For His Glory and His Alone
Thursday, November 01, 2012
Nov 1st Feast of All Saints

I felt I needed to reinforce the Blog about three attempts ago. There was a lot I wanted to say and took out. so I continue
Revisiting to an earlier blog on traditions and habits, where of course, I was talking more about the West with observations and experiences seen in my past and present life. These are the actions and circumstances which I did and do experience. These experiences then make it very personal for me. It was my father’s Church that he loved. These being my reasons, then how you accept this content or how you behave are matters for your conscience. If you can successfully silence your mind that is somewhat lacking in information, then we have nothing in common. You stand before God and I kneel before the Almighty.
Of course, with common sense for your eternal future, you will check with your parish priest. He is the Pastor of your soul. Check to see if this is in conformity with Church teaching or habits. You must check for veracity in what you read, even up to and including your Bishop. No matter how these thoughts are received, or how this blog is written, so many will be uncomfortable and perhaps even feel the inner poke of some annoying feeling. Then of course, as is our wont in this world, those affected will find ways to justify their stand or how they feel.
Do you or your parish priest believe, think or fear perhaps these modern actions or lack of reverence are indicative of a lack of respect of Our Lord, Mary’s Son, and expressed visibly by our behaviour in the King’s House? It is not the counting house of nursery rhymes. Is this is not what the Church is today? Seeing and hearing of the demands of the Bishops for funds, who have become more cognisant of finances for social accommodations than their and our spiritual salvation, I have to wonder.
The Church or our soul is the Palace, or in a very personal way the Temple, where the King should reign. Can we say without doubt that we personally, with a temple and interior altar of our own, and the Church with a temple and altar, are inhabited by the King of Glory? Are you in a state of grace? Is the virtue of religion or piety, truly present in your life? Do you “pant” as the deer does to share your inner life and your religion to be an example to your children and others? Am I so wrong? To prove me so you must, but before you do pray for guidance, discuss with your life your priest, preferably in the privacy of the Confessional. Leave no stone unturned, in your seeking for truth. Ask God Himself in His Son’s name, “My God! My God how have I rejected You?” Doubtless to ease your conscience, you will not. Why not? Is it, because in the catholic way today, our sensuality tells us, “In my personal opinion, I cannot be wrong, the Spirit tells me”. What spirit may I ask? Is not this the way of the Catholic world today lived with encouragement of many priests, who do know better, who wanting to make their priestly lives easier, minimize the spiritual way to be comfortable themselves? We all fit our senses into the sense of the world. I have heard so many sorry excuses given by many priests for easy living in the Catholic Faith. I have been given Readers Digest penances, to warnings about being too Holy, since God does not want us that way. Does He, I ask you, truly want us that tepid? Do you not feel and could it be agreed on by us all, that Catholics today do not believe all Scriptures, but by osmosis, that process of gradual or unconscious assimilation of ideas and knowledge, they end up resisting strenuously, perhaps obstinately, the teachings of the Church. I find we tend to choose Luther on forgiveness of sins and Justification rather that Christ on Grace. Realizing that Justification is not righteousness. Joseph, the foster father of God, must have been extremely just but he had to wait for righteousness until His Son’s death, before he could enter heaven. Do we not see this in catholic politicians and in the actions of many priests and religious? They avoid any chance not to be, as they should be, “a stone of contradiction”.
