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Saturday, April 03, 2010
  The Hebrew in Catholics

In some conversations, and with a small amount of research with the appropriate reading, I have come to a personal conclusion of how little emphasis is placed upon the religion and teachings of the forerunners of our faith, the Hebrews. Is it not striking that the words of Christ have had very little meaning for the Papal Catholic Church in recent memory? I mean Matthew 5:17,
“Do not think that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets. I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.” Sometimes it is painfully honest to see how much more emphasis is often placed upon the Greek Philosophers. I read one time that St Thomas Aquinas was once placed in a spiritual limbo for his translation of Aristotle. What did the Church of his time know? Personally, I find the influence of the Greeks on the teachings of the Church worrisome. There are two problems for me, the first is the Greek dependency upon democracy and how it has affected the Church, seen in the corruption of Vatican 2. We have no hierarchy in many minds. The Holy Father is of no importance just the collegiate decisions of the Bishops. The Manitoba Manifesto in Canada, where the Bishops told John Paul to his face, they would see what their laity felt about Humana Vitae, before they would accept it. The second for me is what the ROMANS called the Greek Disease, that was or is the abnormal worship and flouting of the male body.

Any catholic with common sense who applies some thought to the subject would readily agree that Jesus Christ was preaching to the Hebrews. I for one find no mention of His presence, preaching and teaching personally in Rome, Athens, Cyprus etc. It seems they, the gentiles, the pagans and the Diaspora Jews came to hear Him in His own country. He taught the Apostles to be, who were Jewish to their backbone, who were very hard headed with their beliefs and rightly so. If Christ had been anything else, He would be cut off from the Temple, who never denied His teachings of the Decalogue, but hated with a passion His claim to their power with the claim He was the Son of God. He could not teach any heresies and all He taught had to be in light of the Torah, the Targums, the Midrash and other traditional teachings in and of the Temple and synagogues. That was the reason for Matthew 5:17. What He said and what He did, had to be a logical revelation rising out of Jewish teachings. The Hebrew faith was written and founded in Inheritance Laws. His very birth had to fulfill the law of the First Born. In a much earlier blog I explained from my point of view how, Mary the Mother of Christ fulfilled the Hebrew Law in Deuteronomy.
The same inheritance laws govern the Papacy, that is why Peter was accepted by the Apostles. Christ was the Son of God and He appointed Peter as the elder brother seen in the following Hebrew Law

Deuteronomy 21:15, “If a man have two wives, one beloved, and the other hated, and they have had by him, and the son of the hated be the firstborn, 16 And he meaneth to divide his substance among his sons: he may not make the son of the beloved the firstborn, and prefer him before the son of the hated. 17 But he shall acknowledge the son of the hated for the firstborn, and shall give him a double portion of all he hath: for this is the first of his children, and to him are due the first birthrights”

We also have in the scriptures the keys of the kingdom, in Isaiah 22:22 it says, “And I will lay the key of the house of David upon his shoulder: and he shall open, and none shall shut: and he shall shut, and none shall open” It was a Hebrew position of master of the palace,  copied from the Jewish stay in Egypt. The Grand Vizier, who opened the gates of the Pharaoh’s palace every morning let in those who were to enter and put out those who were to be sent away. He was the highest person in the palace outside of the King”. His position is described in various chapters of 1st. and 2nd. Kings. Peter’s position as described in Matthew 16:19 as Keeper of the keys.

We used to beat our breast in the Church at the words, “Lord have mercy”, beaten at any spoken, “have mercy”, for that matter. We have Holy Water, preceded by the water made holy by dissolving the ashes from the temple altar in it. We have incense and vestments, there are so many examples in our practices all derived from the ancient Hebrew tradition. Yet in the Church today we make every attempt, that is schismatic attempts to change our ancient heritage. God made the Levites the elder brothers in Jos:13:14, 33:14, 14: 4 and 18:7. They were called Yahweh’s inheritance. Spiritually, religiously they inherited their position from God from amongst Israel’s people. Scripture calls them sons of Levi.

