her. "You have no need to pray for these again. I also prayed for several others at the same time,(there is an example in scriptures of this instruction) But like the example I still pray for her and others.

What was I told as well simply the message was "Leave them they are in the hands of God now"
Thursday, February 12, 2009
  What was it I saw and what should I have done?
I have a dream that comes in the early hours just before dawn. I ask myself and you what was it I saw? Was it the Body of Christ or the Mystical Body? And in what part of my spirit did it take place. These are the questions I ask myself as I try to see from where and to where was it directed. I know but it is for you to puzzle out for yourselves with prayer and vigils before the Blessed Sacrament. If you are interested and so inclined.

I watched as a Body was laid upon a hewn slab of what seemed to be sandstone. the people who laid it there moved back and I was moved forward. Upon the slab was the Body of Christ, His Crown of Thorns had been removed. A bowl of water, with flowers floating on it was given me. The water was so soft and it smelt of what I knew to be the odor of every flower ever blooming.

I tore off apiece of the cloth in which He was wrapped and moistened it in the bowl and started to wash the eyes. They were so covered with hardened blood, mucus and dust and so gently I started to wash them in the darkened room.

The dream ended
  Obedience-Blind obedience
I would think without a shadow of doubt I have offended the sensibilities of many of you. Yet have you really thought, allowed your minds to dwell upon what I have said, written about how I feel and what has formed my conscience on the matter. There are elements of the Old Law which we do not take into account and in doing so makes Paul the mystery Peter wrote about. Leviticus and Exodus and their definition of sin and its definition for the actions of the priesthood should remind all priests and their flock of the dreadfulness of sin to the priests even of our time. try Exodus 19:22; Exodus 28:43 and Leviticus 21:17. We could even take into account Isaiah 29:13.

How can one obey and not see the sinfulness of any hierarch or priest who does not publicly support the Encyclical Humanae Vitae with sermons and teachings. when they do as Mark 7:13 states, "You reject the commandments of God that you might start your own tradition".

I have read Cyprian of Carthage and understood his reasoning and I heartily concur with his Epistle68 to Pupanius. Yet later in his epistles he writes "We should avoid those priests we know to be "dissolute and unfaithful" I do not say any man anointed to be a priest is not a priest only the Church can examine souls and decide up to a point whether they were in a state to receive the grace necessary for Grace to descend.
Wednesday, February 11, 2009
  A reminder from Mary.
I had the usual load of rejections for my e-mail link to my last blog. I apologized to Her and asked why is it so and Mary reminded me of what I was told months, eons ago.

"We would like to speak to so many but so few want to listen".

The our delightful mother went on to say. "So many want us, as we know from their thoughts, want what they would like to hear. Not what we want to say. So many are unwilling to hear what I must say. Too long have our prophets been abused for our truths. Those truths that do not suit the material egos of those who claim to be faithful.

Remember the spring when I said they will not pick and choose my prophets.
Remember when you were told, "Soon only one will speak for us".
I tell in truth we will pick this "one" who will speak for us and we will speak through Him

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  why me? A thought from a friend of a local visionary.
The Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, the Mother of the Healing Waters of Life

I remember writing a time or two ago about meeting a woman at bus stop whom I knew and who needed a ride. As we drove to her bank we discussed some events where we were both present. I thought she said, "Why did God pick you there are much better catholic men for the job?" You know I heard it and so did another. I, from hindsight and other later times, realized I was privileged to hear what she was thinking. Guess what I asked Mary.
I prayed and asked, "Why me there are others who would be more valuable to this work".
"They all turned it down one way or another." was my answer. "What about those you played with around God's feet as He created the world?' "They never returned"
"Why me, then?" "Because you are a mouth, and have never bent your neck to any man".

That was surprising and I shut up before I said too much in prayer.

There have been other occasions not when I asked questions but when I needed straightening out. My goodness have I ever been stepped on for my nature.

There were previous times when I used a prayer to find out who was in my mind so strongly as I prayed.

I, Michael, sealed in the Holy Spirit, baptized and anointed in the Precious Blood and healing water of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, trusting in Mary to make my prayer suitable to God's ears ask in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, that God will command whoever speaks to me on ...... will give me their name.

