For His Glory and His Alone
Friday, August 20, 2010
  Spinning one's lack of Fortitude.
I have just had a telephone conversation with another catholic hero, so proud of his humility never seeing ti as a sop to his cowardice, his fear and hanging in their with his status quo. Our conversation stopped abruptly when I asked, "Don't you ever ask God for an answer to whatever touches on your spiritual life, that affects your soul?"
"No I can't do that it is lacking humility, where does it say we can ask?".
Mike "No that is cowardice, have you ever considered you may be tepid. It says , "Whatsoever you ask in My name shall be given you".
"No I cannot ask questions of God. It would be impertinent".
Mike "How so?"
"I would be insulting God asking Him to explain Himself".
Mike "Scripture, tell us we can".
"It doesn'"t. "Where?"
Mike"Whatsoever you ask in My Name, will be given you".
"Oh. But what if to ask is insulting asking God to justify Himself, in any case it is an unintelligent thing to do".
Mike"Our faith is a matter of our intelligence and working in faith we find our faith is comparable to our intelligence. Some people who are ordinary and not brilliant and learned, get by with God's help very well.Do you really think God wants to keep His will for us hidden from us?"
"I have never thought about that'
Mike "Our faith is intellectual, according to our limits and when we ask questions of God we advance in that intelligence. Would God not want us to be intelligent?"
"I still think God would see it as impertinent".
Mike God who knows all things can see if it is and if He sees the Child in you will He not help you?"
"I still think it impertinent".
Mike "'If God sees it and if we accept it that a Child can ask His Father why such an action takes place. Would a Father give true answer?"
"Yes He would"
Mike "Our God does not give us a snake He gives us Fish? Does he give us a knife or would we get a stone?'
"That's scripture"
Mike "Yes, it is doesn't it mean He gives us nothing that would harm us. Haven't you just asked and acted like a true child?"
No answer, so I asked it this way do you think God wants us to know of the state of our soul?" "If you asked God respectfully would he tell you the truth".
"Oh I could not ask that?.
Mike"Well do you not ask before Confession for help[ with your sins. Do you not remember when you asked me a while ago I said go stand before the Cross and ask My God My God how have I offended You. In what manner have I rejected You. Do you remember your answer?"
Mike "Well when I asked if you had, you were rude and dismissed me with I'll have to think about it. Are Holy have you ever asked?"
"That is demeaning to God to ask that question. You are manipulating Him"
Mike "I ask Mary or Jesus about everything"
"What was the answer?" asked very surily.
Mike "Mary, my mother said, "Oh Michael, you will asking questions, even in eternity"

Let me ask you all a question along these same lines, "Do you think a merciful God is willing and would tell you the state of your right now and show how He would Judge you if he had to at this moment? Yes He will and does He need to stand before you and tell you? Let me tell you again in this way. At Guadeloupe in 1995, I think, I stood upon Teyepac from 6 in the evening until 10 or perhaps later. It was watched by a woman (L.C.) in Mission BC, who saw as she was told all creation standing in the bowl that was Mexico City. She watched The Burning Bush for me what it was for her I never did ask. She watched Jesus and Mary speak to the crowd. I heard and she saw. This was my birthday Christmas eve. It was what she saw after watching Jesus being born. It interrupted her washing her kitchen floor.
Among what I was told was the finish to a prayer.

"I am the Hero of Fatima, I am the Third warning; in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, son of Mary I give you a glimpse of your eternal future".

As you see the prayer is not effected by my lack of holiness it is all Jesus. Does it work? In the week following my return to Mission. I used it three times on priest and various others. Did it do what the prayer promised? Off course why would it not?