Some of this information can be found in Fr Roland de Vaux’s book, “Ancient Israel”.

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Friday, April 02, 2010
  A little of the supernatural

There comes a time when God, who pays for the music many of us claim to hear so beautifully, so holily, with some, so imaginatively, will express His authority and call the tune, to which we are to dance. There are or will be two thoughts, or more properly, emotions in one’s mind immediately. They are as many of you guessed fear or fortitude. We will have to make a choice, one must be made as there is a strong clashing of the two contending emotions, probably kept in the front of one’s mind by the energetic Holy Ghost. The normal choice for most of us is to shuffle sideways quickly and drop the thoughts into the trash can. Most people and I include even those who should know better; including priests when faced with this battle interiorly will often if not always take the cushy and easy way out. I can attest from personal experience and watching others who have shared some of their experiences with me, often inadvertently, often boastfully, proud of their interaction with the love of God. I can say by the same observations I am no better, usually more dreadful in my ignoring of God’s revelations. I too like a cushy uneventful life, doing my own thing and not God’s will. It is as, I ponder, reminiscent of the third day of darkness. We are at the start of the third day of Christ’s third thousand years by Paul’s reckoning. It is the time when God waits to see how much we value Him as our Savior. It is the crunch time for us, as it is rapidly becoming that time when we “Stand up for God”, to be counted among His faithful defenders. He knows as only He can. He who reads the hearts and minds of mankind, He will swoop and those who have stood faithfully in His Light steadfast and brave will be welcomed into His Life. The others will be literally collected by their spiritual family and go to their just reward. Do not doubt His Justice will demand satisfaction from every one of us and in ways some will enjoy and others will hate and go to where hatred is the norm.

Mary, the Mother of our God, told me as I have written earlier and often, “Write and tell what you have learnt”. Have any of you got the stomach to follow her instructions, if Mary is giving them to you? Our Lady of the Healing Waters of Life once told me in answer to a question, “We would like to speak to so many, but so few listen”. Pardon my grinning at your gasping, your huffing and puffing and the strangled gasping as you, the majority of you say, “How dare you, who are you to judge. I am only making moral observations of myself whom I have studied and others whom I have watched”. You have a will and it is free to be what you want. Remember it is written for those egotists warned in scriptures, “Not everyone who says Holy! Holy! will enter the Kingdom”. So let me tell you of three supernatural happenings, perhaps it is time for the fourth. They were not imaginings, well two were not they were witnessed as I was told they should be, and I took witnesses to watch. Of course let me tell you some of those witnesses have tried to take over and have denied any of what I am to describe had anything what ever to do with me. How many of these scroungers were feminists surprised me. They certainly were women of the enchanted sisterhood. I make no apologies for the harshness of my words. I did very early on check the state of my mental health with three mental health workers. One was in charge of the training of psychiatric nurses, another was a Master of Clinical Psychology and one was highly rated doctor with over 20 years Clinical Psychology and 16 years practicing Forensic Psychology.
I wanted to know just how imaginative I was and how actively violent I might become through “hearing” voices. They are not voices per se but thoughts that follow from questions I ask in my mind and often come in the form of instructions. These instructions certainly do not make me feel good and holy rather they could make me be cowardly and extremely frightened of other’s attitudes towards me. What then I ask of myself which of the two tunes should I dance too? God’s through strength of character or mine as I listen to the bugle play retreat. Certain  actions  of mine, even betting odds, my reactions and physiological testing give me to believe I am a fifty-fifty kind of guy. I know I will have to answer for these fifty-fifty odds, which have suited me and not the Will of God. He is undoubtedly a perfectly hundred per cent being.