I always got an answer. But how did I know if it was righteous? Well remember earlier I wrote of those who condescendingly told me to test the spirits, yet were unable to tell me how and I was annoyed. Well I already knew by scriptures how too. What annoyed me was the spiritual jealousy and arrogant dismissal their advice more often than not contained. Did one of you ever ask me if I had taken precautions to protect my soul and others? No, why because many truly believe, but wrongly believe there is no way God would use someone like me. I'm not imagining the sentiments up front and center in many of you.

I also used the above prayer to combat awfulness of some of the names I was heard, to send them back where they came from. You know Lucifer, satan and legion and other of that sort. I changed a phrase to say after the Most Holy Name I cast you into the woeful abyss to burn eternally in the fires of hell never to bother the Children of God again.

There were times when I did not get an answer and I used through the power of our holy mother the Church and I did get answers. This did not happen very often.

The time came when I received no answer and I just sent the owner of the voice to hell. After this had happened often, Mary said, "You must stop sending me to hell Michael, it agitates the devil when I appear with Michael". I apologized and was told, "If you do not recognize me after all these years, you should go to confession".

So I did poor poor priest.What about me I must be strong in faith or have absolute knowledge or be very crazy to think that Heaven would speak and use me this way. But let me ask you all two questions, "How many of you could write and acknowledge what you have just read publicly? How many of you are brave enough perhaps to do what I seem to have been asked. Mary said I was the only one left. What do you think?

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009
  Questions, A statement and an answer
There have been many times, in my life, when I have asked Mary my spiritual love questions. Only once did this patient loving Mother seem put out. Mary answered, "You will be always asking questions, even in eternity". I thank God for Mary, such a splendor of His creation. The question follows.

What I did was to ask two questions that time, both very relevant in this day and age of the Church. The first was, "Which Bishops and Priests should I obey"? Her answer, "You will know soon enough".

The second question, "I asked how many Bishops are in a state of grace"? "Not many",

Listen; can you all hear the roaring of the air from punctured egos. Just imagine the irate statements, "Mary would not say that about us".

Of course we all know this is a private revelation and not to be believed. I must though for it was the Mother of the Word made Flesh who told me. read Scriptures and test the spirits for the truth.
In fact; go before Truth in adoration and ask Truth for the Truth and truth will tell you the truth. Try it.
  Secular Wisdom, but where is the Spiritual?
Further to my thoughts on the Secular management ambitions of the Churchmen Follow this link to Catholic Culture and Diogenes.
Also does anyone else find it disgusting that the Churchmen who would not give up their priests for Homosexuality and Seducing young boys and girls through the abuse of their power, surrender them regularly for stealing money?
My goodness, the God that takes names and numbers is certainly aware of their abysmal behaviour
Monday, February 09, 2009
  100 years after
There are other answers I have had to prayers that may amuse or infuriate you, perhaps both. Some answers may renew in some of you Faith and Hope. As I wrote before I know I am mankind and what I get is not just for me and I challenge all and sundry on the point. This is because I feel I am not particularly holy, although I would love to be. I hope sincerely you will think about them, meditate about them looking for logic. Perhaps you may pass them on or even ask your parish priest for his opinion. When as I expect he pans them, ask him why or ask him, "What does your conscience really tell you"?

