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Saturday, April 04, 2009
  why am I scornful?
And why should I not be? Look at the oddities, quirks and sheer foolishness being taught as Catholicism. Can you doubt or any reader doubt from the news and blogs published that the allowed teachings by the Hierarchs and priests are anyway near or approaching true Catholic Orthodoxy. The rationalization, spin and sheer ignorance of the faith that abounds in the Church today because of priests very carefully selecting the teachers for the euphemistically named RCIA program. Carefully chosen I might add to ease their burden of ensuring truth is taught. Locally most of what is taught is from the nether end of the bull.

I had a good comment about a point in the previous post. This good catholic mother wrote in agreement if we do not prepare for the Sacraments then why do we need cathechesis? The next and logical step would be as is happening already give Him to everybody, pseudo-christian, buddhist and of course those opinionated pols who smile and stick their knife into our beliefs. Why not?Here is my answer to the good woman.

"I have a good friend and teacher who visits with me. He tells me everything we do in this world is a preparation for the next. Each sacrament is part , a necessary part of the ladder that reaches Eternal Grace and step by step we climb it. There are no short cuts, no easy trail that goes up a mountain without a fall somewhere or a loss of breath,. How shocked will be those who stand before Him for an assessment of their Soul and what grace it has. How shocked they will be to find they have no grace, their opinions of God which are not charitable to Him destroyed it. How awful it will be for them to find Love has only one language that speaks active words for It (LOVE). That is, Love's instructions to do what the Beloved One has taught and teaches. We should not poison it with our opinions. Love must be an action done with honor and joy to give glory to Him who is Love. Did not Our Lord Jesus Christ say what we are to do if we love Him?"

It seems that we do not consider Prophecy and the Gospels in their true light. They are eternal and prophecies as precepts, warnings and directives should be held to be continuing for satan the filth is entirely incapable of creating new temptations and sin. He is a spiritual ignoramus without any kind of originality except for the first sin, his key to the Garden of Eden. We let him in and so many hierarchs are permitting his presence to continue.

I only hope that one of the seven last words upon the cross applies to them, the hierarchs I mean. "Forgive them for they know not what they do" This is pretty obvious they trust Catholics half educated in the faith who have their own agendas, believe in abortions and non natural birth control, allow these folks to spend funds given by Catholics (see previous blog) to spend those funds with no accounting to either the donors or the Ordinaries of the Dioceses that administer it. Although they, the often deliberately absent minded professors of our faith have no knowledge and in many cases as in the business world they do not want it, they the ordinaries will still give an accounting to God.

Then they will find their answer from the severe judge for their new found social justice that demands that charity is overruled by the material needs of the poor. My Goodness, that this should be happening under our noses, since we are now tarred by the same brush. What will Christ say to us who should know better and do not act accordingly
Friday, April 03, 2009
  A severe let down, shades of the council

For those of you who read this article in the link above, would consider that to Catholics, orthodox as described in the Tridentine Mass, would become confused. Confused at the permission given by someone we all respected to receive the Most Holy Sacrament of the Mass, that to recieve the Body and Blood of Christ is no great deal and the state of our soul has no importance whatsoever. Who, I ponder, is pleased with confusion in the Church

Does Paul admonition become meaningless? After all Paul had the knowledge of Judas' suicide after what the Apostles could see as disrespect to Christ and His Sacrifice. For me I read this article hoping it was the usual biased parody and paraphrase we read so often in the secular press. The spin used to deflect our thinking leading us into seeing permission is given to act what is an nonspiritual act for believing and discerning catholics.

We must be qualified to received the Sacraments. If I am wrong then why does the Church follow a catechetical preparation. She used to insist on proper and formal teaching of the Church's doctrines. Look at it this way to receive a Baptism into the Church we must have faith in her teachings, be taught the precepts and dogmas. Then at a ritual, usually undergone at Easter, we renounce satan and all his works and pomps. It used to be an exorcism followed and we also if we were old enough abjured all previous schisms and heresies considered as satan's works. We believed in a practiced training for the entrance into the Community of God as taught by the Papal Catholic Church. The next step in our spiritual life was the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation. We could go no further or deeper into community life until we had learnt of sin and God's mercy and had it applied to our spiritual ego. See my blog of 7/10/06 to refresh your memory.

