For His Glory and His Alone
Saturday, January 22, 2011
  Do we really have to accept the Council of Trent since Vatican 2
The title is question many will feel it is a stab in the heart. I have read with great pleasure the words of Bishop Athanasius Schneider by which he fraternally admonished his brothers in the college of bishops. Those of you who perhaps have followed this blog knows well my views on the state of grace  these fellows are not in. The catechism tells us of the complicity in sin and the behavior that is complicit. by which we share in the sins of others. I make this claim concerning the lack of Charity needed to be proper shepherds and it does cause me snide comments and looks locally. So what I hate sin with I hope the Psalmist's perfect hate. I get wrathful to an extreme. Not hating unfortunate souls, not judging, that is wishing for more punishment for the errors of sin than what God's will decides. I hope He decides the prelates and hierarchs the punishment of having to humble themselves and apologize in this world for them to be happy with Truth in the next.
I have also written privately to some, and added comments on blogs that the motto for some of our prelates is certainly either, "Go along with to get along with", or' "Different strokes for different folks". Phrases that are much more apt to their dogmas than the Church's Teachings.

There are of course snide comments and shots across one's bows, affirmative action by some priests who leave when they see me, all actions from the demands I make of them for the sake of their souls. Don't give communion to those who are strangers to the Church and her sacraments, promote confessions, you miss mass if you come after the gospel and leave before the last blessing. What snorts like squealing from stuck pigs, I hear at those times. E mails that say I am from the dark side are received. Here is the basis of my beliefs,  taken from Canons on the Eucharist by the Council of Trent. Do this before you dismiss me, ask your local parish priest or local ordinary what was the date of the Council of Trent? I asked one holy joe who constantly told me I was/am wrong, "Where was Trent? "In England in the Midlands", was the answer.

For those who wish to keep the record straight here are three of the Canons on the Eucharist passed I believe in Oct 1551

Canon 5. If anyone says that the principal fruit of the most Holy Eucharist is the remission of sins, or that other effects do not result from it,[46] let him be anathema.

The Church has maintained the Eucharist does not forgive mortal sins. It used to say that venial sins were forgiven at the Indulgentionen Absolutam. Not sure if it was the first or the one just before receiving Him. Now a priest I tackled about it said now in the Novus Ordo it is the Body It self. The Norvus Ordo is against canon 5 since it has the new fangled penitential rite and others believe the sign of peace forgives sins. One can say and make a good argument from Canon 5 the writers of, and the Novus Ordo is anathema.

Canon 7. If anyone says that it is not lawful that the Holy Eucharist be reserved in a sacred place, but immediately after consecration must necessarily be distributed among those present,[48] or that it is not lawful that it be carried with honor to the sick, let him be anathema.

The Neocatechumens devoured or used to, but if they finally followed the Pope's instructions on the reserved Host they don't commit this sacrilege any more. But they always did finish of the Sacrament. Watching children and teenagers tearing apart the bread and sloshing back the wine made me in such a state of compunction I felt dreadful for quite awhile. Are they anathema and have they confessed their blasphemy and disobedience to the Church's canon?

Canon 11. If anyone says that faith alone is a sufficient preparation for receiving the sacrament of the most Holy Eucharist,[52] let him be anathema. And lest so great a sacrament be received unworthily and hence unto death and condemnation, this holy council ordains and declares that sacramental confession, when a confessor can be had, must necessarily be made beforehand by those whose conscience is burdened with mortal sin, however contrite they may consider themselves. Moreover, if anyone shall presume to teach, preach or obstinately assert, or in public disputation defend the contrary, he shall be excommunicated.

This by any stretch of anyone's imagination tells me it is not enough to confess our sins to God. We must use the confessional, use the mystical sacrament of reconciliation. I met a woman who claimed to be catholic and never missed communion had not been to confession in 30 years her own admission. Another proudly told me as do many others I confess my sins to directly to God. Another a Charismatic Elder told me she was in a state of grace as she had the Gift of the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. Heard her once sounded like the clicking of a witch doctors rattle. No one understood her ever but she still defied scriptures and kept using her """prayers"". Is it a sin to defy scriptures or just a small misdemeanor? Can I ask according to Canon 11 are these kind of people excommunicated?