Here's what you should do Email the Archbishop of Vancouver and ask of the veracity of the prayer. I am sure at least two of the priests and laity who experienced it asked. I know I wrote to him and the archbishop emeritus about it and I know one priest did for sure. He should by now be able to answer you. If he cannot then he has not obeyed the last two dicta of the Pope. He is the local ordinary and since I am in his diocese he should know after all the e mails etc just how possessed I am and by who

Archbishop Miller

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  Slain in the Spirit or........?
A blog or two ago I gave my English rendition of what slain in the spirit could be due to both the English language and the teachings of Jesus Christ n the Gospel. I had the usual discussion with a man who gets miffed beyond belief and only calls to me to correct me. He gets very put out and his latest accusation came with his usual unctuous manner and politeness. He speaks excellent English and always bemoans the lack of grammar, syntax and right use of the different styles of the English composition. He mean satire, sarcasm etc. He agreed that slain is synonymous with dead, wouldn't budge on Spirit. I asked if Christ was right when He said, "He who has seen the Father has seen Me and therefore by commonsense seen the Holy Spirit?" He complained that boast wasn't glory (in) and I gave him the page in the Oxford Dictionary.
But let me be more fraternal which I find in today's world an abhorrent act that lacks the essence of True Charity. I give you an example, "A local woman and I were discussing the Sacrament of Confession. In the course of the conversation she let slip she had not used the Sacrament for thirty years. She confessed her sins to God. I told her Christ did not die to give us the sacrament and it was a grave error not to use it. She replied that I could not tell her that as I was not a priest. This is another of those infernal defense mechanisms used lately in the church to defend oneself against the truth. Let me quote somewhat "paraphrasedly", I too can coin a word, the Navarre Commentary on Revelations. the Commentaries were recommended to me By Fr William Most. I am explaining the comments on Chapter ! verses 17-19. When the glory of God, is manifested, man becomes so conscious of his insignificance and unworthiness he is unable to remain standing in His presence. This happened to the Israelites at Sinai (cf Ex 19:16-24 and to the Apostles on Mt Tabor cf Mk 9:2-8. A person who experiences a vision acts in the same way. It happens in the Apocalypse when Christ is seen in glory surrounded by His Church. I feel that it can be that way for someone in the State of Grace but what about the use of the word unworthiness. It does carry a whole wealth of meaning, does it not? To be unworthy to see God could be and is sinfulness. The Israelites at Sinai were not yet Baptized, Christ had not yet given us the sacrament, so they were justified and still had original sin to contend with. The Apostles were not yet baptized by the washing of there feet. remember Peter's great acclamation, "Wash me all over". He so wanted to stay to be with Christ.
Then slain in the spirit can mean foolish man in sin are stultified by the passing of the Holy Spirit. Or it can mean these people who swoon so easily enter into a vision or ecstasy. Telling these folks fraternally just does not wash. Their minds on their holiness is already established in their own facts. Starring in their own soap opera they have received some kind of Emmy. but on whose authority was the award given. Their wacko elders of course no Bishop priest or presbyter could dare if they have any common sense.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010
  Blogs and Blogs of Shame