We have to worthy to receive all the sacraments and always have been, since the dawn of the Church. The Catholic must follow the stages of preparation for heaven in the way of the sacraments; each sacrament although we not consider it in this manner are all logical conclusions to to repentance and atonement in some way. We should therefore be very careful on our approach and preparations These preparations can only come and be sucessful, be true, if you look intelligently at them, when administered by a catholic sacrificial minister the Priest of the cult.
I trust that in the case of our Holy Communion, it is as the old saying is true. "Holy Things for the Holy" and Christ withdraws from the unholy at the time of their attempted reception. I hope for their sakes it is the Bread of Mourning for them Which Christ then sees as the bread offered to the dead. Those whose souls are not in grace and never believe it is what we know we receive under the veil of bread and wine, The true Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.

The Archbishop's comments to me stink of the voting at the council. History tells us that most of the voting on the decrees were very close, quite evenly split. A deciding vote was always taken as a matter of form and all who voted against voted for what was obviously against their conscience and made it unanimous. Truth was surrendered for unity. This is why I question the Archbishop's answers.

Let me give you fair warning of what is to follow and is already in the works. Social issues will trump truth. All Catholics, says the Boston Archdiocese have the right to receive medical health benefits, which includes the right to abortion and birth control. The Catholic Bishops are allowing catholic donations to the missions to be used in Mexico and Haiti to fund the practice and promotion of birth control. Horror upon horror, the Bishops representative hotly denies with horror that anyone could say such a thing and must apologize.
Somewhere in this link you will find the denial by Mr Hogan of Development and Peace

The efforts of the Hierarchs to promote their unity are slowly but surely dividing the Church taking us from the Mystical Body of Christ into a church of apostolic egos. My pity and sympathy I truly extend to those orthodox bihops and priests who are truly suffering under this cross.

Thursday, April 02, 2009
  My relationship with the Holy Ghost
For those who wish to criticize the title of this blog, I remind you of the opening homily of vat 2. and subsequent instructions the Popes have given since. "This is a pastoral council it will not change the dogmas and doctrines of the Church"
Since 1963 no one can possibly believe these Papal directives have been accepted or are acceptable by many hierarchs, especially those who study the Church. Bishops have quickly written their own dialog with God. So many good things were and have been jettisoned. Not wanted on voyage used to be stamped on the military and civilian baggage as the military and immigration ships left Britain. Now as the Barque of St Peter is still sailing we see the same thoughts and definitive actions from the Democratic People of God. The Holy Spirit from the time of Augustine and in prayers from ages ago named the Holy Ghost as the Holy Spirit of the Father and the Son. I personally see no reason to change perfectly good prayers and words for something that does not describe fully the relationships in the personalities of the Most Holy Trinity. I also abhor the new meaning in the world today, a new understanding, even in the Church among those who should know better,I refer to our relationship with the Holy Spirit, which is the Love of the Father and the Son. It seems today we are speedily becoming "reformed" and now believe we acquire this love and once baptized, a ritual of many definitions today, and we cannot loose Him. St. Basil wrote in his homily on the Holy Spirit if you can find an original translation, "It is easy to loose the Holy Spirit and so hard to reclaim Him".

Let me return to what is a problem to so many my relationship with the Author of Life, The Holy Spirit that created us, that through sanctifying grace saves us, that through the supernatural love of God sustains us and
inhabits the interior chamber of the soul when through the ritual of Sacramental Confession and Penance reconciles us to God, the Church and our neighbors.

