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Friday, May 01, 2009
  Christ and the Dignity of Priests

I was reading one of my favorite books and I came across this passage attributed to Jesus. Why do I like it? First I see no reason to disbelieve it. Nor can I see any reason to lose my faith, become a heretic and deny Christ the right to do what He pleases as He died for our salvation. I find it fulfilling in a spiritual manner, the way Christ explains their behavior to the Apostles at the start of His passion.The explanation of why it was so and His reasons for forgiving them. He makes them to really know their status as priests. He explains how they are privileged and the power He had and will always have is shared with them and how they are to use it. Particularly effective is where he speaks to them about the Dignity of their priesthood and their importance to the world in the act of judging and absolving in His Name. The sinlessness demanded of priests. The same phrase is found in Cyprian of Carthage's letter on Baptism. This must only gives credence to Cyprian and qualifies that this was told to the Apostles for how would Cyprian used the phrase if it had not been passed down from the Apostles. I mean, "How can anyone absolve sins whose sins are not absolved?" It is also quite apparent that Christ and His Love as a Father was so large and spiritually so far from us in His Age, eternal is His age, that He saw the Apostles and us as little children who needed signs of His Parental Love. read this exert, think it over and decide for yourself if there is perhaps a truth or any truth in the piece.
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John with his usual gesture rests his head on Jesus' shoulder, and Jesus draws him to His Heart and speaks holding him so.
“You must not get upset, My friends, when I appear to you. I am always your Master, Who has shared with you food and sleep and Who has chosen you because He loves you. I love you also now.” Jesus lays much stress upon these last words.
“You” He continues, “have been with Me in the trials ... You will be with Me also in the glory. Do not lower your heads.
On Sunday evening, when I came to you for the first time after My Resurrec­tion, I infused the Holy Spirit into you ... may the Spirit come also to you who were not present... Do you not know that the infusion of the Spirit is like a baptism of fire, because the Spirit is Love, and Love cancels sins? Therefore your sin of desertion, while I was' dying, is forgiven.”
In saying so Jesus kisses the head of John who did not desert and John weeps for joy.
“I have given you the power to remit sins. But one cannot give what one does not possess. So you must be certain that I possess this power in a perfect manner and I make use of it for you, who must be pure in the highest degree to purify those who will come to you, soiled with sin. How could one judge and purify, if one deserved to be condemned and were personally impure? How could a man judge another man if he had planks in his own eyes and in­fernal weights in his heart? How could he say: "I absolve you in the name of God" if, because of his own sins, he did not have God with him?
My friends, consider your 'dignity of priests'.
Before, I was among men to judge and to forgive. Now I am go­ing to the Father. I am going back to My Kingdom. The faculty to judge is not taken off Me. On the contrary, it is entirely in My hands, because the Father has entrusted it to Me. But it is a terrible judg­ment because it will take place when it is no longer possible for man to obtain forgiveness through years of expiation on the Earth. Each human being will come to Me with his spirit when, through material death, he leaves his body as useless mortal remains. And I will judge him for the first time. Then Mankind will come again clothed with its flesh, resumed by divine order, to be separated into two parts. The lambs with the Shepherd, the wild billy-goats with their Tor­turer. But how many men would there be, who would be with their Shepherd, if after the Baptismal bath they did not have who can forgive them in My name?
That is why I create priests. To save those who had been saved by My Blood. My Blood saves. But men continue to fall into death. To fall again into Death. It is necessary for them to be continuous­ly washed in It, seventy and seventy times seven, by those who have the authority to do so, so that they may not be a prey to Death. You and your successors will do that. That is why I absolve you of all your sins. Because you need to see, and sin blinds one, because it deprives the spirit of the Light which is God. Because you need to understand, and sin makes one dull, because it deprives the spirit of the Intelligence which is God. Because it is your ministry to pu­rify, and sin sullies, because it deprives the spirit of the Purity which is God.
Great is your ministry of judging and absolving in My name!
When you consecrate the Bread and Wine for you and make them My Body and My Blood, you will do a great, supernaturally great and sublime thing. In order to accomplish it worthily you must be pure, because you will touch Him Who is the Pure One and you will nourish yourselves with the Flesh of God. You must be pure in your hearts, minds, limbs and tongues, because with your hearts you must love the Eucharist, and no profane love is to be mixed with this celestial love, as that would be a sacrilege. Pure in your minds, because you must believe and understand this mystery of love, and the impurity of thought kills Faith and Intellect. The science of the world remains, but the Wisdom of God dies in you. You must be pure in your limbs, because the Word will descend into 'your bos­oms, as it descended into Mary's womb by deed of the Love.
You have the living example of how a bosom, which receives the Word Incarnate, must be. The example is the Woman Who, without original sin and without personal sin, bore Me. Look how pure is the summit of the Hermon still enveloped in the veil of winter snow. From the Mount of Olives it looks like a lot of lilies stripped of their petals or like sea-foam, that rises like an offering against the other whiteness of the clouds, blown by the April wind along the blue fields of the sky. Look at a lily that now opens the mouth of its corol­la to a scented smile. And yet both purities are not so bright as that of the womb that carried Me. Dust blown by the winds has fallen on the snow of the mountain and on the silk of the flower. Human eyes cannot perceive it, so light is it. But it is there, and it spoils the whiteness. Even more, look at the purest pearl taken from the sea, from the shell where it was born, to adorn the scepter of a king. It is perfect in its compact iridescence, that is unaware of the desecrating touch of all flesh, as it was formed in the pearly hollow of the oyster: isolated in the sapphire fluid of sea depths. And yet it is not so pure as the womb that bore Me. In its center there is a grain of sand: a very minute corpuscle, but still an earthly one. In Her Who is the Pearl of the Sea, there is no grain of sin, not even of incentive to sin. The Pearl born in the Ocean of the Trinity to bring the Second Person to the Earth, She is compact around Her fulcrum, which is not the seed of earthly concupiscence, but the spark of the eternal Love. The spark that found correspondence in Her and thus engendered the Divine Meteor, that now calls and draws to Itself the children of God: I, the Christ, the Morning Star. I give you that inviolate Purity as example.
But when, as vintagers do with vats, you dip your hands into the sea of My Blood and from it you draw what is needed to cleanse the soiled stoles of the poor wretches who committed sin, be 'per­fect, in addition to being pure, in order not to stain yourselves with a greater sin, even more, with several sins, by shedding or touch­ing the Blood of a Goat in a sacrilegious manner, or by failing in love and justice, denying or giving it with a severity that is not of the Christ, Who was good to the wicked to attract them to His Heart, and three times good with the weak, to encourage them to be trust­ful. Such severity would be used three times undeservedly, because it would be used against My Will, My Doctrine and Justice.