Why not send a copy of this blog to the local ordinary or ask your parish priest to read this blog and help you to receive peace in your heart as you know and it is your opinion I am wrong and this blog is very sinful? Can you face your priest and ask him? I did not think so. Happy with yourself and your behavior are you?
Off course I believe that when those indisposed to receive the sacrament never receive as God withdraws from a sinful man or woman. I also believe that The Sacrament of Holy Communion is only the pinnacle of our week if it is really received sinless. Why does Vatican 2 and the Prelates no longer teach us this?

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Thursday, January 20, 2011
  What we have missed at Fatima
I am not making any pretentious noises on paper or CRT screens. It takes a lot out of me to do this and these words up to here are products of my mind only. They are mine and certainly I do not have a great deal of pleasure in what I write. But I did promise and I do get rewards. In the light of God's eyes I can only be a brute, more of a  Pavlov's dog reactionary. I am embarrassed by what I write, very much so, but the rewards I have received are more than any reason for denial.

Two pictures have been in my mind over the last three or four days.  They happen as I pray and as I am then drawn into silence. They happen often when I am asleep in the early dawn between waking and sleeping, more asleep than awake, yet still conscious of my surroundings.  Both of these energies return and with the second I know those things or ideas you will read further on in this blog. Although they will probably, I think, be not too intelligent as they are produced by my thoughts as I watch the scene in my mind. I do ask those who read this to take it to your parish priests and ask for his opinion. Now if you can achieve this amount of fortitude to make such an act of bravery do not let him off the hook. Ask, "What do you think Father? Are these true?" Then if he gives you a, go along with to get along with, the usual unsubstantiated answer followed with the customary nonsense of private revelations, ask him to ask his boss  "Where is the privacy in these Revelations and are they worthy of belief?". Benedict has instructed the Bishops to even use exorcism to find the truth in these matters.

I have seen a rose, yes the Flame is still there but these scenes have stood its place for a few days I see a most beautiful Rose, creamy white with either dark red or lilac/light purple petal tips. It rises up through brambles to be above the brambles and is covered with dewdrops. I seem to know these are tears and the rose has some kind of name that ends with lachryma. I heard about this flower a long time ago from a woman. The second time I saw other roses springing from amongst the brambles and I would not like to touch one. They had really thick stems with more thorns per square footage that I have ever seen. They are big huge curved thorns. The Flower on this rose was very like the wild English roses I saw as a boy. They seemed to be growing up and replacing the brambles. The flowers were very dark red but they were not delicate more robust. They were like rogh soldiers protecting the rose, flowers with no guile, hardy and tough.

The second image I have seen is the Body of Christ and I am not sure if it was on the cross or laid on an altar the first time. The wounds were gangrenous, seeping a yellow smelly pus, and fumes that were fetid moved upwards. I also had the feeling God had turned away His face from the smell and view, or soon this would be the fact. I hear deep in my interior an explanation The first time it was I knew the Mystical Body of Christ that is hanging from the cross and the severe poisons the Body emitted were the insults, blasphemies and indifference that lives in her today. The second time was the Eucharist. The poisons were the abominations committed before the Eucharist by unworthy receptions.

I knew this as the dreadful poisoned sores were seeping and smoking. We and especially the Hierarchy and priesthood learnt nothing from Fatima. These ambitious men allowed a fight over the Third Secret named such by man and allowed it to become of premier importance. They missed completely or counted it as of no concern the defense of the Church by the Angel of Peace. The Archangel protector of the Eucharist, Michael taught we the Children of the Church, represented by the three children, of the insulted Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. It has gotten worse. The prayer is weak today when one compares the insults of yesterday to the insults of today and shows the need for even greater reverence, "O most holy Trinity Father Son and Holy Ghost, I adore You most profoundly and I offer You the Body Blood Soul and Divinity of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, ever present in all the tabernacles of the world. I offer Him to You with the sincerest of apologies to make atonement and reparation for all the insults, the indifferences, the ignorance, the sacrileges and blasphemies heaped upon Jesus, the most holy sacrifice on Your Altars. I ask that through the Merits of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary all these sinners will be converted."

