For His Glory and His Alone
Saturday, August 28, 2010
  Righteous anger...What is it??
I have written about those who have prayed with me. Some are very committed charismatics and I claim they are among the least catechized of  many catholics. In fact the actions of the Chancery Office in Boston as they try to squash the Blogs in Boston are both insulting and seem to be the defense of desperate curates caught like bad little boys with their hands in the cookie jar. These are Blogs that give proof and ably demonstrate the pompous pontifications of the poorly catechetical educations of those in the Chancery Office. I mean those, whose private opinions are private revelations of what The Church teaches and are so far off base they should be told by Roman Hierarchs they are schismatics.
Those who were polite enough and also interested enough to read those former blogs of mine concerning the untrustworthy actions of some friends of mine, close friends I remember,  may remember I do not hold their actions against them, rather I hold no feelings of animosity of any sort. We do greet each other when we meet and although I get the feeling from them, they wished either I went away or they were somewhere else. Also to those who have read what I written you will know also of my feelings for their attempts to twist, spin is better and more apt summation of their deeds, the Church's teachings on anger, peace judgment etc. These are weapons used by many as again I have described previously,used to stave off the irritations of their uninformed consciences. Sometimes I cannot understand from an intellectual point of view the silliness of what drives them. They have knowledge of words but no intelligence of what they mean. To me not comprehending what words in the Catechism mean is sinful and is a form of pride. When actions I am describing are meaningless let me tell you of a man whom I meet with often. He says he likes our conversations as they are the only intellectual exercise he gets nowadays. That is a complement I think but then he says he never has time for reading and what I e-mail him he has no time for my correspondence yet he can quote chapter and verse published in the local newspapers. He often fumes at the local Catholic Newspaper and cannot understand, never stops trying to get me to discuss the secular news. I mean NEVER stops and  NEVER listens when I explain I have other articles and books about the Church I wish to read. 

I want to explain about anger, my anger which sometimes he describes as a brutal frankness or anger at him and others. I ask you all as I am entitled to,"What has happened to righteous anger?" or as I was also instructed, "justifiable indignation". This is allowed and if I remember it correctly, it is also praiseworthy if we have the inclination driven that is, by a need to inflict a justifiable punishment for the error that causes our wrath as long as it is a sincere wish to put to rights what harm has been done.

So bishops and chancery office Wizards, Merlins and spin doctors as you have spiritually desecrated the House of God with your personal predilection to foster homosexuality, to protect pedophiles, to fund missionary work that supports abortions and birth control teachings and then lie about it. Lie even when photographs and advertisements tell us different. When you put a spin on the money given you for Charity. When you make our offerings sinful do you think of Christ who took a rope's end, probably the halter from from some donkey to chastise donkeys who charged poor people for imperfect offerings for their temple sacrifices. You took our donations and gave it to advertise murders, to advise dreadful men they could commit sodomy with impunity. You made our offerings sinful to float your egos on some morass of evil inclinations. When I look at your behavior and think of God and His discussion with Abraham over finding good men, I certainly would not look in the Chancery Offices in Boston or many other offices in the Black SEES in North America

What I have written I think falls within the righteous anger teachings of the Church  It is certainly not and cannot be described as the calumnies and detraction the Bishops are using and trying to describe the blogs of righteously angered catholics faithful to the Church.

As for naughty boys and cookie jars, it might help you to see these bloggers as Mothers and Fathers giving you the spanking your childish actions deserve


Tuesday, August 24, 2010
  Ecumenism=false evangelisn=Hersey of indifferentism
I can know inside my head of my cantankerous behavior and horrible assertiveness. I do sort of apologize for my outlooks but I would like you to know this for me the Church has always been very important, in fact all important. That and the need for a devotion to Mary our Mother. Also as I have written before I hold no one responsible for what they feel about me or for that matter what they say. I just wish from time to time they ask God about me . I hold utmost in my mind as far as I can parts of the letter of St James and Christ's unbelievable offer of whatsoever you ask in My name shall be given you.  Apply St James to your prayers and thoughts for it is a good thing if we trust in his words.
"If any of you lack wisdom" (FOR SURE I DO) "let him ask God, who gives to all men generously and without reproaching and it will be given him. But let him ask in faith, with no doubting for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind . For that person must not suppose that a double minded man, unstable in all his ways, will receive anything from the Lord"
If you have no clue what double minded means then read the Navarre Bible Commentary on Catholic Letters.