Elsewhere, earlier in the life of this blog I told you of the Well at Mission. I took witnesses, one did leave early, but later he told my son it could not be God as I was too Hollywood. The words of God given at the time were claimed by the witnesses as describing themselves. In their pride, they forgot they were witnesses and were there as I believed and asked them but it was I who was instructed and truly believed. Let me say one thing here I do not resent any of the attitudes towards my person and faith. I do resent in a certain way their attitude towards God’s actions and will. Do they not deny the work of the Holy Spirit? One of them as I sat in my car with her, picking her up on a winter’s day, heard her thought, heard her think, “Why did you pick him Lord? There are better Catholic men”. Too true I say, I understand this is my penance my giving Him satisfaction for the awful life I have led. Now the water has not flowed, yet the witnesses all heard Christ’s message and answer to me. “Yes it is a miracle, but it is My miracle and it is not yet My time”. Is there anything in scripture apropos to this statement made by Jesus? I would look to see any statement about His Place and where He is welcomed and believed.  

The second was or is a pilgrim statue of Mystical Rose. I listened to the story of this statue. A woman and her husband visited the wood carver visionary in Italy to purchase a statue from this carver on behalf of her father in Canada. As the carver was wrapping up the purchase the young woman said this statue was going to Canada. “Wrong statue”, the carver exclaimed, “The Pilgrim Statue for Canada is that one over there”. The statue has never been a true pilgrim statue as far as I know. A local monk who had obviously discussed the situation after my words to the holy man of Canada told me, “God wants him to have this statue”. True, very true but the question is, “What did God want for the music He played for this dancer?”

Here is the distaff side of the fifty percent odds and I am not proud of my cowardice. In fact on Palm/Passion Sunday this year, during the symbolic procession before the Liturgy, which symbolically rejoices Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem in the presence of the statue of which I am writing, I was forcibly reminded harshly but justly by Our Lord and His Mother of the words I heard loudly in the quiet of that church after confession one weekday afternoon some years ago. Let me write it as a conversation, that happened as I knelt before a very old statue that  is from Europe. “I am lonely Michael” No one around so I asked, “In the Name of Jesus who is it speaking to me”? “I am Virgo Potens, I want to go home”. Virgo Potens is the name given to the symbol of Mary’s Dowry, Our Lady of Puis. A promise kept by King Richard when he defeated Wat Tyler. He donated the statue with the words, “Dos tua Virgo pia. Haec est”. I understand the statue was taken by the Jesuits out of England so it would not fall into the hands of the reformation, taken to middle Europe, where it ended up with family who brought it to Canada. Is it carved from English wood? This fact is easily proven by testing the DNA of the wood. I wish it would happen so I can apologize for any upset I may have caused.

See other posts for the story of the Seven Scapulars claimed by the enchanted sisterhood as an answer to the prayers of one of their own. So many have of these rampant feminists have so many bridges to mend. I pray they are moved sometime by the truth, yet unless they are moved by the truth what is their just reward?

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010
  Were the Apostles baptized?
Therefore, the law is ignored And justice is never upheld. For the wicked surround the righteous; Therefore, justice comes out perverted.” (Habakkuk 1:2-4)

That Thursday is here again and the controversy rises ever louder and the screams of the stuck brutes can be shrilly heard above the sound of truth, prayer and the celebration of the First Eucharistic Rite. I mean the silliness of washing of the feet at the Mass. It is from the Ambrosian Rite and it, the rite, uses the Latin masculine in its text. In fact it need not be done and since it is another Vatican 2 oxymoron both badly used and interpreted why do it at all? It adds nothing to the Mass. I say if you read the following scriptures and think it over carefully there is a reason for the washing of the feet. To believe my explanation after your reading I believe  will not harm your faith. Yet is it an error in faith? Work it out for yourselves.

