For His Glory and His Alone
Thursday, July 30, 2009
  Prayers for the dead
Last evening I returned to a parish that I really enjoyed. I went back for the evening prayers, a Panaheda for the man I sat beside at the liturgies and other rituals ever since I was at that parish. One of the finest men I have known. I was happy to go back and see the older ladies, mostly widowed who I really respect. I like ladies of whatever age, so many as I grew up treated me so well, Sisters Mothers and girls that were sisters to me. I appreciate and see the strictures that society places them under. A society that rants against the Catholic Church and her teachings. The pressures it brings upont these women who are practicing catholics, in every sense.
The older ladies to me are so beautiful in an amazing way, many of them at this church have worked unceasingly to build up the Parish for their whole lifetime and at eighty plus many of them still do their level best to keep the Church the thing of beauty it was meant to be. Tthe results of their efforts have made both the building and the activities a work of great faith. To watch many of them pray is a privilege, they put their whole being into their posture before God. It is amazing and I thank God for their prayers for me. Ask them to pray and their eyes light up and I am sure they immediately kneel and do their best to attract God to their point of view. Old and wise grown gracefully old in His service I am sure there prayers are a delight to Him who made us.
I like the little girls who attend this parish, many of the very little ones dressed in white show a purity that transcends mere mortality. I cannot express any more simply my feelings for the old and the young in this parish. Then there are the mothers, some approaching middle age, these are the ones that the pressure of the world almost, but does not crush by its secular sinful influence.To watch these women of faith old, young and middle aged as they work, each in their way for the good of the Church is a wonderful thing. As fortunate, blessed creatures they were all involved in the creative work of God and did, and do it so well. Is it any wonder I love the older ones and my sisters in Christ, they are for me an obvious example of Glorious Mary. May, I pray God treat them well and reward them most delightfully. May I hold them always close to my heart.
Funnily enough for the former parish priest this was not enough and he was right. he tested me. He asked me to pray with him, for more children. He wanted that the miracle of motherhood, sisterhood and childhood to be repeated in his church. To carry on in the holy tradition of Catholic Womanhood. He claimed strongly that our prayers were answered.
At this joyful time as we celbrated the fact that Eugene seen God, in His beatific Vision, of Whom I was pushed to askthis, "Jesus, Eugene has seen You, do not be harsh with him, but look upon his charity and my enjoyment of his company at mass and prayers, bless him and lead him to the place You prepared for him".
Again at this joyful time there were those whose mien and eyes were spoiled by a grayness, a very dull light, that I cannot like, a small eyed spite it seems, perhaps a fear they do not recognize. How hard I have prayed today that God would draw them to His Cross and they would ask Him for help to know themselves.
The former priest often spoke of his desire that many of them would come to confession where he could help them spiritually. He wanted so much to do what he could do so easily and that is forgive their sins. So much desire on his part and so little cooperation on theirs. I pray it does not continue the parish priest needs more repect for the sacramental ministry that is his. I mean above all things Christ, the priest as the Forgiveness of Sins.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009
  I wonder why?
I have had some very frivolous letters on the last two posts, ah me! So I will make these points and ask those who wrote me especially priests to review in their minds what they are teaching is it Faith in its meanings demonstrated by Christ Crucified?
There are four ways that the Mass forgives all sins. Statement one by a priest, "When I say this is the Blood of the New and Everlasting Covenant, the forgiveness of sins", it is at that point all the congregation's sins are forgiven. What do you think of that heresy? A parishioner, "When we say O Lord I am not worthy to receive You, our sins are forgiven". Heresy number two. A second parishioner, "When we say the I confess our sins are forgiven", A third piece of rubbish. A priest is boastful about the fact he allots a time space before the Confiteor for an act of contrition. Rubbish heaped upon rubbish. He has changed the liturgy and should be censored. Fat chance, it seems even the priests are lowering the currency of our faith and making no effort to plead for their sheep to use the Confessional. I wonder how these unfortunates will answer when judged by Christ who gave them their vocation.

The mass does not forgive sins and neither does an act of contrition unless it is perfect and as I said before read in the Sacrament of Penance, described in the documents of the Council of Trent, what the Church wrote down about the ability we have to say a perfect act of Contrition. I remind you that opinions and personal revelations arising out of Vatican 2 should not be believed. Three Popes have told us so. The opening and closing homilies of Vatican spelt it out. The council was pastoral and very weak on that point too, and could not change any doctrine or dogma. This cannot be denied so many inquiries show we lose as many as enter the Church and most of the new entrants are deceived by RCIA teachings.