These are my comments on events shaping up in the Church. We should be like Cardinal Herbert Vaughan who should have received his beatification long before Newman, Vaughan built up the Church in the UK far more that Newman ever would and that from the first Corinthians is by far the highest of gifts as Paul wrote of them in descending order. So like Cardinal Vaughan I believe that it was for the Catholic Church of England and Wales to deal with the falseness of the Anglican Priesthood. I know the present generation of Anglicans very well as I grew up amongst them and understand their desires which are still not compatible with catholic way of life. They will eventually reunite against us as they always have. I hope the Pope in His Wisdom gives or puts a time limit on these deliberations and not leave it as a glaring loophole, a sliver through which the status of women priests will slip.

All religions are the same is INDIFFERENTISM is was and always shall be. I was brought up in Bristol, England the home of Wesleyism, Baptists and Anglican High Churchers and low Churchers and their Presbyterian boys brigade marches on Sunday mornings always with Sally Ann bringing up the rear. When I read the High Churchers can accept the Catholic Catechism of Vatican 2. I shudder. I know these folk in all their clothes, we had them up and down our street. For ever they criticized our priesthood and often called Mary by scurrilous names. They liked us as their neighbours but there was no way they would embrace our religion. Has any thing changed, not from the view of my relatives in the UK. Cardinal Herbert Vaughan of blessed memory knew them. He made his views known after a long and deep investigation by priests and historians. He made the results obvious when he had Pope Leo write the Papal Bull on the relevance of the anglican priesthood and yes despite the infernal interference of the french Abbe who sought credit for converting the English Church.
It is naive to think they have changed. Look at the hissy fit of Prince Phillip when he found Diana Princess of Wales had received the Last Rights from a French Catholic Priest as she lay dying. The English peer said to the Abbe they would all join the Church in a heartbeat. It never happened with the outcry that followed gave some hint to their real feelings. All they wanted was to have their priesthood recognized. Let me tell what is going to happen and this is a surety. Once they have a priesthood that is sacrificial and they have three bishops in different areas they will ordain all their priests and this will include women. remember as I said before they did not want a catholic priesthood they wanted their own. This has never changed. Look at recent synods with cardinals present and what the outcome was. As Cardinal Vaughan said and it was a good thing, "Enter the Church and accept Her authority." He did not mean anything other than drop protestantism and become fully Catholic. If they want to be catholic then let them convert. They want it both ways. Anything else we do will be sinful and naive. Tell me, the anglicans can accept the New Catechism and I start to look for errors in it. They could not accept the old penny catechism as it destroyed their arguments time and time again. I know because we used it in debates and never to my memory lost a discussion.
They certainly would not accept Fr John Hardon's Marian Catechism. The Name alone would scare the heck out of them. Try it, you will see. By Catholic Teaching they should stand at the altar and abjure their old religion of Heresy. Can they truly accept and will they all publicly deny the demands of women for the priesthood, unequivocally and for all of time? When the Pope is in the UK this year will any of them kiss his Ring in the public arena? If I was a known heretic and came back to the Church I would have to stand at the altar and renounce the devil and all his works and pomp in public and before witnesses. Will these heretics do the same?
Ecumenism was the pits when it was discovered as a sop to the other Churches. We can only have ecumenism with the Byzantine Orthodox and other Catholics who can trace their traditional Priesthood back to the Apostles. The Russians will say so publicly and soon. 
It is false Evangelisation we are seeing and unless the Pope has something we have not yet been told I urge caution before having a victory parade around the Vatican and dancing in the Streets of Rome. We are heading even further into the time of indifferent-ism with many churches under one banner and no unity of purpose and direction, no unity of worship and no unity of dogma and no elder brother to lead us. It suits many of our prelates to have another group under their wing to put even more of our family's authority aside. It was only a few years ago when the protestant unity both Anglican and Lutheran passed a resolution that said "Recognize our priesthood and we will recognize the Pope." No defining moment of what they recognized and never will their be.