I wrote on January 14th this year of the prayer I received from the Woman I know as Our Lady of the Healing Waters of Life, which through the most Holy Name, Jesus gives one a knowledge of the state of one's soul if we were to be judged right then. Jesus has three things He can give us right now if He is so inclined. Heaven, Purgatory or nothing. He hesitates at this time to give us hell unless we are so far removed from His grace that to return to Him we have to do violence to our mentality, in order to return to Him, thus receiving internally His and His Father's love, the indwelling Holy Spirit. This I might mention was the attitude of Mary Magadalen

The next part of the prayer mentions the third warning. I asked and thought of two things. I have often wondered and thought of two things. I know I am not Holy, I am in my nature dreadfully sinful and God has addressed that part with me. I wondered since the prayer comes from and is in the Holy Name of Jesus, am I able to say it for myself. He addressed that part for me. The next is obviously what is the third warning? Well one day reading the Flowers of St Francis I saw that St Francis was the second warning. These warnings come, occurs, I include of course the first, when God has to make a decision due to our communal recalcitrance. Perfect in His fairmindedness, He is gives us out of His Love every chance to change. Jesus Christ was the first, St Francis of Assisi was the second. St Francis was told by Christ that Jesus and Mary offered Francis to God as a sacrifice for the dreadfullness of the world and he became and was acceptable. I guess I did agree to do likewise but I am a dreadful unholy man and unless I change what kind of sacrifice can I be. Although I too through confession and penance I get up from my falls.

Does the prayer work though? Yes, what is frightening is how many get nothing, how many are besides themselves with fright and how few who receive consolations. I am amazed who get these and I am so happy for them.

Another instance for you all to consider. Does God inform me at times of what He wants from me. Yes and sometimes I do not like what I know, His disgust for those whose hubris irritates Him; His views on those who wilfully place their egos before His Will and teachings by the Word; His views on the rationalization of sin by hierarchs who seek to please and not save their flocks. Horrendous are these errors and terrible is His jealousy

What else Has the God shown me? He who is difficult for me to follow because of my ego . Although through the Woman of the Healing Waters I have been given as Mary says so many graces I still lack FORTITUDE. I do not mean I am not brave but am unwilling because of the results to do immediately what is required of me. Here then is something that happened in 1993 or thereabouts. At Mass one Sunday just at the consecration I was told to read Daniel that day. I did, reading Chapter 12 verse 1; I was told loudly and clearly by a voice so strong, "that is you Michael" Read verses 1 to 4 and consider it as I did all these years.

First of all it cannot be Michael the Archangel. To Daniel and the Jews he had already risen and been known.
Is this a time of great distress spiritually and precedes the great disaster that is building upon itself right now?
Is the verse three describing those who through created wisdom live on in the Spirit of Love who is wisdom?

Has the words of Daniel in this case been a secret and now they are revealed, as it is the time to which He refered?

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009
  Thinking it over.
Today I read, there are fewer converts this year and then read God will always give vocations. Living in hope, I trust the converts this year will be of the kind that really want to be Orthodox Catholics, although I know this is very unlikely with the standard of teaching allowed. A blog or two ago I wrote like knows like, in explanation, it works both ways for those with an indwelling of the Holy Spirit, yes it also means those without an indwelling huddle together for protection against true Truth. If I am wrong why do some of them get so agitated when challenged? Many, the Majority of Bishops and Chancery offices are selecting teachers of the faith like themselves in their spiritual beliefs. To believe this we have only to look at the debased coinage of the priesthood and ask hwose coin is this and to whom should it be given?
These teachers are only a step or two removed from the schism or heresy they once practiced and often put a slight bent of orthodoxy to their ideas of what constitutes Catholicism. Why do I say "Like themselves" consider it in this manner as long as the authorities like those who pat them and pat themselves on their collective backs, teach opinions rather than dogmatic facts, uphold social justice in this world at the expense of true Catholic Dogma we receive into the Church, ersatz faithful who could just as easy be protestant or lutheran as be Papal Catholics. The local Parish started off this period with many would be converts, last session they were down to five. The older Catholics invited by the priest to attend left some saying, "If I go anymore I would lose my faith". That means from experienced Catholics, nurtured by years in the Church, putting up with unformed priests, hearing and given Readers Digest homilies and penances, want no more nonsense. Am, I right? if not why do you priests not circulate a questionnaire asking the easiest questions those of our faith should know. You won't , or can't or if you do it will be to aggrandize your ego, to say look at me I am so good and my teaching is so relevant to true dogma, I am a true shepherd. As the scriptures say, "I wiggle my beard at you" and beat my breast saying "Lord have mercy"