Why did I bring these points out. In a discussion with a good and honest priest I exclaimed I believed that when we earn Plenary Indulgences we can hand them on to any of our brothers and sisters in Christ living or dead. Consider what a great act of Charity this is. A proper charity that is unrestricted in its practice. The priest told me the Church holds that we can only do it for those in Purgatory. "Holds" is the word that is an opinion not a fact. I will not circumscribe God with my opinions I rely upon prayer from the scriptures to know what is right and seen as Charity. Purgatory is part of this temporal world and we can pray or offer anything that is efficacious for our relatives spiritual and temporal salvation. To love unrestrictedly, is to forgive even before it happens. It means we forgive people for what they are and ask for God's healing for their broken wounded souls. We dare not deny this responsibility.
Whether these brothers and sisters of ours in the Catholic Church are risen by the Sacrament of Penance but not yet fully paid their debt to God, fallen because they have not asked God in the Confessional for forgiveness, lost because they have turned their back on the Church or forgotten in Purgatory, we are duty bound to do everything we are capable of, for their salvation or to gain for them, their place in Heaven ,as soon as possible. If we do not, so shall we be asked by Jesus the Judge one question, "Why not?" So please do not restrict my or your acts of great Charity thus encumbering God with your opinions.

Back to the top; what drivel is taught in the Church today. What dreadful opinions are held to be the Law. Is it any wonder that even though we offer masses, the greatest of prayers, the reminder of the ultimate charity, very few get healed spiritually or changed? Masses at Lourdes are minute by minute literally and how many supernatural happenings do we see occurring there today. Why is this so? I truly wish every who goes there would be cured. I would rejoice in such faith and yet I truly believe every Catholic Parish should be a Lourdes or a St Josephs Oratory in Montreal. Obviously we do not have faith and the Healing of the Eucharist does not take place as it should, because the majority of the faithful have it wrong. It not the Body and Blood. Healings and petitions are not heard when the very basis of the Church, that rock upon which the Eucharist, as the psalmist said, is placed to be above all things is rapidly turning to sand and the rain washes it away. Am I wrong well consider the second paragraph above

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Monday, July 27, 2009
  Period of grace continued

On the web page found at

we find the following statement By Father Duggan of New Zealand. How apt I ask is his opinion? Read the article and see for yourselves. I find the big tent of the RCIA disgusting and find it nothing more than a debate over the relative differences between Catholicism and pseudo Christianity and relative sects of different brands of protestantism with not strong affirmation given by the teacher to forget that nonsense you are joining the Catholic Church. The teacher then is no more than a form of facilitator

Father Duggan and The Catechetical Revolution

Until the 1960s catechesis was primarily doctrinal - an accurate account of the truths revealed by God and entrusted for safe keeping and accurate exposition to the Catholic Church.

The term for this in the early Church was "didache", which was the instruction given to converts to the Faith before they received the Sacrament of Baptism. There is some evidence that it was expressed in a set form of words and was learned by heart, as was the practice in Rabbinic Judaism. We seem to have traces of this in the First Letter to the Corinthians, in which St Paul reminds his readers of what he had taught them regarding the Holy Eucharist and the Resurrection of Our Lord (ch 11 and l5). It may be what is meant by "the form of sound words," of which the Apostle speaks in his First Letter to Timothy (6:4). Later the content of the Faith was summed up in the Apostles Creed which the neophyte recited before receiving the Sacrament of Baptism.

Later still, the whole content of the Church’s teaching was divided into four parts: Creed, Commandments, Sacraments and Prayer and this division has been accepted in the recent Catechism of The Catholic Church, published in 1991.

In the 19th century there were the Baltimore Catechism used in schools in the United States and the so-called Penny Catechism, authorised for use in schools by the Bishops of England and Wales. Given to G.K. Chesterton by the parish priest when G.K.C. approached him about entering the Catholic Church, the great thinker described the little booklet as "a marvellous compendium of Christian wisdom. "

This doctrinal catechesis and the books which embodied it were discarded in the 1960s in favour of a new catechetical method called experiential. This had as its starting-point the religious experience of the child, the result of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, one of the effects of the reception of the Sacrament of Baptism.

In 1983, on a visit to France, Cardinal Ratzinger described the abandonment of the catechism as a bad blunder. With good reason, because of the use of the new catechetical method, several generations of Catholics have grown up ignorant of the content of the Faith. (And it is getting worse)

Returning to “A Period of Grace “

I have maintained, and will continue to do so that I am not holy. I can and do repeat what my teachers have taught me over the years especially my early years at Catholic School. I know I do not yet have that holiness for which I was put into this world to earn. I will never stop trying or despair of reaching the goal God sat for me by His will as His paternal thought created my soul. Holiness is seen in submission and humility but one must think deeply on those two virtues, and how God sees them in the light of our conscience. I find it hard to submit my eternal future to hierarchs who do not obey the Pope claiming their own brand of infallibility in their dioceses. They are I am afraid wrong. When they teach what the Pope teaches then they exist under his mantle of infallibility rather like the statement I have heard that the priesthood of their priests only exist because of the personal priesthood of the local ordinary. Right from the nether end of the bull a priest is personally called by God to be Him certainly not by some egotistical hierarch. I have had priests and bishops lie to me. One did so three times, and he probably does not even recall or know of the occasions. I knew he was lying I had confirmed evidence to the lie. The priests I grew up with were entirely different, in their both manhood and actions.

