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Thursday, May 14, 2009
  A serious problem.Lets get in denial quickly
This is from Fr Clements Blog which I recommended previously

A little bird tells me that someone has dared to say that this blog is 'a bit negative'. I would like to point out that any who share this feeling can go to the main site of Transalpine Redemptorists (see my links) where there is an absolute glut of positive things, allowing me to concentrate on the specific issues that confront Catholics in Christchurch (NZ) who are interested in attending the Tridentine Mass. However, as this is a typical criticism of the pre-Vatican II Church also, such comments, I'm afraid, do not perturb me unduly. Self-defense necessarily is somewhat negative, and it is a little irritating to be told by your attacker that your negativity is turning him off. But, it is, I admit, about time I introduced a nice story for a change, and so here is a little story told by Bishop Fellay, who is no longer excommunicated.

"Let me tell you a story about a lady from Paris which was told to me by the lady herself, so, once again, it is not hearsay. She was going to the New Mass and was not at ease there. Something was wrong there, but she didn't know exactly what. She asked the priest, "What's going on?" She got no reasonable answer, so she continued going, but was very bothered. One day she was chatting with her aunt. For little apparent reason, the aunt made an off-hand comment that the Blessed Virgin Mary spoke to little children. A few weeks later, this popped into the head of the lady and she exclaimed, "I have an eight-year-old daughter. Maybe she can get an answer!" So she and her daughter drove to the Rue de Bac where the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to St. Catherine Laboure to give her the Miraculous Medal. Arriving there, she instructed her daughter: "You ask the Blessed Virgin Mary where we have to go to Mass." The lady told me there was so much traffic that it was impossible for her to park and go in with the girl. She stayed in the car and circled around. After 10-15 minutes, the girl came out to the car and told her mother, "We have to go to St. Nicholas du Chardonnet." "St. Nicholas!" said the mother, "That's the Lefebvrist church! They are schismatics!...Why? Ask the Blessed Mother why!" So the girl went back into the chapel, and after a while came back to the car with this answer (I don't invent anything): "Because there is the true Church." "What's that?" asked the mother, "What's the true Church? What is it that you say, daughter? I don't understand." So the girl went in again, beginning a series of question-and-answer sessions with the Blessed Mother which lasted for the next three weeks. For three weeks, this lady would pose questions for the girl to ask Our Lady. The girl would return speaking of Quas Primas, of Mortalium Animos, of Vatican I, Vatican II, and so on. The lady read the encyclicals and her share of serious books. At the end of three weeks, she surrendered and ended up at St. Nicholas du Chardonnet. I know several similar stories, which show very clearly something: the good Lord is not going to abandon anybody who wants to stick to the truth. God is going to help those who want to serve Him even if it takes a miracle. We must trust God. We must give Him this trust, that He is really our Father, and that if we really, really, really want to be His sons, He will care, whatever happens. Of course, we must be serious in our will to be Catholic and to behave as though we mean it. If we are serious and sincere, God is not going to cheat us."

How can we question this? What does our conscience tell us. I wrote a blog or two ago, Mary , our mother, does not like the Novus Ordo. Silence reigned, no abusive e mails. This can mean only two things the comment was written off, very likely, or lets ignore it and trust in God. Trust I would hope like the ending comment in the above excert from Fr. Clements blog.

If she would send a little child to the tridentine mass, should we not at least ask ourselves, our conscience why ever would Mary do that? There must be a reason and we must know the only private revelations about the Mass is seen in the way some wackos want it offered, making it "not in communion with Rome". Our brave churchmen turn a blind eye to every, private revelation that changes the ritual and make fools of themselves in their disobedience to Rome and the Holy Father. That disobedience would not sit well with Heaven in any circumstances. Did God convert from Hebraicism to Catholicism and changed the sacrifice and the ways in which He wanted it celebrated. Assure me father so I can respect you that this was part of the fulfilment of Christ.
When you look at the altar today and the celebrants and the concelebrants (in their minds they are concelbrating and should be priests) it is peopled mostly by women. They become part of the ephereal enchanted sisterhood. Sisterhood with whom. Since when was it Christ's opinon women should suffer the dreadful fate He did. Women as Mary suffer in a womanly way and that is why their prayers are so powerful.

What else is wrong with the present parish Novus Ordo offerings besides having no relationship with Rome. I can say and so can you all, each parish has a different method of celebrating and the minimal is always the acceptable. Looked on from heaven and God hasd already punished confusion remember the Tower of Babe I ask is there any difference for Him between Babel and the Western Sacrifice as He watches the unholy discordant racket that assails His ears and His eyes. Dismiss this question, as I believe many will without thinking as your minds get sore at what, me or perhaps the truth?