The question of vocations in the west is amusing. Do you really think in the West there is truly a need for vocations? Does God when He sees how busy priests are with His works(???) really see a need? God, when He sees the priests are overworked, will provide priestly vocations. Otherwise we will take the extras from Africa and Asia. Right now phlegm is rising, blood pressure is shooting up, faces are turning purple and the question is spewing out. "What does he mean priest are not busy. How dare he?". Of course I dare and I dare any priest to sit down and list how much time he spends on the administering and teaching the Sacraments especially the most important of them all, "the forgiveness of sins", that is the Sacrament of penance and Reconciliation. Write down how much he spends in meetings on social justice instead of visiting homes, or sick and dying. How many times he has sent "extra to the ordinary Eucharistic minister" this is himself, to the Hospitals deliberately giving our Lord Jesus Christ to the sick. Never going himself to check on the disposition of people he's never seen. Poorly explained on my part, but you know the meaning. I have visited one priest and how angry he got when I turned of his TV golf game at midday, to ask him to visit a woman in hospital who had passed out the day before at the morning mass and was dying of bowel cancer. He did not know, how sick she was. Tell you what Fathers, grit your teeth, get mad at me and make a vow, "I'll show him", and get out there and search for your lost sheep. Then by your example and God's pity for your tiredness from doing what you are supposed to do, good young men will react and readily accept God's call for him to be Him for all. Vacations will rise.
Tuesday, March 31, 2009
  revelations and discernment
What a mess the Churchmen have placed themselves. Today's modern catholic churchmen have become quite befuddled, confused would probably define their state. There is an attitude prevalent amongst them that is anti scriptural unless we can accept to the hubris in their frantic statement,"Father knows best". I maintain as I have before, Churchmen like liberals seldom get it right, however never fear they know they are absolutely certain of correctness of their decisions and opinions.

Is it only me who reads their comments and instructions then I wonder with my mouth, wide open, speechless at their need to place social justice before creation. Often I find they put words in Christ's mouth that He would never have uttered and from the shenanigans in the Boston Archdiocese I find they sincerely believe they can debate the issue of creation and God's creative works with the Lord of Creation Himself and show Him He is wrong and they have the power to change His Works willy nilly.

I find it most amusing sinfully why they go out of their way to challenge God and have silly faithful who believe their righteousness. Placing with them, those who Christ calls wolves and false prophets, they deny any help that Christ gives us through chosen mouthpieces. Yet they support those who are error filled. They use their power to prevent what God has spoken. The Spanish Inquisition that sat in Spain is a good example. They had the temerity in investigate Teresa of Avila and change what she had seen and heard in her spiritual ego. I use ego here not as a description of pride but as an entity that contributes to our holiness. There are other occasions one can find where they did not acknowledge repentance and happenings occurring before them. The treatment of Teresa Higginson is occasion that always reminds me of the foolishness of prelates

How can we simple people recognize or discern the movement of God and His needs in others. No screams of denial please from the liberals. Keep the open mind you demand of us, while I say your minds are always tightly closed.

What should we expect a prophet to do, to be? They exist to correct mistakes ancient or modern, to bring us back to the Church, Christ left us with. That is certainly not the Church they claim to be. Any words of love that do not express the exacting punishment awaiting us if we do not love as per God's will, is an issuance by fools. We should definitely expect as God prepares to punish His Church, these mistakes to be shown for our correction. As Christ our Lord and Master says, not 'Jose our bud', but Christ our Living God, "everything done in the dark will come into the light". Take that as Gospel. The Prophet who speaks for God will and should give us an assertive attitude by the world's standards. Of course that will not sit well with our demanding earthly masters or with their sycophantic serfs. God is a loving but stern Father and cannot change as He is I who am. In this day and age those of us in the Church realize that the influence of the sixties church and their ways of formation is still prevalent, except in those parts of the world where the sixties never became the aberration it was for us in the west. So expect from a mouthpiece strong words that will remind us if we do not love God's way, do not accept God's directions, precepts or commandments to receive dreadful and dire reminders of His non democratic powers, even I believe the warning of the state of one's soul before God the Just and Dreadful Judge.