      Lately on various blogs we can read they are seeking answers on why priests are pedophiles. Admittedly someone is to be blamed and the spin used by many will not allow them to admit any kind of guilt of their own until they have their noses rubbed in “IT”.  In today's church priests and laity alike use many platitudes and accusations throwing them around to defend themselves. Many of these blogs are by Priests and I try to see them as a minor examination of their consciences . Then they attempt to fix the blame on priestly pedophilia, women’s ordinations ,rebellious parishes and strange laic groups on everything except the overall priestly behavior in the Church. Much of this behavior can only be labeled abhorrent. (read down to the link near the end. Then tell me I am wrong). Most blame bad catechesis. Is this not a priestly responsibility received from the Bishop’s authority, coming from Bishops’ who have the primary duty to give us a religious education? Some-one (-ones) have to include their own behavior as a reason for the cement running out of the Church’s foundations, leaving, I am afraid, only sand. I confess my part often in the confessional. I was well educated in the Church by good teachers, priests and nuns. I feel very strongly God had me educated by these because by His Will, He placed me, baptized in His church and greatly loved me. I see it this way, ‘The mighty God does great things for me, He looked with favor on my lowliness (ignorance)’. How can I not say, admit to the fact God loved me so much and scriptures were fulfilled by Him for me, because as a Father He provided food for my soul. It is incumbent and honest for me to admit I have never, until lately, loved others in the way He loved me. So I write as best I can to pass on what He, by his will, arranged for me to learn.
       Do you not find the present height of pastoral hubris in the priesthood is mirrored or is it a reflection of a similar event in the 60”s in the UK. It was a disease that spread around the world. There was a movie, perhaps on BBC, with Peter Sellers, the name of which I cannot be bothered to research. It was a satire against the union movement in the U.K, it had a phrase that summed it all up. “I’m alright Jack”. This is an anthem of the me generation. It gave a rise to a great deal of comedy lines for secular comedians including one, “Pull up the ladder Jack I’m doing fine”. Mr. Sellers appearing in another movie about a librarian in South Wales coined another fantastic line that also summed up those times for me, “I’ve been to the edge of the world and I've looked over”. All very personal and selfish and definitely lacking in charity. The lines quoted above are all perfect examples for mottos of the 60’s and 70’s priests that through habits, personal opinions and slovenly formation are still with us. Their examples are seen in the forty years or four generations of their spiritual sons that have followed, It is almost like the sins of the Fathers of biblical warnings, visited upon us for four generations. In fact Vatican Two was supposed to prevent this by doing away with the heresy of clericalism. This fact, this boast, was like a banner bruited about at the time. I read it one day in an article just before the Council opened. Fat chance it did anything but the opposite. Do I need to mention the unauthorized priestly desecration of our altars and dismissal of catholic traditional prayers seen in the Rosary.
       If there were any good works done by the Council, it was spoiled not only by rotten interpretations but by the one disgusting act that devastated the priesthood. The disunity and dissention over the liturgy has very effectively hidden this gross change. It was a simple act of deliberate spiritual homicide which has sentenced the priesthood to ignominy. Obviously as Paul described it so aptly the smoke of satan which screened the vile demands of the Bishops. After Vatican 2, probably without realizing what they were up to or even maybe we might see as hidden evidence of a pointed slap in the face to the previous council’s edict on Papal infallibility. Funnily enough we were taught as young people the Bishops were just a little ticked off about the power of the Papacy. Perhaps the First World War was an intervention of sorts when it came before another council was called to deal with papal authority and infallibility, and how it effected Bishops’ authority. The murderous spiritual homicide the church committed was changing the oath, priest’s swore to defend the Church against modernity, to one of absolute obedience to the Bishop, the priests' local ordinary. How priests in personal confidences as a friend have bemoaned to me on this dreadful millstone around their necks. This oath suited the Bishops’ egos but not the sanctity of the Church. How much it scripturally wrong and is against Jesus' conditional command, "If you love Me, you will keep My commandments",  I have a great problem with that oath. Young men or older with all the moral and ethical habits that they have through the virtues that called them to a pastoral life, suddenly found upon entering into the priesthood a bishop can force them into immoral acts, including telling the obfuscations of a bullying prelate. I know of priests who kicked back at the attacks on their conscience who ended up taken out of their pastorship/parish, given rotten assignments or even laicized if they did not obey. This could result in drinking habits that ruin a man’s life of even psychological problems as the priest wrestles with his spiritual problem. I have knowledge of a good priest told he would never have a parish with a school again, when he complained about the curricula for catechism set by a layman who decided what was to be taught as religious education. Do you really want to know more. I do have more. I have knowledge of a lie from a very good priest who could not tell the truth on a certain situation, as the local ordinary was circumventing the parish who was organizing a pilgrimage. The parish quite capable of handling the organization and were doing it with every evidence of true Catholicism, who had made the event a great success were suddenly judged not capable. I wonder why the women who first organized their husbands into making a path into the area for a rosary on the Feasts of Mary, from the priest who would not walk down a long street to the grotto saying the rosary with these magnificent women, with the husbands who cleared their wives way for their spiritual journey, why again was this parish no longer capable? Let me be charitable and say the local ordinary was making sure the pilgrimage was staying authentically catholic and worried about the wrong direction it might take and not the rumor that was spoken. He has set his heart on being a Cardinal.
     If a social survey was done on the voting patterns of the council of Vatican Two, I would not hesitate to expect that the countries which caused both the Pius 9th to write Syllabus of Errors and Pius 10th to write against Modernism would feature strongly in the reasons for the two encyclicals. How awful you must feel as you read that it could be suggested that the Bishops of the 1900’s actively sought to put right the slights they felt when the Popes became infallible. How can any catholic believe it, you ask? Well the first encyclical was against a heresy or heresies, by whom, the priests of course. Pius 9th was suckered punched in his first years by the Austrians and Italians, that occasion haunted him terribly, so terribly he wrote “And now, Venerable Brothers, as is also very well known, scarcely We (by the secret dispensation of Divine Providence, certainly by no merit of Our own) been called to his Chair of Peter, when We, to the extreme grief of Our soul, beheld a horrible tempest stirred up by so many erroneous opinions, and the dreadful and never enough to be lamented mischiefs which redound to the Christian People from such errors……..We therefore condemned the prominent most grievous errors of our age”.
What does the mainstream church now think go here and find out?
All is not right with the Church and when one brings bad news someone objects especially those who love the status quo or those who ignorant and will never check facts. Look at these problems and tell me or yourself if it makes you comfortable.
Benedict our Holy Father has mentioned priests have vocations and are not to be ambitious.
There is unity over the correct translations of the Latin for Church occasions.
There is no fight almost to the death over the Novus Ordo and the Tridentine Mass.
There is complete agreement on Papal Infallibility and the Pope as head of the Church.
There is absolute unity and belief in Humanae Vitae