What else did I know? That the Bishops and priests since the instructions to the Children of God were given by Michael are in a dreadful state of predestined punishment through their deliberate ignorance of the warning and the prayers given to the Children. Predestined as anyone is that allows these sins to continue. It would be better that those priests who consider themselves as business mangers and not as serving ministers to the Lamb and His sheep had better resign or change before He takes action to defend Himself  and the deliberate ignorance of the Sheep who should learn from their shepherd, for His time has come.

I would suggest that before the serving and sharing of the Sacrifice drop the sign of peace and replace it with a strong warning of the consequences of lacking the right dispositions to receive the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, I mean God's sacrifice of His Son in atonement for Adam and Eve's sin.

I asked of those of you who do truly care for God  for the sacrifice of His Son for us to ask your parish priest for the sake of his, the priests soul, what does he think of this blog today. If you do and they laugh or you laugh at my simpleness, truly I hope God has mercy on  all the souls affected. remember ask your priest or the Local Ordinary is this worthy of belief?

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Monday, January 17, 2011
  A further thought of Peace and bedlam
I must ask the Hierarchy this question. How many more ways are you going to seek to destroy or dismiss the Sacrament of Reconciliation? Are there not enough who do not practice and receive what is a only a piece of bread. Will you correct me and say no one receives who does not receive grace, and say it without any qualifications of the rite. Again what will you tell Christ when you meet Him at your death in this world?
 Many of the laity, if you ask, consider the sign of peace as forgiveness of sins. In some way each taking part receives forgiveness of some sin or other. Bishops you are seeking to almost remove the authority of Christ in some way and replace it with your institutions. So it would seem if you would examine your conscience and ask why did I make that decision or agree with that viewpoint. I am really so sorry for many of your actions and what they do collectively for your souls. I am surprised that it is not likened to the woman with the issue of blood who wonderfully through faith received some great favor from God. How long before some kind of charisma is apportioned to this rite, you have instituted?
This would also make sense to the catechism Teacher another of the women a member of the enchanted sisterhood and elder from the 70's. This woman told me there is no sin if  one goes to one whom is offended against and sincerely apologizes. I asked where is Jesus in all of this? How much longer  Bishops will it take for you to completely change the Priesthood to your view and make the priest irrevelant. I have heard RCIA teachers say we have to be prepared for the priesthood to vanish in many areas. Of course these are women and we know their point of view, blue stoles and all.
  The sign of peace a rite of belam today
I was very taken by a priestly blog this last week that was about the Sign of Peace. I was quite taken aback by the examples of abuse that many catholics undergo. Now I know of the different of Pastoral Abuse committed by the priests of our Church. But what I read of the consecrated venom of the laity and so many egos was disgusting. I know from experience that even discussing matters of faith discussed privately has shown me that the much bruited fraternal correction cannot exist in the majority of cases. I read in answers on other blogs on which I have offered comments examples of the bullying attitude of many Pharisaical elders inside the Church that is sinful. It is congregational abuse of the worst kind.
I claim that there are accusations made at blogs of the catholic variety that try to make them seem uncharitable, seem untruthful make accusations of calumny and detraction, that is if the catholics who make these accusations of sinfulness really understood what kind of accusations they are making. When reading these blogs one must ask is it gossip or falsehoods. Gossip is telling someone facts that either they can do nothing about or knowing it is just spreading scandal. I find among some catholic bloggers the attitude this is our church we must get together and get the authorities to make changes. That is neither gossip, slander or scandal. Unfortunately we run into the hubris of the Hierarchical Powers who will not speak against the words of a Judas type Apostle. A priest who was my confessor for a long time, as we discussed the behavior of two priests, told me , "if he complained to the bishop of the other priests and this fact was discovered the ones accused could take him before a canon law court and he would be found guilty and punished, even if the tribunal found he was telling the truth". Sometimes canon law is a law of man written to protect the priesthood and their backsides.
It seems that there is confusion in some about what the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is and what we are supposed to do in this nearly God Forsaken World. We are here first to love God above all things and to save our souls and practice charity without pride. Invariably I get to Church early to first make my relationship with God proper. That is to be in the right disposition to commune and communicate with Him. James wrote and Jesus told St Faustina, "The prayers of the pure are always heard". We can only unless it is a dire emergency renew ourselves by the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The Church believes it takes the worst of circumstances to make a perfect act of contrition and often without those circumstances we are not capable of meaning it (Council of Trent) .