Clementine Douai Rheims
John 13:2

And when supper was done, (the devil having now put into the heart of Judas Iscariot, the son of Simon, to betray him,) 3 Knowing that the Father had given him all things into his hands, and that he came from God, and goeth to God; 4 He riseth from supper, and layeth aside his garments, and having taken a towel, girded himself. 5 After that, he putteth water into a basin, and began to wash the feet of the disciples, and to wipe them with the towel wherewith he was girded. 6 He cometh therefore to Simon Peter. And Peter saith to him: Lord, dost thou wash my feet? 7 Jesus answered, and said to him: What I do thou knowest not now; but thou shalt know hereafter. 8 Peter saith to him: Thou shalt never wash my feet. Jesus answered him: If I wash thee not, thou shalt have no part with me. 9 Simon Peter saith to him: Lord, not only my feet, but also my hands and my head. 10 Jesus saith to him: He that is washed, needeth not but to wash his feet, but is clean wholly. And you are clean, but not all (of them). 11 For he knew who he was that would betray him; therefore he said: You are not all clean. 12 Then after he had washed their feet, and taken his garments, being set down again, he said to them: Know you what I have done to you? 13 You call me Master, and Lord; and you say well, for so I am. 14 If then I being your Lord and Master, have washed your feet; you also ought to wash one another's feet. 15 For I have given you an example, that as I have done to you, so you do also. 16 Amen, amen I say to you: The servant is not greater than his lord; neither is the apostle greater than he that sent him. 17 If you know these things, you shall be blessed if you do them. 18 I speak not of you all: I know whom I have chosen. But that the scripture may be fulfilled: He that eateth bread with me, shall lift up his heel against me. 19 At present I tell you, before it come to pass: that when it shall come to He that eateth bread with me, shall lift up his heel against me. 19 At present I tell you, before it come to pass: that when it shall come to pass, you may believe that I am he. 20 Amen, amen I say to you, he that receiveth whomsoever I send, receiveth me; and he that receiveth me, receiveth him that sent me.

First we have to remember that Christ is dealing with Hebrew men and could do nothing to scandalize them. He did say, "He came to fulfill the Law not to change It". Therefore what He did must be meaningful to these men. There is a Hebrew custom that calls for washing one's feet when entering a new house after a journey. often biblicaly we find the washing of one's parts upon entering a home. The dust of the road was considered the symbol of the dust of the world, that is sin. Elsewhere in the scriptures the emphasis the pharisees made about ceremonial washing is mentioned. Peter, speaking as usual in the community as the Jewish Elder Brother (see Deuteronomy and Numbers for the hereditary position of the elder brother upon the death of the father or his duty towards the wife of a brother) Peter humbly asked not to be subjected to this washing. Christ replied strongly and if you or I were in Peter's position I do not doubt it would be so even perhaps harsh in our minds. You want to share in My future then you have to be washed. Absolutely unequivocal in the words He spoke. Peter as all the men present would know this. It is a new home we are about to enter, a future home for which we must be prepared. To be acceptable to God we must be pure, so as Peter said wash me all over and Peter knew he would be saved. There was one for whom it would not count he was not penitent and in his interior state he could not be forgiven.
Then as with the Consecration of the Body, do this in memory and later in the forgiveness of sins, Christ our Lord commanded them to do the same, to continue His work.

Remember the Divine Mercy Novena starts Friday... the First Day is especially important. It is for the Church

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Sunday, March 28, 2010
  The Virtue of Religion 2
Anyone who saw the previous blog on, “The Virtue of Religion”, will know this virtue in some manner decides our life, if we make every attempt we can to use It. Now, since I made such a hash of explaining previously of how I believed in the directions the “Virtue of Religion” will lead us, please bear with my newest attempt. These ideas of mine are not intended to be dangerous to our catholic faith. Although I find that the gentiles who shout at me over my catholic beliefs are no different than Catholics who go to very foolish extremes to explain, as loudly as the pseudo -catholics, how wrong I am in many matters. I ask you to allow me this new effort, hopefully on my part that how this religion, most delightful of virtues if used can draw us deeper into the Sacrifice of the Cross and the Mass. I would like to explain clearly how we are able, because of this virtue; enter more deeply into the Liturgy, Rites and Rituals of the Holy Catholic Apostolic Church, to be the Catholics we should be. I mean if we adopt or make the right effort,  cooperating with a deep interior movement of our heart and soul, as we should, attending and using the Holy Mysteries of the Church, the Sacrament, Rites and Rituals, we become mystical and saintly through the torrent of sanctifying grace made available to us through the Merits with which God, Jesus and the Saints endowed the Church. The Glory of God and His gift of this virtue demands this reaction from us. It might well be if you dwell upon this subject and think it through as best any of us can it will become apparent to you the virtue of zeal will conquer our tepidity and minimalism, to rise with Christ on the Third Day I often wonder if this virtue is the same actual grace we need to be Catholic and work as we should to honor God as we should.
Let me first quote a fine Jesuit moral theologian of the 19th.century. I call you to dwell for a while on his statement on sanctifying grace and Its partner, the Theological Virtue of Charity.