My beloved friends, whom I am sending along the roads of the world to continue the work that I began and that will be pursued until the end of Time, remember these words of Mine. I am telling you them so that you may repeat them to those whom you will con­secrate to the ministry, to which I have consecrated you.
I see ... I look at future ages ... Time and the infinite crowds of men that will exist are all in front of Me ... I see ... massacres and wars, false peace treaties and horrible slaughters, hatred and rob­bery, sensuality and pride. Now and again a green oasis: a period of return to the Cross. Like an obelisk that indicates pure water among the arid sands of the desert, My Cross will be raised with love, after the poison of evil has made men rabid, and around it, planted on the edges of healthy waters, there will thrive the palms of a period of peace and wealth in the world. Spirits, like deer and gazelles, like swallows and doves will rush to that pleasant, cool, nourishing shelter, to be cured of their sorrows and hope once again. And it will gather its branches close together like a dome as a pro­tection from storms and dog-days and will keep away serpents and wild animals with the Sign that puts Evil to flight. And it will be so, as long as men so wish.
I see ... Men and men ... women, old people, children, warriors, scholars, doctors, peasants ... They all come and pass by with their loads of hopes and sorrows. And I see many stagger, because their sorrow is too great, and their hope has slipped off the load first of all, as the load is too heavy, and their hope has crumbled on the ground ... And I see many fall on the roadsides, because they are pushed by others who are stronger, stronger or luckier, as their weights are lighter. And I see many who, feeling that they are aban­doned by those who pass by, and they are even trampled on, and feeling that they are about to die, go to the extent of hating and cursing.
Poor children! Among all these, struck by life, who pass by or fall, My Love has deliberately spread some compassionate Samaritans, good doctors, lights in the night, voices in the silence, so that the weak who fall may find assistance, and once again they may see Light and hear the Voice that says, "Hope, you are not alone. Over you their is God. Jesus is with you". I have deliberately placed this active Charity, so that My poor children will not die in their spirits loosing their paternal abode, and they may continue to believe in Me-Love, seeing my reflection in My ministers.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009
  A viewpoint and a sorry defense
Dear mike ; I'm concerned that you are spending more time curesing the darkness than you are lighting a candle, as I feel we are all called to do .Our Lord said the greatest is love. PLEASE TAKE ME OFF YOUR EMAILING LIST .THANK YOU. GOD bless

From the tone of the letter it seems very odd that it would end with God bless, a slight falseness I would think. Is the greatest love a candle. I hope not candles burn out when its basic fuels are exhausted. The comment about love is inappropriate. I have listened to homilies at this parish on Love that are so off base. I did write to the parish priest about the errors in his homily. Everything we hear about love is useless until we understand that Love is not blind, He sees all things. Love is warning our brothers and sisters in Christ of dangers that abound within the Church. Then Love the Perfect Truth becomes as it always will Perfect Charity. I do not need to press this point further. Do your own research. A priest who came to provide a lenten retreat locally asked me to pray for him as he had violent threats against him for his homilies. He told of Jesus’ words of severe warnings of what would happen if we do not behave. A good subject for a Lenten retreat I thought.