Consider these facts to which we are directed by Christ, “I came not to change the law but to fulfil it”, which is I write, Jesus made the Law perfect. We are therefore with acts (the virtues) of piety and religion bound by Christ’s Jewishness to, and into, many of the customs and the rules of the Old Testament into which Jewish mankind terrified, by God’s actions, were driven, directed, commanded and even pushed by God. These acts of homage drawn from scared men meant that God’s punishments and rewards made the Hebrews of old act with bodily or perhaps it was saintly actions showing examples of piety, reverence and religious fervour. God took their fear, as He always does, and turned it to Love. Christ also, in the completion in Him of the Jewish Faith, could not do anything new only renew or fulfil. He had the power to renew the soul, through the forgiveness of sins, which caused us to be reborn in His Father’s family. Writing metaphorically spiritually, I say we left the family of the snake and worms grovelling in the dirt to be washed clean into the family of light. Even the sacrifice of Himself offered followed the Old Law. He was the first Fruit and only the most perfect of these fruits could God offer, as we must try to ourselves. Try to make it perfect as best we can. He can see what we need to be perfect and He adds to our wishful attempts. He was without blemish and was, as the Council of Trent stated, Whole and Entire under either kind alone. As the prophet said, “Nothing was broken and removed”, and His blood was poured out upon the world that had become the altar”. YES!! The earth, our world is a huge altar created by God for His Love. Love is Creation and therefore Creation is to give Love. Mankind is God’s glory but unfortunately due to Adam and Eve that great act of creation was overshadowed by sin and unfortunately in that great Temple, that is the world, the altar, must be used not only for love but for EXPIATION. I mean atonement and reparation. All creatures take part in the great atonement and the more we are perfectly innocent the better and purer is the expiation. It is as scripture says, in Habakkuk 1:13 “Thy eyes are too pure to behold evil, and thou canst not look on iniquity”. If we are sinful then God cannot, will not see us. The Hebrews saw it as God turning His Face from us. The purer we are, the more acceptable are we as part of the sacrifice. Lacking purity we are ugly and God cannot see us. The sacrifice with the advent of Christ became twofold. It became a sacrifice of love and of expiation. The Byzantine Church has this expectation as we Latins once did. When we take Holy Communion, we stand before the Throne of Judgement, for that is to where Christ ascended. We could say that when we all pray the great Amen it is an acclamation of Jesus ascending to take up His Place to accept our sacrifice, that rejoining His Body to His soul, signified by the adding of a small part of the Body to the Blood. I suggest you watch the actions of the priest at this time very carefully. The Church used to teach in the old days this was the Time of the Resurrection. Expect therefore that we are judged at this time too, to see if we can rise again with Christ. St Paul did write, “Those who eat and drink unworthily takes judgement upon him or her self. Surely St Paul meant sooner than later. Ugly as or with sin, God sees nothing to whom to give Himself.
Where was all this meant to lead you. I hope to an understanding of Apostle Jame’s Letter and the words of Christ to St Faustina, “The prayers of the Pure are always heard”. The Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is a prayer of one of two actions. One is a long groan of expiation, the other one long sigh of thanksgiving. I cannot say which comes first. The purer, the cleaner our soul means for you and I, the better we behave in adoring God and loving the Mystical Body, the more grace or merits are added to the Sanctifying Grace of Confession. Did Christ not say, “If you love Me, you will keep My commandments”. If you do not accept this and you do not have to, one might feel the shadow covering your heart and soul, once removed by baptism is back and the rite of Confession is needed. Any Catholic who feels he or she can confess directly to God are fooling themselves. They say in their heart and mind, due I expect to a lack of the virtue of fortitude, “Jesus did not have to die for me. He did not need the power to forgive sins. God, we tend to think, we being effected badly by Lutherism, died for our forgiveness and all the sin of the world are forgiven. Up to that time maybe but do you really think that even those sins we commit after His Death are included in His Passion”? He said to the Apostles, “I have the power to forgive sins”. Did He mean just the once?