Monday, August 16, 2010
  Life and grace, use of words wrongly

First of all, I am often appalled at how I write and I have called your attention to this before. Sometimes I see just how conceited I am. Yet I do try hard to write as did St John the Evangelist, as an unidentified witness. I miss, as the Greeks would say, "the mark". Some of you have corresponded on the subject matter of these stories of mine that reveal various actions made antagonistically towards me by fellow catholics and priests. My problem in writing in this way, from what many of you have read into my attempts, allows you to see me as some kind of conceited bigot, looking both for vengeance and self justification. For what it may be worth, this is not the reason for writing. I would prefer not to write not to commit these events in writing. It makes the Church look powerless, the hierarchy foolish and might just be construed as self pride on my part.  I am as the Saints Augustine and Jose Maria Escriva wrote , "I am only the paint brush. I  am certainly not the painter, the genius that paints such glorious pictures. The Holy Ghost mixes the paints and guides me to place them upon the canvas before me. The question, you should ask is, can I write this, is it true and are my feelings legitimate? I do not seek vengeance, why should I? I hope that anyone mentioned who recognized themselves in these words, considers them and applies whatever they see of themselves, then perhaps if they find truths to react and change. I hope they find not an Epiphany but a true Metanoia, This is my wish and prayer for them, if they see any need to alter their behavior. For the record, I do practice the Sacramental life most assiduously, with regularly weekly attendance at the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Penance and the Eucharist. If I was asked, but rarely am, the claim or boast in Christ on my behalf, is this, I have made every effort to free myself of sin, using for my salvific advantage that Edict, passed on to the Apostles by Christ, who had and earned the Power to forgive sins. He passed it on by doing a very Hebraic action, of which they, the Apostles had a full understanding. Jesus Christ breathed Life into them which was to give a life to souls. An act which they knew they could pass on by the forgiveness of sins. Unfortunately today Hierarchs and Bishops huff and puff mightily and what I would call contumaciously. Yet I maintain they are not much avail to the fallen catholics that abound. Overcoming my tendency to digress, the Church teaches if I try to be righteous then Christ in His beneficence leans over me and makes up for all my lack, IF HE SEES SINCERITY PRESENT. Am I boasting, too true I am. Let us together examine why.
So many have translated the Bible over the last years and it has become a nightmare. It is obvious since so many have deliberately changed so much to make it easy to justify what they want to believe is right (for them). I agree without fear of correction that in the early days of my language, English, and in any language for that matter vocabularies were small and one word meant so much. Now language to me is a form of revelation and it has to grow as we become more sophisticated in communication. Unfortunately with the advent of rap one finds communications are stunted and coarse and more sexual in nature. I believe and know we had to take words from other peoples to find new and “elevated” meanings for old words. We had to, to separate one meaning from another. In the English language the many meanings of and I give you examples in the following words; language still called tongues; dancing is still called playing; end in certain cases is still not yet age and boasting, which should be glorifying. There is one more absolutely descriptive it is called “Paying the price for a dog”, It might help you to remember Sodom had not yet taken place when this edict was given in the Old Law. Words like language and dance according to the Oxford etymological Dictionary did not enter English until the 1660’s. Even I might add those outside the Church who translate the Fathers have given their translations a new spin. There is a Collection of volumes of Church Father Translations which many Catholics use that state unequivocally that Cyprian of Carthage was estranged from the Pope in a way that separated him from the Church.
The meanings in scriptures today are not the same as the meanings used many years ago. Even Hollywood in the movie The Ten Commandments got it right and the controversy over the scene with the Hebrews celebrating or carousing (playing after the communal meal) in the desert, seen  in the scene of the morning after with the woman and the bronze bull was tremendously accurate of what went on. Yet it is sinfully amusing how so many words have been adjusted in new scriptural translations that complement so many wrong beliefs. It has gone further in fact, as can be recognized in our now acceptable wrong understandings of humility, charity and peace, more defined by a Madison Ave. rush to feel good, mixing by misdirecting Charity as love, described in some cases as one night stands. The unstated but obvious understanding sexual touching of any kind is good since God created the sexual act for our pleasure. One of the latest tragedies for us is the new meaning of marriage, rapidly being defined by secular law. Humility has a new interpretation whose new meaning through our egotistical need to defend our space has became more of a demand to prostrate yourself before me as a person. Peace unfortunately is a lull in our spiritual life, a feeling without joy, more a truce with the devil who is happy you are in his thrall and does not need to agitate your soul by temptation. How can we get true peace in this world, where we are in what must be considered a spiritual war to overcome wickedness unless we have lost that war? Why should he, when he, wickedness, has so many of us firmly in the palm of his hand. You don’t believe me then start to examine your conscience in the light of the Church teachings of sin. That is if you can find them or a priest to teach you. Look at the idiocy often stated that we cannot teach children about sin and hell as it frightens them. Where is Christ in that dumb statement coming from the foolish? Would Christ who says let the Children come to me not through grace sustain them. If you as parents are frightened by Hell, do something about the state of your soul. You can’t say there is no sin because you are not aware of any. By the way can the true practicing catholic be ever at peace in this world when he or she knows that most catholics today actively justify abortions, birth control and euthanasia?