Therefore before mass and right after the penance given in the sacrament of reconciliation I pray this way and you may well recognize the form of the prayer.
Look down from your cross O good and gentle Jesus, while before your face and in your presence, I prostrate my soul in humble supplication to pray for all catholic souls whether they be righteous, just, tepid, fallen, lost or forgotten. For my self I ask that Your Body and Blood will be the food for my soul 'til the end of time and in eternity. For us all I ask for lively and active sentiments of Faith, Hope, Charity and the Virtue of religion. Grant all souls full knowledge of all our sins and draw us to the confessional. While we are there grant us the grace to make, to mean, to live and fulfill a firm purpose of amendment. Cause us to turn our face to you and know of the dreadful price you paid for our salvation through your passion and death and the shedding of your most precious blood. Call us into your wounds and shelter us, cause us to know as David wrote, it was us who pierced your hands and your feet and broke all your bones. Now I pray for the Holy Father our Pope."

I will remind you that I find it disgusting that any catholic blogger seeks kudos for his or her efforts on the Internet, by soliciting the popular vote. If they are being moved by the Holy Spirit then the self same spirit will make very sure that enough people will read it, and that should suffice. Any action on their part to manipulate the Holy Spirit is pompous in the extreme

I find reading the comments on this subject such a lack of humility by some. I have a strong impression that their egos are really offended if we do not grant them the peace of Christ. How droll is their pride. How can I or you give them peace, Christ warned us of a peace the world cannot give but like the old Pax Dominum I can ask for peace for all, that the priest who is the sacrificial minister can give, will be given to all present. I have and I know of others who get literally swooped on from afar and receive a real harsh bang on whatever part of our bodies the punisher can reach. A blow which I accept as Christ did when suffering His passion. Look at the pride in that action, and I know of the smug looks I see as I turn to see who is so ignorant. It is not peace they are sending but smarten up fool. I showed you. It does happen and the blog confirmed what I knew. How sinful do you think this is when one considers it is witnessed by Christ upon the Altar? Consider how grave a sin it is if as I believe the Body of Christ resurrected is now present on the Altar of Sacrifice.
Two facts that must be considered. The first one is, "The ancient words of God must be remembered, "A curse on those who say there is peace where there is no peace. Ezechiel or Jeremiah I believe. False Irenicism I call this heresy or sin. Also secondly it would be a better thing to hold hands at the Creed than the Our Father if a sign of unity is needed. Both of these signs are charismatic in origin and since the profession of Faith we make is not the same as other cults then ecumenism forbids this universality, especially with the number of Christians who drop by to see what the catholic Heretics are up to. I can tell you from personal experience that it would surprise you to know how many people sitting beside you in church are not catholic and have never received any formal entrance into the Church. As one said I like your minister better than ours. Another group said, Our pastor is on holiday so we came here, we always do and often. The first example was with someone who in conversation seemed to be more reformist than papal. This was also after several weeks of talking to her. The Parish Priest did not care since he had been in the Parish, numbers and donations were up.
By the way, "Did Christ stop the Last Supper, get up to hug and kiss the Apostles especially Judas, before giving Himself to them at the Eucharist?" Of what sin are the Bishop's guilty when they consider that they should do more than Christ because He missed out on Charity? I mentioned that I went to confession prior to mass and what does that do for me? Well the Church teaches that in confession the priest stands in for God, Church and the parishioners and through his absolution I receive reconciliation with all three. Why then does the Church nowadays tell me I need to leave my offering and go to seek other's forgiveness? I already have it through the Sacrament. Why I ask should I symbolically desert Christ upon the altar? For me it would be like leaving the Cross. I refuse categorically to desert as so many Apostles once did. Is not the Mass the unbloody representation and true actions of the Passion death and resurrection of the Passion of Christ or do any of you think the Early Church had it wrong?


My Rosary Voice what it means and you work it out for yourselves

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