I must also write, "How do we really expect God and therefore Most Holy Trinity to see us. First and foremost we are His Children, immature, feckless and recalcitrant. We need to be formed
as children to Him, in order to save our soul. No matter how our egotistical mind sees ourselves we in this world are adults but compared to God in His mind we are little immature parts of His creation that He treasures. Like a good father he leans over us and if we think in a worldly way as did Christ in this world, He often caresses and kisses us as we should expect to receive as obedient children of a loving father. Do not think for one moment this Father, terrible and jealous for His children will not send us to our room for bad behavior. Whatever that room is, is subject to His definition. Think otherwise at the peril of your immortal soul. Expect whatever revelations that come will lead to salvation or for the good of His children. God can do no less He will do the same as before and warn the same as before. In this troubled Church today foolish masters in their material and secular egos so often dismiss and debate the Words of God. They are definitely not capable of recognizing God's work. It was I believe, Iranaeus of Lyon that wrote, "Like knows Like". What does that mean? Is it not obvious that a baptized catholic, in a state of sanctifying grace recognizes in another the Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit of the Father and the Son. I know it is so and do any of you think likewise?

Monday, March 30, 2009
  The Altar
If we are a catholic and sometimes while away the time between now and eternity by thinking upon the signs of the times. We must duty bound at this time think of suffering. Is this not an appropriate thought? Is it not due to the time of the year and the church calendar, the period called Lent? To use the phrase made by Archbishop Fulton Sheen, we have three periods in the Life of Christ Thirty years of Life, three years of teaching and three hours on the Cross. My feeling is this time for me is preparing for the three hours on the cross with Christ.

What kind of man was He? We know He never sinned. We know He prepared Himself for His final act before the cross with prayer, fasting and abstinence. Anyone who wishes to truly imitate Christ at this time in our year must prepare in the same way, making every real effort to be close to His state, in grace that is. In the days before Vat 2 the precepts of the Church demanded we made our Easter Duty, that is confession and communion. The teachers in the Catholic School I attended reminded and asked us if we had, and we did.

Today because of the nonsense taught by inexperienced but well meant catechists, inexperienced in our faith due in most cases to their recent conversions, do not even know the phrase Easter Duty. I would say most even cradle Catholics of an older age have forgotten the title, the Duty that is demanded of us by our faith. How many even have paid attention to the first homily of the Vat 2 council, which unequivocally taught us the Council was not dogmatic and could not change the teachings of the Church, and the repetition of this fact by every Pope since.

Let me now write that we should all suffer in some way, through self denial, interior discipline and unfortunately in various degrees through the world. These are all sources of our temptations and it is only by scourging them from our system can we undergo the Lenten period as a 'good' for our spiritual life and look forward to a life of eternal grace.

Can I say the whole world to a catholic is an altar of suffering, each ache and pain we undergo whether spiritually, materially or bodily is an act we should accept for our own good and then only then for the good of others. God truly welcomes and blesses even the sufferings of the pure and innocent and upon the worldly altar we should humbly and meekly offer our selves and our lives for our salvation, the salvation of others and for the good of the Holy Catholic and Papal Church. Gently demanding of God from our behavior and desires the spiritual welfare of all that should be accounted as His.

Will you I ask? Do you I ask? Do we ask God for only that, which benefits us in this world telling the man who at this moment is closing in on the three hours He carries our sins He should do this or that for us rather than closing our eyes and asking, "Let me at least carry the weight of my sins? Let me give You satisfaction for the sacrileges and blasphemies I have committed upon Your Holy Body. Please help me to be, for You and not against You.
My Rosary Voice what it means and you work it out for yourselves

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