The Mass or the sacrifice is a supernatural act of Charity and if we are in that state of grace called Charity then how great is the sacrifice. The majority of catholics who present themselves offering themselves and the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ are without the forgiveness of sins and you Fathers know it well. Hypocritically you say nothing. You know yourself best tell me why or do I already know. I can surmise by the actions after Communion which is unholy for many He did not come for many of you. It is time priests and laity stopped the sin of rationalization saying this is what God wants. It is not and to give your opinion as God's is wrong. He disdains and is disgusted by false Prophets or teachers and those who say it is Peace where Peace is not. How then can this uncharitable mess be acceptable to any. Who would rejoice at such a mess? Who listens to such a mess of windy potage?

Again those of you in whose personal opinion you have the ear of God tell Him to put me right. If not then Father find the bravery to say enough we are going to do it right by the Church. Can you? Should I answer for you from experience and observation?
Wednesday, May 13, 2009
  A Perfect Fatima

I posted this before. Today is a day when it should be repeated with some more information. It is the feast day of Our Lady of Fatima. The Church maintains that false prophets have made this Vision and her messages are apocalyptic. This is not so as Mary does not know when the Apocalypse will take place but a mother will always warn her children of danger. The danger is very Old Testament in her warnings God is angry and needs to be appeased for the dreadful sacrifices and blasphemies offered in the Name of Christ. They are I submit false memories of the Purity of the Eucharist and completely lack charity. The Archangel Michael also told the children to make everything a sacrifice and offer it to God as an act of reparation for the sins by which He is offended, and in supplication for the conversion of sinners. Is, is the operative word and how many in the Church today pray for the conversion of sinners. If Mary of Fatima is apprehensive, if Archangel Michael demonstrates his disgust at the sacrileges dumped on the Holy Sacrifice on the Altar then you must all ask yourself what did God do to the Hebrews over the imperfect sacrifices they offered with disfigured beasts? Now what will he do to us for ours, especially as He sent His Son to be the perfect sacrifice? Do you dare to think of the dreadful changes He will make to our lives if we do not change them????

First can anyone say with authority a perfect consecration of Russia at this time is possible? Mary’s request to consecrate Fatima has split the Church, much against her desires. There are too many experts in the discussion to see any veracity in what any of them say or write. Most of it is ego driven and we cannot argue with them. Some say we do not have to believe in the Visions which took place in the obscure Serra da Aire. This is a very disgusting statement. Unfortunately it’s defended by Churchmen who defend their position by saying it is not a needed belief for our salvation. I certainly would not like to die in grave sin if war breaks out due to errors called Russian. Errors I will say that are not native to Russia but called such because of the communist way of life. Of course, we must believe in the Holy Spirit that fashioned Fatima. These Churchmen’s behavior is very like the Princes of the tribes of Israel sent by Moses on God’s commands to scout Canaan. Moses was amazed to see God’s anger strike down the deniers who said it was impossible to defeat the occupiers of the land that was their heritage. The Church settled the question, is Fatima right or wrong by her affirmation.

I do not want to get into theology. I feel we can easily understand and its effectiveness of the Consecration by applying the Dogma of Merits to the Blessing of Russia. Catholics know that our Charitable works earn us merits according to one’s interior disposition. May I say symbolically the Book of Life records all our merits? Once earned, they cannot be erased and let us all hope these merits of ours easily outweigh all our sins, when compared in God’s Scales of Justice at our judgment. We cannot know how many merits equal perfection or even if there is such an equation in God’s eyes. We do know that they can take us a long way towards perfection. We also know that because of human frailties we do nothing completely, right or otherwise. Also always, remember as I have witnessed that Miracles cannot happen if there is strong unbelief. It is a scriptural fact, Jesus could not work miracles in Nazareth.

In the book by William Walsh, he quotes Lucia from a personal conversation. What Lucia said was this “What Our Lady wants is that the Pope and all the Bishops of the World shall consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart on one special day. If this is done, she will convert Russia and there will be peace. Also included in the first statement by Lucia was the implicit demand for the First Saturdays of Prayers of Reparation. This is the perfection, for which Mary asked and due to the frailties of mankind it is not even on the horizon.

First, All the Bishops of the World will not consecrate Russia together. Who are these Bishops? To the conceited and the uninformed Latin Catholic they have the only bishops. What of the Apostolic Succession found in the Orthodox Byzantines Churches? Are they not truly Bishops, to Mary? Yes schismatic they maybe, nevertheless they are Bishops. Where is the perfection now, when many did not participate for whatever reason? Is the consecration by only the Latin Bishops acceptable? I doubt if the interior dispositions of many Latin hierarchs allowed them to participate. I doubt all of them participated due to the statement that Fatima is not necessary for our salvation. I do not doubt, cannot doubt that any Holy Act is acceptable. There are some merits there, but this consecration lacks completeness. I could point out many other less than perfect actions by laity and priests which do not add merit to the consecration, nevertheless a consecration of a sort was done and until the other bishops of apostolic successions join in and add their blessings the conversion of Russia is not complete.

I would think that if the present Pope sent a letter to all the other hierarchs that on a certain day and time would they together with him and the latin bishops bless Mother Russia; the consecration would be complete and perfect. I look forward to that time. I truly believe that Mary's primary call at Fatima is for the unity of the Apostolic Church. Can any one say Mary would not want her sons to be together since Her Son's warning a house divided will fall, is not something she relishes? <

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009
  A Question, A Point of View
Just a thought or as the Hymn sings "Just for Today"

Does God share His Temple with His enemy?
Just a starting point who is God's enemy?
Are we at any time?
If so how do we become another judas iscariot?

