For His Glory and His Alone
Saturday, April 25, 2009
  Purgatory and its effects on us

This will cause many to raise their eyes, their hands and their mouths in disbelief, so what you can prove me wrong . It is not wrong if the Church has never taught this salutary effect the Poor Souls can have on our behalf

I have often spent time thinking praying and asking about Purgatory. Catholics know it as part of our temporal spiritual life. We know it ends at the last and final judgment. My question, How do the Poor Souls in Purgatory effect us? Can they suffer further for us?" The answer I find to be 'Yes’. I seek in the Holy Name of Jesus, firmly convinced I will get an answer as I have asked in the Name of Perfect Truth for truth. It seems that many of the rules of engagement as we personally battle for our souls and the souls our brothers and sisters in Christ, The rules for us to enter into the victorious triumphant holy and spiritual eternity still apply. What then can we say as we pray for the Poor Souls of Purgatory also as they pray for us, we can alleviate their suffering by days or in the case of a plenary indulgence all the temporal punishment due to them. They can do likewise for us, providing they choose to take on our suffering for our dreadful sinful life on earth. They do have the knowledge and relief they will sooner or later enter the Kingdom of Eternal Grace. Scream and dance on the spot in scorn as you may, it cannot be denied if you read the lives of many saints, those of us on earth, still in the temporal lobe of eternity, can suffer for others in the name of Perfect Charity. Many before us did and many remaining in the time left still can.

As an example I believe that Cardinal Newman is in Purgatory and can gain relief for us here on earth. I must warn you of this before you scream schism and heresy, I attended a good catholic college in the west of England and born and brought up in the UK in the forties and fifties we never or rarely mentioned or discussed Cardinal Newman. We never sang his music “Lead Kindly Light”. The working class Englishman, the English Laity, revered Father Faber, founder of the Confraternity of the Precious Blood, he was persecuted by the cardinal and this was no secret in the English Church at that time.

Another point for you all to ponder is one that is due deep consideration. Do we expect as we pray for the sick here an earth and not see the Glory of God as they suddenly get well? Then tell me why the souls in purgatory can't

I have asked in prayer, “Where is Cardinal Newman?” I heard in reply, “He has mounted the Cross but is not yet risen”. I have an opinion on that statement but work it out for yourselves.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009
  The Well Lorna Keras and Me the Last Moments Part 3
Just to finish off the story of the relationship between the Visionary Mrs Keras and Myself, I wish to make it apparent that I cannot use such words a seer or apparitionist. I find them derogatory to Catholic Sensibilities and even more so towards the Workings of the Trinity and Mary, Their Queen. The old, tried and true catholic word Visionary is and has been always appropriate.
I wrote before about the book I printed for Lorna. Her second book. It had in a progression of time at least seven or eight editors of one sort or another. Bill Girard whom I had just met took me to see Lorna, his was a concern of a belief that the editing situation had got out of hand. He never said this in so many words but the way he applied a gentle pressure to get it printed and published made this a probable assumption. I also wrote before it was very obvious that when Lorna spoke to people, many of the others present were not privy to the conversation. I knew and Lorna often re-iterated she herself did not remember many times what was said, told or instructed. One fact I always found as a comfort was Lorna said from time to time after she talked to me was, she heard Angels singing, "Victory is ours"

The end for me in our relationship, for which I was there for only one thing, I was asked a question, always asked of those who came was, "Will you work for Me?" sometimes it was 'us', sometimes 'do' I too was asked I said yes and God who through His Spirit has an understanding and knowledge of us took it further. I can vouch for that in the fact that only one of the many I took kept their promise. The man, I took, probably never links the work he does with the imprisoned, as a logical corollary to his yes to God. Others just did not comprehend or wished to or never believed what was happening to them.

One Friday at the hour of mercy, always scrupulously observed by Lorna, we prayed for guidance on the printing this was at least two months after I had joined them. Lorna when finished said someone was told to print the book. I had been loudly and clearly. I admitted to hearing. I was given the floppy and then it was taken away. The leading handmaid said wait a minute one last look for errors. A man Gerry something or other said he would do it. We made arrangements to meet late on the following Sunday and he would have made the necessary corrections. I felt it was a last ditch effort to keep it out of my hands but why should I worry. I knew from previous actions that I worried them. They all knew that for me Lorna was the only one who could say yes or no to me. I believed and still do that at that moment in time when Lorna was used by heaven, this was between her and God not between her, me and the handmaidens.