Now let me go further, not in an attempt to force you all or to justify my belief in myself. But like you I have free will and like me you have to inform your conscience. This is another Church Teaching. I write, this after making inquiries of Catholics and find majority do not know this. I read all I can find on the Church teachings and I am so amazed how they have changed the writings of  our Church Fathers in today’s translations of them by those outside the Church. I do believe St Paul, who wrote in his 2nd. Letter to Timothy chapter three verses 16 and 17, “All scripture, inspired of God, is profitable to teach, to reprove, to correct, to instruct in justice, That the man of God may be perfect, furnished to every good work”.  Is this statement false today?
Now here is something to give you one of the two reasons I write, St Paul again in 2nd. Corinthians Chapter 10 verse 8 to 11, wrote, “For if also I should boast somewhat more of our power, which the Lord hath given us unto edification, and not for your destruction, I should not be ashamed. But that I may not be thought as it were to terrify you by epistles, (For his epistles indeed, say they, are weighty and strong; but his bodily presence is weak, and his speech contemptible,) Let such a one think this, that such as we are in word by epistles, when absent, such also we will be indeed when present”.
I want to return to what I think is an error of sorts that springs from bad translations. St Paul’s boasting is two things, one: it is a more powerful revelation than the one’s we claim in our lives as Corinthians, Romans or Hebrews. Two: it is a recommendation to go public with all that God has given us, you and me. It is comparable to Christ in the Scriptures when he warns us about hiding the light, our light under a bushel basket. Christ told us to be a good example. How can we be a good example? Do you have any thoughts on the matter? As you know I am going to give you mine, in any case. We can be a good example by showing (boasting by action) the virtue of religion that is if we have not put aside the Virtue of Charity in its most active form by mortal sin. The virtue of religion compels us to approach God in the way He deserves, using  bodily worship, to demonstrate our interior life. That is how we dress when we visit Him. How we adore Him. How we pay Him homage with reverence and by being in the right disposition not just to meet Him but to receive Him. By Glorifying Him we boast of Him and we should. By the way a synonym for to boast is to glorify, either by example in our case or giving all our actions and worship to God as we are intended to by His creation of us. Read the Catechism and see if you doubt what I have written. Now I return to my original theme.