Cardinal Camillo Mazzella SJ., wrote in his treatise, “De Virtutiblis infusis”, Dis.11, a3-12”

“We do not intend to treat here of religion as a natural virtue (virtus accquisita), which can be acquired, at least in an imperfect  degree, by frequent acts, but of religion as a supernatural virtue (virtus per se infusa) infused into the soul by means of grace. Religion is in the first place, an abiding disposition inclining us to render unto God, the worship due to Him. Ease and readiness in the performance of supernatural acts of religion are the fruits of faithful exercise and are obtainable by our own exertions assisted by Divine Grace. Charity and all the infused moral virtues are inseparably united with sanctifying grace, the two (other) theological virtues of faith and hope (bapitus fidei and spe”) can still exist after sanctifying grace has been lost.”

We also find in Fr Connell’s Confraternity Edition of the Baltimore Catechism No 3 page 75, in his commentary on “Important truths about the Virtues and Gifts of the Holy Ghost”, complete agreement with the cardinal’s words as follows,
“As long as we retain sanctifying grace, the infused virtues and the gifts remain in our soul. Mortal sin drives out all these supernatural habits, except faith and hope, which remain even in the soul of the sinner unless he commits a sin directly against hope—in which case only faith remains—or a sin directly opposed to faith, in which case all the supernatural qualities are driven out”.

Digressing a little concerning another catholic teaching, I say, “The ideal Christian has both natural and supernatural virtues. However, it is possible to have one type without the other. Thus a baptized infant has the supernatural virtues, infused at Baptism, but he has no natural virtues. On the other hand, a sinner, who has not the supernatural moral virtues may have some natural virtues. Many of the latter day Catholics have it in their mind that they have an indwelling of the Holy Spirit and are confident they have both supernatural and natural virtues. This is just not true, I am afraid.

I believe the Cardinal means faith and hope will stay in the soul even after grave sin(s) are committed, while the grace of the state that sanctifies us, that makes us eligible for heaven, leaves, making our souls to God, ugly through sin.

After reading this, if the Cardinal is right, should we not after confession, a solemn, ritual, sacramental confession, truly shrouded in the mystery of Christ’s Love that comes from His ocean of mercy, should we not therefore make besides an act of perfect contrition, offer an act of charity?

Do we I ask, truly give to God the honor due to His Magnificence? On this point I have some observations. I would like to bring into your view the ways of so many during the latter years in the life of our Church. Since Vatican 2 there are those in the Church who forget who Christ is; put Him aside according to their opinions, their private revelations. These people treat Him as no more than a brother with all the requisite worldly familiarity we claim with our birth brothers. I find the ecumenical ‘habits’ many wear are not charitable. This ecumenism we see around us today really does nothing in honesty to save the souls of those outside the Church. Our Christ the real Christ is hidden by many of the Laity under some unrealistic subterfuge that obscures the works of True Charity. The subterfuge seems to hide as a mere social obligation any true recognition and devotion to God. Never do we teach in truth how He should be honored as He should be honored. This action by the way is blasphemy as God, and His Trinitarian actions are neither admitted to, nor are they given their due. Some say He is or was the first communist, another devilish sacramental act of blasphemy. Some claim he was homosexual, contrary to the admonishments of the Old Law. What dreadful insults these are? Given as a label to the God of us all? How awful it is that the great phrase that sums up the Church no longer has a value.  I mean the phrase, “The Brotherhood of man under the Fatherhood of God”, This I am afraid is a definition no longer used to describe the Mystical Body of Christ. This phrase for me and I hope for you all, is a summation of the Mystery of the Church. Without the Fatherhood we are nothing more than socialist, communist or some other dreadful “ism”. It is the Fatherhood that raises up the Church into a different social system into a community founded by God to love Him and serve Him in this world to be happy with Him in the next. A community founded upon Charity involved deeply in worship through religion. We cannot really mean it is some undefined spirituality pointed to where no one really knows allowing the most ugly of rituals. It is from, about and truly concerns God. The Charity we practice today is sometimes imperfect due to a lack of grace, infused, earned or gratuitous.