I turned up Sunday and Gerry absolutely refused to give me the book. I had expected this and said when would he have it ready. He gave no real answer. I said I would take it, I said it strongly and very reluctantly he handed it over. What I have not said is that Mrs Keras was under such stress, her friends were acquainted with the demands from Jesus of when would the Book be published. Lorna's skin eruptions had flared up and she was frightened (maybe too strong a word) of the conversations she was having with our Savior. She told us all.
I could not understand in the name of the Charity which all her followers claimed ,why any of them could subject her to such torments. I did understand and so would anyone who thought for one moment of the seriousness of the occasions when God spoke and did not supplant His words with their opinions which was the norm amongst the Handmaidens and their consorts, charismatics to a fault.

I asked for Lorna to allow me to use a man and wife to set the words of the book up for printing and the going got rougher. Lorna met the desktop publisher and was sent to meet the second last editor. He came back not amused and asked annoyed for him, usually a placid fellow, I hope all Catholics are not like her. He spent more time listening to her academic achievements and her ambitions than discussing the manuscript. He left only to find himself in the rush hour. This was in accord with a priest who read the book and said the introduction told us nothing about Lorna but was extolling the relationship with the Editress's mother and the senior handmaiden. He read the manuscript and we went back to Lorna. We or rather he and Lorna discussed the book he said the scriptural quotations were off a little and could he put this right? He got an agreement from Lorna right away. I said nothing it was, as far as I was concerned, Lorna's place to say what was right or wrong.

The next thing I know I had the editress on the phone giving me poison saying I was changing the book. I was not and never did although the accusations continue still. Lorna was told I was to do the cover I did and that was wrong by the Handmaidens opinions. They showed an absolute lack of knowledge of of jewish symbols for God as described in Teresa Higginson's imprimatured life story. I said I was already printing it and would not stop. She phoned Lorna in tears. At the same time, I was printing and distributing Lorna's newsletter and I was receiving subscriptions for it. I wanted to print the Book at cost but Lorna said no charge us fairly for it. I had given the subscription money to an outsider to keep safe. he was a member up to then of her trust committee. The senior handmaiden said I was to keep it for the work done. I did only to be accused of stealing it by the same woman a day or so later.
The next and very unfortunate incident which was to led to rougher times in subsequent episodes. A desktop publisher turned up and got attached to the Handmaidens sort of like a surrogate daughter. Her private life was a problem for her and she wanted help to put it straight. Lorna and her followers prayed over her often and although Christ told her and Mary told her what to do I felt in witnessing, it was not the answer she expected. The answers were not the way of the world as far as I could see. One day I went to see Lorna on another matter and they were about to repeat the prayer exercise again and Lorna stopped and said Jesus wants to speak to Michael. When we went to pray, nothing happened and we said the St Michael prayer many times until whatever was present was banished. Jealousy and feminine pride was the problem. This, I believe from another person, not present then but was at the previous time, had happened before . Two of those present before were there this time, Lorna and the senior handmaiden.

There were two more occasions one was the chains and fires under Lorna's bed which led to a silly discussion later but that was when Lorna told me she expected the stigmata. I knew, as I did ith the results of the prayer for the chains and fires, this may not be right. I went to a priest who had long conversations with Lorna and told him with his promise to keep it to himself. I left and he quickly phoned her. Lorna phoned me and I said I made her too agitated and not to come round anymore. That was the end except for one Christmas Eve far later. Lorna was at mass which I was told to go too and it was a mass that I never would have frequented. Seeing her I asked to priest to help me make my peace with Lorna. We spoke to her and we accepted each others apologies and promises. The priest heard Lorna agree we should pray together again and she would answer the phone when I called her. Despite repeated calls I have never heard from her again. I know why this abrupt dismissal, but can you any of you say why. It is simple it starts with God's will. Now try to work it out.
Monday, April 20, 2009
  Christian & Catholic Beliefs in God's Sublime Mercy

Divine Mercy Sunday has come and gone. Keep in mind as you read this blog, Sunday’s gospel is also called the Gospel of St Thomas. It illustrates Christ’s mercy towards Thomas’ lack of faith and more important still the institution of the Sacrament, Catholics call Confession. Christ breathes the Holy Spirit into the Apostles and directs them on the Sacramental Mystery, “Whose sins you shall forgive they are forgiven. Whose sin you shall retain they are retained”. Like Thomas we confess our sins. One of the salutary effects of the day is the fulfillment of the Divine Mercy Novena on that day following Confession and a Holy Communion. The Church through the merits of Jesus Christ, Mary and all her saints has the power to grant full satisfaction for all temporary punishment due to sin,. This is called by us, a plenary indulgent. This follows the instruction by Christ to St Faustina Kowalski in the 1920’s. He gave and it is recorded and accepted in the Church this instruction, “The soul that will go to Confession and receive Holy Communion shall obtain complete forgiveness of sins and punishment. On that day are open all the divine floodgates through which graces flow. Let no soul fear to draw near to Me, even though its sins be as scarlet. The Feast of My Mercy has issued forth from My very depths for the consolation of the whole world and is confirmed in the vast depths of My tender mercies”.