Returning to the theme of pastoral abuse and ineptness, I wish to stress that whatever comes my way interiorly does at times give me cause for concern. Like St Paul who wrote similarly in 1st. Corinthians I say unless you know my catholic religious life, my prayer life and my life in the Sacraments, be very careful on any observations, any judgments you make. I can give you examples of misdirection by those who calling themselves Catholic, do not have a clue about the Catholic Mystical life. I am not talking about the supernatural but the use of the Holy Mysteries (Sacraments) of the Church used as Christ meant them to be used by us that is to earn salvation.
Let me give you a take by St Augustine and Ezekiel on what we are supposed to do. Unfortunately the priesthood does claim Augustine wrote for them but since Ezekiel said more or less the same and there were no priests then I think it is a bit of Pastoral arrogance. "Do you realize the dangers that could result from keeping quiet? A godless man dies, and rightly so; he dies in his own sin and his godlessness; it is his own negligence that kills him” Here Augustine means he could have gone to his priest but he did not. There is also negligence on the part of the Priest if he remains silent knowing of any problem. However the man who remained silent through negligence (that is not looking after his soul or even informing his conscience)  and the one who should have admonished him (in every case not just the pastor but any of his brothers and sisters in Christ ( that is the statement in 1st. Corinthians chapter 5. All of us guilty of that avoidance of responsibility towards our relatives in Christ for that failure to admonish priests, pastors and others in the Church are all condemned too. But as scriptures say and if he or she warns the godless man….."You are going to die and if the relative fails to avoid falling upon the sword Christ gave us (that is our catholic faith) and the sword kills him he will die in his sin but the caring relative in Christ will have saved his or her own soul”. Ezek 33:2, 9.

For those of you and there are many who do not know what death or dead to Christ means in the Catholic sense let me quote Christus Dominus article 30 of Vatican 2. “After Baptism, the Sacrament of Penance received with the right DISPOSITIONS restores Sanctifying grace and is moreover, a means Christ chooses to conserve mankind in grace and bring them growth in grace (merits): “The Sacrament of Penance contributes much to the development of the Catholic Life. Are you recently developed?
There is a state of grace that comes from Genesis called original innocence which we lost because of the heredity of original sin (Augustine again). St Paul describes this in 1 Cor. 6:11 and Eph 5 and Tit 3. when he talks of Baptismal Innocence telling them to return to that state by a new conversion, for Practicing Catholics it is the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation., after which we are risen and not fallen as we always used to say.

In Lumen gentium 40; The followers of Jesus Christ, called by God not in virtue of their works but by His design and grace, justified (I think that justified is wrong it should be in the better sense righteous, since
The Paper is talking about after baptism) in the Lord Jesus, have been made sons of God in Baptism, the sacrament of faith, and partakers of the Divine Nature and are truly sanctified. They must therefore hold on to and perfect in their lives that sanctification which they have received from God”. I have always believed as I was taught that this loss of sanctifying grace is dead to Christ no life in the soul due to mortal sin. Using the English language I would say another way of saying this is slain (dead) to the Spirit (Christ)

So now have done with your cantankerousness and your phlegm and see I if am justified in warning any of you who desires to become as the Orthodox say "in a state of Theosis" which we call a State of Grace must both warn ourselves and others of errors in our spiritual life and tell others of their errors in the same life. So be careful of your judgment and condemnation, you might fall upon Christ’s sword. Furthermore as St Thomas said and St Charles Borromeo said, “Even a Pontiff who is wrong must be corrected”.


My Rosary Voice what it means and you work it out for yourselves

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