Grace is a magnificent gift, and that is what it is. It is inspired, for want of a better word, in us by the use of prayer, the Sacraments, our holy Actions of Charity and by the Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit of supernatural love and sanctifying grace that unites the Father and the Son. Some of the graceful gifts are not sanctifying. Paul writes of gifts in First Corinthians, he names them in descending order. St Faustina labels some of them as lower gifts.

The greatest gift is building up the Church, which in reality is bringing our neighbors into the Church and showing them how to save their soul. I have been at one time godfather eight times in a short space of time. That time has passed by and I know the reason. I look to the time when that happens again.

What have I done, together with three of my sisters in Christ ,we asked for healing for tired, creatures who were in pain and sick, and every time healing was given. Let me give you one or two examples. When the four of us in the previous blog started to pray together “L” said we should pray over “M”. We all agreed. This is what we knew, she supported herself by manual labor but was in terrible pain from a bad back which would not bend. She could not bend her neck in any meaning you would wish to consider. So we prayed over her. “L” received the pain for a short while and it suddenly left. We knew it was a healing because “L” went into ecstasy as we prayed told us it was so. Mary spoke through her and I also remind you of “L’s” prayer. She would take on any suffering if she was cured. Go back to the previous blog. Three days later, I had a conversation with “M”. Here it is. I believe you cured me as I have been under physiotherapy for some years and yesterday the therapist said, “What has happened to your back it was so knotted I could not separate the sinews. Now it is so pliable,” Carrying on she said, “I know I should say you healed me but I cannot believe in you, you have no followers”. “My answer, the only one it could be was, "If I had any I would shoot them, they are not mine in any shape or form, they are Christ’s”. I only ever spoke to her again once. Perhaps I was too forthright for her psyche.

Before I continue, many times, as we prayed over people there were witnesses and I know now, they did not see what happened. They prayed the Rosary with us and were not or some were not privy the conversation that we had with Mary. I remember a little girl of Polish descent, who the doctor could not heal. Her mother said, “Yes we could pray over her” We did and the pain in her stomach left. “L” had it for some moments and then later the girl’s doctor found the mono. I had been warned by a priest that there would be aches, pains and illnesses that would not be cured. The reason was simple, there was a cure for it already. That is the blasphemy of today’s medicine. It is a revelation by God to man for his good. Medical professors today use this knowledge to do homicidal acts or use it to be creators and that is God’s work not man’s. Often I am reminded of the punch line, “Get your own dirt”

I am always conscious that if these healings are from the evil one then they will not last. But also I know that a lack of faith or belief of any kind causes God to withdraw. It is, “You do not want My Gift, and you do not thank me. You do not know Me and I do not know you”. How many theological misfits in the Church today are able to bring themselves to believe this? None I should think.

Here is an example of the above.

I did have a business and why it failed is no mystery to me. A man, retired, often came to help me. Two of the things that we disagreed on was sex among the unmarried and he used a statement taken from Parisian Orthodox theologian and ecumenist Dr. Paul Evdokimov: "While opened the Bible unites us. But when we turn its pages, the open Bible divides us. We interpret it differently. We read different truths in it" His quote was a paraphrase that whistled around in the seventies and eighties that an open bible causes bad feelings. A fact publicly stated in Le Monde in 1975. Another of those shots that echoed round the world.

“A” came and watched us pray over different people who asked for help. He was a severe manic-depressive by his own admittance and wanted so badly to be helped. We agreed, made a date, and proceeded along the road Jesus and His Mother, Mary, had pointed us. Was I rushing? Well that is a later story. “L” asked him when we had prayed and seemed to be nothing else to pray for, if he had hurt his shoulder badly? Yes was the answer but it seems to have gone. “I thought so, because my shoulder hurts quite badly”. A few days later, “A” and I were alone and said, “You know, I still have the manic depression. I did not tell you I had prostrate cancer some time ago. Everything was removed. Early this morning I had to use the bathroom and when I got there I had an erection. I've not had one from the time of the procedure. Later he died from cancer.

In retrospect what have I learnt from this episode? Well if I had known about the cancer and specifically prayed for that it too might have been cured or perhaps his thoughts on the scripture and some other problems needed to be altered first. I also know that there are one or two silly puffed up catholics who have said, “You only tell us of these faux miracles when people are dead”. My answer is, “I could not embarrass them when they are alive. If they did not pass it on themselves, then I could not at the time”. Their answer, “You should of ,so we could question them”. Pharisaical heh? What else is there I learnt from this? I must be specific in what I pray for. As you always get what you pray for. Also for those of our faith, both sides of the laid on hands must truly believe in the healing. Let me give you an example. Many in the Church are sick and many masses are offered and many prayers are said and the healings requested and even pleaded for, do not take place. But I tell you the gift is still there waiting. I believe it is because some one in the prayer equation does not truly believe in the power of prayer. I know God does, but do you and I?

Perhaps what I write is too simple even to being impossible to believe. Consider it this way if Christ said his yoke was light could that not mean stop looking for gigantic miracles and find the simple easy way. Found without straining one's mind under the weight of heavy thought.

More to come, come back later.

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