This answer I received, not as a comment on my blog but as dismissal of obviously the whole content of the blog. It is perhaps part of the liberal fifth column at the local parish. The real clincher was the e-mail I sent, with a comment and a link to the Marian site in Malta posted on Gloria TV which to refresh your memory is

Every one can have a viewpoint, it is free will, so I do not blame this woman for hers. I do fail to see much discernment in her comment. Why cannot I as a catholic man take exception to the darkness or let me call it the ignorance in the Church today? Ignorance which we might find deliberate in so many of the faithfuls’ avoidance of truth. We can say there is an unstated motto in the Church today “Peace at any price” which unfortunately crashes against our personal efforts for our salvation. It is also against the Church edict that commands us to inform our conscience. Or as the priest said in his Sunday’s homily, we must do the research before we act. No one wants to do the research necessary to prove perceived errors in mine, or their knowledge. I have in my way tried to do mine. Another phrase that comes to mind is, "happy in their Ignorance", not blessed.

I am supposed, as Mary told me two weeks ago, “Publish what you have been told or be damned”. How can the Church decide what are private revelations without research. Are they, the hierarchs, exempt from their own rules? Are rules for the foolish and not to bind the wise? It certainly seems so. Many hierarchs will call what I have been told to do and the prayers I use, to be private revelations. When I pray over people and do it the way Mary instructed me one time in the presense of the Blessed Sacrament, “Lay hands on them and pray so we know in a crowd for whom you are praying”. I said, “I am English it is hard to touch people”. “Do it all the same”. This was part of a longer conversation. How can it be private when I say I am the Hero of Fatima. This is a prayer I have expressed in a previous blog. The recipients receive, or see, or experience the state of their soul, not mine but their own. How private is that for me? They get what Christ has for them at that time, which could be nothing or everything. How can that be private when the reality is, this prayer is for others? It is definitely for others. It is private, if you wish to infer Mary is disobedient and acts without Her Son's agreement. Where in scripture does it say Mary obeys priests? Where does it say anything other than She obeyed God, Jesus and Peter as Head of the Church. Mary has often said obey the Pope in her conversations with her children. Peter is the elder brother of the Apostles, the patriarch of Christ’s family, the new community fulfilling all the prophecies. This was to become Mary's family, our spiritual mother. At the Cross we were given to her as children and what is the fourth commandment or better still how can any priest or bishop justify telling anyone not to obey God, Conscience or Mary. Yet they have the fearful temerity to do so. They give warnings when approached on the subject that really do not make sense. How are they helping? Who are they helping? Of course the Church is welcome to form a committee of some competence and examine my head. I look forward to it as I can then say the prayer publicly for them all. I have seen it work and I know that several priests have born witness to the result. Some are very frightened.

The comment the woman wrote would not have been even contemplated if the Last Gospel was still prayed at the end of mass. “He was the light of the world and the world knew Him not". Christ for some reason had an uncanny knack for touching the sore spots of the Jewish priests and teachers, they, the priests and Sanhedrin, could see they would loose their power over the faithful. All that power would be taken away and they would be ignored by the Jewish faithful. Why would this be so? Can you answer that question yourself?

Christ came because the community of God, seen in the chosen people, was going further and further astray. Here is another question, "Is there any similarity in today’s church?". Through social engineering, we make the Word say what we want. We do not even use the same Old Testament that Christ, Peter and Paul and the Apostles and Disciples used and quoted. Honestly is the Old Teastament today the Law that Christ fulfilled. St Justin Martyr was right. He wrote so many years before, "Already you change your law to hide Christ". We now use the Masoretic Text that changed the Septuagint in the 1100’s because, are you ready, fly specks and dirt had caused misinterpretations of the cantillation marks. While I am on the subject Mary does not recommend the Novus Ordo and She has a good reason. The Novus Ordo was instituted by a committee, some members of which were not of our faith but were heretics. At least six were protestants. The last gospel is a declaration of what and whom was sacrificed and a warning because of the heresies that John faced in his time. Heresies that made Jesus misinterpreted. The heretics of that time said He could not be God and Man. Do you want more? I would suggest you pray with the prayer on yesterday’s blog and ask for the opinion of God on the subject.