Charity and her sister Sanctifying Grace or supernatural love, the bond between the Father and the Son, called by the Church, the Third Person, can be lost to us, as Cardinal Mazzella wrote. I maintain that due to the nature of the gift of the theological virtues perhaps due to natural law and the loss of sanctifying grace, the virtue of charity becomes missing in us but through habit we do still use it imperfectly, possibly not receiving the merits due to the act we perform.. It causes the sentient heart to revert to a lesser nutritive pump the heart of a brute or an animal. (see Aquinas, “Of the Heart”. This is an animal heart that maintains a life by experience and training, existing outside perhaps the natural law. Since we do not deliberately throw it aside Grace, it stays as a sputtering candle inside our soul and we still can love, somewhat imperfectly. The Penny Catechism says God is everywhere.The sanctifying grace that we have lost through grave sin, has obviously became Avila's sputtering flame in hearts. Is this grace or virtue, the actual grace that maintains our life? It could be the memory of the beatific vision, we saw at God’s conception of us in His mind. Definitely we can suppose it is the virtue of religion which tied to the other two previous conditions cause us one way or another to somewhat frantically seek or despicably, to equally desperately deny Him. Conscience has a funny way of acting interiorly through guilt.
Charity is way beyond love. It involves far too many other actions, the greatest of which is dying for others and showing a lack of concern for our own comfort. We have when one considers our fallen nature, made Charity and love, one and the same habit downgrading through our ways the Charity John wrote of in his first letter, chapter 4. It is not and cannot be. How many of us have by a sheer effort of will loved someone we dislike but avoid them and certainly would never die for them. Hyperbole for sure but think harshly of what you do to many of our brothers and sisters in Christ. We have made Charity a cheap love, practiced by us in making out, by hooking up, it is the romance defined in harlequin novels. One thing it is not. It is rarely the selfless love seen in Christ’s example coming soon one Friday, an a Catholic Church near you. How many know and offer up perfect charity for our brothers and sisters. Perfect when for Love of God we do acts of charity without regard for our personal comfort? How many I ask? The virtue of religion through our attendance at Mass should scream in our minds, God descended from Heaven to be here at this Mass for me. Now He will die and rise again for me, for us. What have I done to deserve this show of such love from One so all powerful. How many will contemplate the answer? How many enter into compunction a gift of real penance?
Cardinal Mazzella was not the only one to reach the conclusion, we loose grace (sanctifying grace) through grave sin. Suarez did, Fr Savignon Louismet did, David acknowledged in Psalm 50/51 God can turn His face from us. Above all Ezechiel was told, “The soul that sins dies”. The Church has always maintained this truth, “Without sanctifying grace the soul is dead” and that is some sins are called “mortal”.

This is where the Virtue of Religion really comes into being for those who work towards perfection. Those who may have conquered their dislike of others in a most magnificent act of Charity (Perfect Love) will as St Faustina wrote, “Have Divine Mercy in their souls”. I believe if those who have risen from death in the Confessional, will have Charity in their souls and they can count on Divine Mercy to be there too.

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