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Monday, August 23, 2010
  Errors of Fatima:
I would guess amongst those fans of mine, excuse the satire, there are a few of you salivating profusely. Now we have him you think. How can he say there are errors about Fatima. There was, there is and unless a sea change, a huge metanoia occurs, they will continue. We have faux apostles of Fatima, nightingales that sing in the dark they lure their victims to death by such sweet music. The first most dreadful theological idiocy is the stated view that we do not have to believe in Fatima. I have heard it many times and from priests. Go ask your priest then give him a copy of this blog and get his opinion on this too. We can see the insanity in this denial of Fatima and what it has allowed to continue unabated and in the world what is not strictly censured, is not inoculated against or vaccinated for, it as a disease becomes a killing bacteria. We have been told that we should not cast our pearl before the swines. What causes a pearl (of Wisdom)? it is caused by a nagging irritation by piece of grit. Fatima was a pearl of great beauty. It is an answer to a gritty irritation we give and are still giving to Heaven. If Mary is our Queen, we may see the beauty of a  child's fairy tale applies to Her. I mean the pea, under many mattresses, that made the princess uncomfortable
What I ask gives Mary such discomfort and it grows daily as a welt on the side of the Mystical Body. It is shown in the first two warnings by Michael the angel of peace. Now for the howling of the dogs. The reason why Fatima has to be believed is very simple. There was a miracle of the Sun for the Hebrews. I ask should we the legal spiritual continuation of those  wanderers, not have one and why should we not believe in It; that it was for our edification? Where is the privacy when the Sun dances for sixty thousand people locally and for many more within a large radius and proven by communist papers. I for one am not going to say to God I saw nothing that concerns me. Since when did satan have control of the Sun? Since when as the Sun seared the eyes of many by its heated approach a was the devil able to seal the eyes of any man from seeing the truth? The devil  is the prince of this world and man's enemy. I say, with much regret, Woe! O triple woe to those who continue in this vein of disbelief. No matter what importance you see for yourself or what exalted position you occupy, you have overstepped one; the bounds of common decency in your treatment of a Woman so important to God. Two; you continually deny God's right to as a Father to correct his children. Or as a Mother used to say, "Just wait 'til I tell your Father. Clean up your acts before Father decides to call you home. Especially the priests who are quite unconcerned over the rightness or wrongness of the warnings that were the opening shots by heaven fired at Fatima.
That is the first error of Fatima not from heaven but made by conceited fools here on earth protecting their turf as it were and not the verdant green pastures of the Shepherd.
The second error is allowing the confusion, sown by the Devil to take over our minds. Unless we pay attention to our relatives in purgatory we go nowhere but down. This was the first prayerful warning. But if you think that a mass offered by all the BISHOPS of the world to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart, a mass that is totally unaffected by the unheeded warning of the The Angel of Peace. His warning of the indifferences, the insults, the sacrileges and blasphemies heaped upon the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar ? Then we really are members of the Brigade of Fools under our leader and general in this spiritual war "the Prince of Fools". What use is any communal sacrifice, any collegiate sacrifice if people deliberately offer it while unworthy??

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  Besides the Rosary and Divine Mercy sometimes I pray....
Now For a little while or these past weeks I have developed a need to say other prayers. Some of my former prayers I have asked one bishop and a couple of priests about them. One which when the Bishop recommended the prayer of the Heart to me, and rightly so, I gave him what had happened to me with this prayer. The Prayer of the Heart is a byzantine devotion of great strength and I read much about it. Like all of the catholic faith and I see no reason not to call catholic the eastern church, the Latin or the orthodox, we are all looking for a short cut, we want and expect through pride to jump from the mystical to the supernatural. I can say that many catholics do not consider the mystical worthwhile. How many do you know including yourself take part fully in the Holy Mystical Sacramental Life and rites of the Church? The word I asked was fully. Do you even recommend them at least to your children? Do priests call us to the Mystical Life in any way at all? I did not think you could say yes. I remind you all that without the Mystical Life there is no Charity and certainly the Virtue of Religion is not present or taught. This virtue is the outward sign of an interior grace giving rise to the correct attitude of worship before God. Catholics dress better for soirees and parties than they do for church and claim poverty as the reason. What happened to the poverty of the heart?

Returning to the prayer of the heart, I explained to the priest I practised it and for me I found it changed little by little to these words.
I love You my Jesus, You are my Love above all things, I repent with my whole heart for ever having rejected You, never permit me to separate my  soul from You again, grant that I might love You always then do with me as You will.

He said it was a good prayer.

I have another one at say at the end of each decade of Divine Mercy.
I give You glory and praise Lord Jesus of Nazareth, beloved Son of Mary and give you thanks for the precious gift of Your Life's blood that brings us to a state of everlasting grace.
The priest at that time said it was very Catholic.

Nowadays I find myself saying this prayer with some adaptations.
Lord Jesus of Nazareth, Son of the Living God, Son of Mary, Crucified Love, who bled to death on the Cross for us, I ask in your Name and through your sacrifice that God our Father will give to all Catholics whether fallen, tepid or practicing a tremendous interior change with a great desire for the Sacrament of Penance.

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My Rosary Voice what it means and you work it out for yourselves

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