If you are stymied and putting a spin on your answer, allow me to help you.
Try Genesis and if only Adam and Eve were deported from Paradise, then outside our windows we look upon the Garden of Eden.

Is it there?
Sunday, May 10, 2009
  At Mass
Do those of you who have read this blog, remember how I tried to discuss with God or whom I believe is the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of the Father and the Son, His efforts to speak with me? If you did read it there was another thought later in my mind that was immediately answered. This morning I was reminded of the "Negotiation" most strongly. Apart from agreeing that I would do as I prayed for, I asked for three ways in which to know who it was I was dealing with. The three pleas were, I could find it in scriptures, I would have it confirmed in a manner that was consistent with my faith, my beliefs and that it would be confirmed by prayer.

Within an hour, I received a phone call from someone I trusted who said you must say this prayer and gave it to me. I asked if I could add another phrase and was told yes. It works every time. It is an unusual prayer for discernment and found in scriptures, but needs an unswerving belief. Later I realized my ineptitude, which is a lack of good sense at times so I prayed and asked never to lead people astray. I was told, "You will not. We will always call you back". I still after all these years have not completely entered into the depths of meaning contained in that answer. Nevertheless I found that I had already been praying this way as I read psalm 68 in the Douai Rheims daily. Verses 6, 7 and 8 hit me solidly between the eyes.
One way of confirmation, as I have written before, I found in scriptures. So many people have told me to do it and to date not one of them could tell me how. Their quotation was 'text proofing' in the extreme. Google 'text proofing' and you will find what I mean. So many in the Church do it today and it is reformist

So now let me give you what has happened during the Mass and how it was confirmed. You will not like it but that is your problem not mine. I suggest you pray as I did.

I was a member of a Parish with a priest, who one of you later said on the Altar, "He is a wild man". I watched his deliberate attempt to bully men and give women everything they demanded. We voted as the local ordinary allowed us upon the status of altar girls. 70% voted against it. He as he said exercised his prerogative as pastor and allowed them. I watched as every time he was on the altar, he continuously washed his hands. One day at New Years as I started for communion I heard, "Why are you going? You know it is not me". I asked, "What about those who do not know?" "I come for them as they know no better" Later in the day as we finished cleaning the hall after the New Years dance I was told to leave and never come back to this church. I knew though there were times when I would be sent back. I was. Of course believe it or not again that is your problem. I watched as lie after lie was told and it was accepted by the Parish. My family watched as a boy to young to receive was given the Host by a woman, with whom I had argued The Host was the Body and Blood and she readily said, "It was just a symbol". The boy's mother put in in a kleenex and hid it in her purse. The priest hotly denied it happened and would not let the woman be identified. I found the Host, time after time in the hymnal shelf at many pews. I knew it was not Christ he distributed. A priest told me it was useless dealing with him, the priest, as he shouted so loudly.

What else have I seen?
At St Peter and Paul's in Vancouver I watched at the Consecration as the Altar became brilliantly lit and shone like gold as the priest consecrated the bread and Wine. I watched at St James as two large hands held the Priest in the Palm of His Hand. I watched at St Luke's as a young woman's death was truly celebrated. She chose life for her unborn child rather than a medical treatment which would have saved her life but not the child. I watched as Jesus came and a little girl in white ran to His Arms. The white dress I was told was her bridal dress. I cried at the beauty. I see Jesus at times a very large Jesus looming over the Altar. I write it was in very few churches this happens. It was always with the same priests. One I told how much his efforts at the sacrifice had improved. He probably thought I was conceited but it was genuine compliment, and not from me. Perhaps Fr. you will now believe? I received, just before I communicated at St Ann's an offer of the baby Jesus. Three times at three separate masses, this happened, twice I refused as I could not accept Him because of what I am. When I did say yes, Beloved Mary said, "Do not crush Him Michael". As I write she says, "Cherish Him". Him for me, is the Church. At an Easter Vigil the finale to what I had accepted was witnessed by three women. Jesus stepped off of the Divine Mercy Icon on the Epistle side of the Altar and as the congregation renewed their baptismal vows I experienced the Divine Espousal. I know to what. Work it out for yourselves, with prayer if necessary. The Holy Name of Jesus will get you an answer. At some masses I receive the kiss as described by St Bernard and I get apprehensive and say, "Not on my lips, not on my lips". I know what I am, everyday I see how bad I am. If all runs true to form, one of the folders I send this too will ask me what I see when I am with them. Many will not like or believe what I might tell them.

How was this confirmed? I met a woman whom I found beautiful for what she was. I could tell you more but suffice it to say, I was moved to ask , 'How often do you see Jesus?" "Every time the priest opens the tabernacle doors His face looks out at me".

My Rosary Voice what it means and you work it out for yourselves

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