Four of us used to get together and pray every day and I had the idea after each decade of the Rosary to ask especially for someone favored in Their eyes to be released from Purgatory. It was surprising who was there and released. Nevertheless one day I said before three witnesses, "Enough is enough it is more than the hundred years promised to wickedness You O beloved Father gave filth extra powers to destroy the faith. he has failed, send him back to hell. I heard huge stone doors crash together with a hollow thunk and knew the archangel with the burning sword stood before the gates. A woman who at that time prayed with me watched it all happen (There was for a long time a woman who witnessed the results of my conversations with Jesus and or Mary). I thought good, now Good can reign. Jesus said, "Unfortunately Michael, there is enough evil in the hearts of mankind to last 1000 years".
Sunday, February 08, 2009
  The Painful bruise that wept.
I have been privileged in the past to view the dreadful, painful bruise of the shoulder of the Suffering Victim of our sins, our Lord Jesus Christ. Anyone who carries a large weight with sharp edges will find it causes a bruise or wound of some kind. It filled the length of His shoulder and was wide enough to cover the width of the flesh that covered the shoulder bone. It was not a cut, nor a puncture it was a bruise torn or forced open by the heaviness of the Cross a symbol of the weight of our sins wherein Jesus Christ as a proxy for us willingly accepted the pain that should be ours. His shoulder literally torn open by the pressure upon a internally weeping wound did not bleed profusely but steadily wept as should we for our scornful treatment through sin for some one who did us no harm.
  The Church today, is this a valid view
I cannot think that many in the Church, that is the Papal, Catholic and Apostolic Church, do truly pray for her or meditate and what she should be and what she was. I mean of course in this case the Churchmen, the laity and members of the Church Militant or should the word today be 'milquetoast'? The finest work in this forsaken world is the Catholic, Sacrificial Priesthood. For this position, this way of life and of the Cross, I have nothing but the highest feeling of respect. It is a pity those in this Priesthood do not share it. The Church today is nothing other than a political multinational company, with no one knowing who makes the decisions and ambitious men daring the CEO to fire them and I daresay many have information on others that tie frightened hands. I truly wish I was wrong and I scorn the many cowards who force their views and wrongful opinions upon the faithful although it puzzles me to what they are faithful.

It would seem that the Pope made a blind decision over lifting the excommunication of this english fellow Williamson. This was a scandalous decision. I believe he rubber stamped an opinion. An opinion given to him without all the proper information. Like a true political or corporate entity this was a case of do not give me any information, I do not want to know what happened, keep it quiet so I can claim innocence in the matter. Happens all the time in business or politics it should be different in God's community. Unfortunately it is not.

Woe, o woe o triple woe as the scriptures used to say be upon those false managers and manipulators of our faith.

There are other occasions. I was told by a priest who had strong contacts with Rome that no one ever knew who signed the letter about altar girls. It just appeared on telexes all over the world. No one in the cardinal Primates office in New York never knew who signed the letter condemning New York's Miraculous Rose of Bayside. The letter was sent and no signature. I wonder how many other rules we blindly follow, have the same cowardly basis? I refuse to park my intelligence at the Church door, that and Freedom of an informed Will are mine forever. I believe to be in a state that causes us to seek sanctifying grace through the one and only way, I mean the sacraments instituted by our Lord Jesus Christ which cause Him to condescend, lean over us and give of Himself that which is missing in us. Therefore who can doubt that our intelligence is then united to Uncreated Wisdom, the Intellect of God. We should know we cannot do, as He does not, that is violence to our will. Let me tell you what this means to me. I cannot believe that any bishop or priest who follows the crowd by either demanding or giving a vow of total obedience in all things has Grace.

This is a paragraph from a letter from the then Cardinal Primate of Canada to Msgr Stephen Sommerville which indicates the belief of the Hierarchy to have the spiritual power to extract a vow of obedience from a fellow priest who by tradition is his son. Of course if the person with the vocation does not vow, then there will be no ordination. If the cardinal, again by tradition represents the fullness of the priesthood to Fr Sommerville, then his position should be if you love me you will keep my commandments. I find with these sort of actions a vow which did not exist before Vatican 2 is it any wonder the priests of today take up drink etc. when they have to swallow their conscience and obey. I notice he seems as many hierarchs do, to forget canon 273 as applied to himself. Of course I should perhaps mention to receive love one must offer it.

Father Somerville, on the day of your ordination nearly a half century ago, you placed your hands in those of the ordaining Archbishop and promised obedience to him and his successors, as laid down in Canon 127 of the 1917 Code of Canon Law ("All clerics, especially priests, are bound by a special obligation to show reverence and obedience each to his own Ordinary"), and reiterated in Canon 273 of the 1983 Code ("Clerics have a special obligation to show reverence and obedience to the Supreme Pontiff and to their own Ordinary"). It is regrettable that, of late, you apparently have lost your earlier zeal for the virtue just described.
My Rosary Voice what it means and you work it out for yourselves

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