Mary does not think that the Novus Ordo is wrong, just not very useful for salvation. The greater salutary work is the Tridentine Mass or it would be in the vernacular. "Everyone," Mary states, "should be able to understand what they are offering and how it is offered". Most parishes through private revelations (that is opinions) of foolish people are bordering on blasphemy, sacrilege and slander to the Body and Blood of Christ. The Mass is a bond of Charity and to take part in the Sacrifice, which we must, we too should be in the same state of grace as was Christ. Perfect through doing His Father’s will. If you will tell me I am wrong, then you should take into account that sometime many of you will have to tell Christ to His Face why I am in error even to tell Him, he that is me is a dreadful sinner. Remember though, I kneel before a priest in the confessional nearly every week and already made God aware of that fact and asked for forgiveness for my lack of charity and my scorn for so much foolishness amongst the members of the papal catholic church.

Now I ask you all is what I have written a sputtering candle in the desert of Vatican 2 teachings or is it a lack of grace, a spreading of evil. Is it a desert on its own? No matter which way you cut the cake, what is wrong in the Church today is the pseudo spirit of Vatican 2 teachings that every one acts out, although some are forced to obey, not by their conscience, but by sacrificial ministers (in some cases) who want to get it over with and move on to other pleasures. Is that the reason for the removal of the Last Gospel, do you think? How can you deny this fact even by saying what Vatican 2 taught was different from what is happening in the Church today? Tell that to those who now think, "I can confess my sins directly to God". Tell me those whom I assure you through conversations laugh and smirk at my desire to practice the sacraments of the Churc are right. I pray for them every day asking for the grace to love those who I do not like. Explain to me why the mass of the catechumens has become the penitential rite of the Novus Ordo. Tell that to Mary our mother as she weeps at the sight of women on the altar.
Monday, April 27, 2009
  days of pity and prayer.
I must say people do take umbrage at what I write. Funnily enough one of the last to object after only one conversation with this person and observing a certain personal action, I must confess to a wonder about this soul's state of grace or where it stands in relation to Charity and the Church's teachings . Of course all can be explained and justified by evincible ignorance. I do question if we can leave our brothers and sisters in this state of mind. I question as must we all, if it is not sinful if we allow our brothers, sisters in Christ and the children the same latitude. Allow them to stay ignorant. Who sins then is my question? Can it be scandalous on my part to warn of dangers? A defense we all know could be spun to correct me.

The point was made I was no light in the darkness. I point out for discerning Catholics did this person recognize which was the darkness and which is the light? I would believe advice was given by someone who did not recognize the orthodoxy I claimed on another discussion in the past. I wrote about the orthodoxy we pray for in the Tridentine Mass.

Never the less, the objection was to the e mail I sent concerning why priests and bishops never have a communication directly from Mary and Jesus, if they do rarely do we hear these communications, yet so many of the Laity do. Am I wrong in accepting the signs of the times?

I pity the priests in the Church today. I really do and is there any reason I should not? Very few days go by when I do not pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet, morning, noon and night for them. I write this without seeking accolades, nor thanks, it is a duty and a promise made. I also include the laity.

Do I perceive events and teachings in the Church wrongly? Who can deny the Notre Shame episode and the division amongst the Hierarchy in the States over this and the Eucharistic problem. Mary Jane Glendon certainly took her public action, separating herself from the event. Should this be hidden by darkness? Who can deny the very tacit agreement on "abortion recommendations" permitted by the Primate in Boston. Should this be hidden in Darkness? The question is who is in denial and do I show any love for the Church and Her members? can I not claim the use of the sword Catholics are given, in its hidden scriptural meaning, to cut off diseased members, perhaps giving them time to heal. Are we not all sentinels facing inwards warning of wolves in the fold?

Christ said we are either for Him or against Him. Must we hide or deny our allegiance. Must we not correct even Pontiffs if they are in error or have they surrounded themselves with impregnable defenses that we cannot penetrate. No we are commanded we cannot correct them for various reasons of faith. As Mary said in Malta in the link I sent, "we touch upon their sore points". We let the baby go down the drain with the bath water. We are all united in love and peace reigns where there is no peace.

Correct me again holy ones. Are we joining the monkey cult, a brute without a soul, to hear no evil, see no evil and therefore we will speak no evil. I cannot live that way and none of us is supposed to by the older teachings of our religion. Love conquers all they say, and how He does is His business. Pray for discernment. I give you my prayer it might help you.

Almighty and Eternal God, beloved Father of my life; I (use your baptismal name here) sealed in the Holy Spirit, baptized and anointed in the Precious Blood of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ask, with Mary guiding my words, ask in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ Your Son to command who it is instructing me (or substitute) is this work acceptable to You, to give their name in a scriptural answer.

I wait in silence for my answer which always comes in the silence of my mind. How hard it is not to interfere supplanting the answer with my own desires, not keeping that is in that silence demanded. I do admit readily some of the answers leave me no choice but to apologize to God for listening to such drivel.

My Rosary Voice what it means and you work it out for yourselves

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