The Church has therefore issued as she can and should a plenary indulgence in answer to Christ’s instructions.

The Christian world outside the church in their error-filled ways and after their own fashion does believe in what Catholics call a Plenary Indulgence. They too, believe that an altar call and use of the Name, Jesus is a conversion from sin and all is forgiven. Unfortunately, for these benighted people they do not accept the truth of God’s Mercy and gerrymander it to suit their beliefs. What is missing in their pseudo Christian beliefs, and it is a big obstacle to their eternal life is their unchanging beliefs in Faith Alone and the lack of a necessity of good works. In the case of a plenary indulgence, the good works are Confession, Holy Communion and a penitential rite or giving satisfaction to God for our errors. An active apology one might say.

These unfortunate and suffering souls cannot grasp, will not grasp the role of the Apostles and their successors as agents of Christ’s mercy and as the forgiveness of sins by His direct commandment. How dreadful is their spiritual life, they have a tremendous faith and their beliefs founded on false prophets impairs their rewards of eternal life. That is to say they have to do it the hard way and a very hit and miss way it is.

What I have never heard explained in the Church for a long time and in any way since is the great work of charity and the act made to claim indulgence can be if we direct it away from ourselves and towards others. A plenary indulgence is a personal act of redemption and salvation making a claim against all the merits stored spiritually in the Church, those charitable good works of others who have gone before us. The merits of Christ’s sacrifice are enough to suffice. Mary’s sacrifice of Her Son, with its consequent suffering and those of other members of the Church Triumphant praying eternally before God are more graces in the spiritual bank called Heaven. If when we obtain through personal good works and actions such a reward so easily received through the Mercy of God and direct it towards our relatives what does happen? First we surrender our place in heaven given if we expired at that moment and give it to some one else. We therefore assign our immediate place in heaven to them,whether they are living or dead. We surrender our state of perfect grace for their advantage. The greatest of charities we know is if we lay down our life for our brothers and sisters, this would include I believe our spiritual life given for the spiritually dead. I can assure you that although the Church teaches we can only donate this indulgence for our immediate relatives, I do not think this is necessarily correct. I believe no one can set limits on Christ’s infinite Mercy. Infinite always means unending but what is unending? It does not only mean in time but also no boundaries or limits. If we make even one act of mercy God cannot but make it more efficacious, that is God’s smallest way is larger and more powerful than ours in our sight. God will always do what is best. Personally I know that even if we offer our act of charity for someone else it still has the same value for us in God’s eyes. How can He our Lord because of His Mercy ignore this good work done by us for others.

Before you all jump on me remember for us in this world, sanctifying grace is only good until the next grave sin and as God indicates through His Son Jesus and through the Power of the Passion and Sacrifice that Christ gave the forgiveness of sins to His Apostles, later telling them to pick their successors. The forgiveness of sins in this manner contains the acts needed to make complete amends for the abuse of the Perfection of God. Could Luther, other reformers and their followers do likewise, in no way. There is no record of a covenant with them that is an agreement like other biblical covenants had. No one has recorded a new Pentecost for any reformed Church although they make numerous dubious claims of a new Pentecost, a false claim of an illumination by the Light of God. The biblical definition of a fire, that is symbolic of God’s signing.

By the way Christ, if you read the quotation again did say we can consign it as He did to the whole world.

Sunday, April 19, 2009
  Orthodox traditionality
Today I thank God for the priesthood in the Catholic Church, the sacrificial ministers of the cult.
In particular I thank God for the FSSP and the FSSR. Well formed, well taught and men whose priesthood shines brightly. I recommend try either out if there is a group of them near you. They certainly will get you to heaven. I do and acknowledge there have been many good priests in the seventy years I have been in the Church. I pray for them regularly. I claim without anger or wild denunciations that the many young priests in the Catholic Church today, because of the circumstances and foolishness in the modern Church will have give an accounting for terrible priestly life they have inadvertently lived. A way of life for which they will have to answer to a severe judge. Of course many of them will not have a clue about what I am talking and writing so I suggest start reading and asking the older priests what I mean. It is not the difference for me between the Novus Ordo and the Tridentine but the ambiance for worship and the homilies the Laity has to suffer through. Of course many of the laity who read this cannot comprehend the silence of prayer and the entering the narrow gate to become part of the Sacrifice, which the devotion of the priests whom I have recommended to you all. Priests, who I respect greatly
My Rosary Voice what it means and you work it out for yourselves

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