Now let us examine Jewish Customs which we did use. There are I suspect others but here are some for your consideration. The Jewish faithful when entering the Temple would not dare to go in soiled clothing. They would not get up in the morning before their visit and pick up clothes or rags worn the day before and stand before God with the dirt of the world (which they considered a symbol of sins) upon them or their garments. They would not dare stand before him in His House and seem to be impure. We and many of us do enter the Royal Palace of out King, Lord and Master in everyday clothes and stand proudly to receive the Sacrifice without, confession, penance or expiation. Even growing up as working class in ENGLAND and a HALF IRISH peasant at that; we wore suits and dresses we saved for this occasion. These clothes were placed carefully at the back of the clothes cupboard during the week. I know some families had to get them out of hock. They were special occasion clothes. Today we dress better for graduation parties, for drunken night outs, for secular ceremonies than we do for Church. When we make very personal and I would suppose somewhat intimate appearances before the Beak (Judge). A time when we hide we hide our dirty personalities behind cleanliness and new suits. How can you think, as many do at this moment, that we cannot find extra cash. Then I say do without some luxuries to dress better for Church. If you do make the claim of abject poverty, you lie to yourselves and count secular civil ceremonies above the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and God’s Tabernacle as a second rate dwelling. I cannot help but feel many who attend Mass in our Church hold it lower in their estimation than ceremonies at the palaces of presidents, governors and courthouses. This is of course due to a poor knowledge of the Holy Sacrifice. Of course now comes the justification, “Christ was born in a cave”. Did He have to? We refused Him then too. We did not know Him, nor was He recognized. Nothing has changed, it seems. Must we continue this lack of charity as a custom and make it a tradition? I mean pay the unrecognized Christ child with the lack of charity as the Jewish laity of Nazareth did then? I hope not. The Jews were extremely insistent on prostrations or kneeling, giving respect for God, when He was known to be present. They would never write or say His Name. We genuflect on the right knee rather than the sinister or left knee; we bless ourselves with the right hand, yet today many of us use the left. Pity Blessed Mary as she watches over us as Mother. Do you not think it is symbolic, to a Jewish Mother converted to Christianity, of a bow to wickedness, using the left side? The side where the goats will be sent. A true catholic mother would be very worried what this sign might mean. But of course there is always the danger of being called superstitious. We used to beat our breast, as did the Hebrews, in the Confiteor, in the Kyrie, in the Gloria and the Lord I am not worthy, The ancient Jewish custom when admitting to sins committed. We beat our breast at every “Lord have mercy on us”, during the Mass and during the Litanies, also at the part now removed from the Canon, the “Nobis Quoque Pecatoribus”. By these signs we admitted what we were, sinful and in need of forgiveness. All our Missals had little crosses in red at any and every mention of the Trinity where we made the sign of the Cross. In the Novus Ordo there is little mention of the Trinity. We used holy water to bless ourselves entering church again part of our Jewish ancestry in washing off the dirt of the world when entering Church or catholic homes. Why do you priests not instruct us to do so still? Are you too frightened to instruct us in reverence? It would seem like it Father. We enter our churches like we would enter any other evangelical, non catholic Church where Christ does not reign. Am I wrong? I think we should all pay better attention to what we should be and not be what we are. Is this the result of Oecumenism?
What of other Jewish customs and misrepresented beliefs. There is one that even the Houses of Governments still use I mean the rod of discipline. Jews looked upon the rod as the authority to use Discipline. We look at it as a stick by which we physically punish. It never was, but the holder could discipline wrongdoers. Witness the Rod carried into Parliament here and in the UK. The rod was carried by the head of the guards at the Jewish temple, the keys carried by the Grand Vizier, the ruler’s housekeeper and deputy, who opened the doors for the people to enter the king’s palace. The Leader of the Jewish community and each family was always the elder brother by the Jewish law of inheritance, found in Deuteronomy, Numbers and Leviticus. God the Father who gave the Law had the sole right to give this position to whom He favoured. Read the story of Isaac, Esau and Jacob and how a vegetable stew symbolically gave Jacob the headship of Israel, not forgetting the fur coat, with which, Jacob’s mother disguised him. The Jewish Apostles recognizing this saw all the authority the Church would need to be unchanging and eternal. Jesus had to make Peter the Elder Brother. The Apostles, Hebrews of various Levels of education, all understood first why Peter was the keeper of the keys and then why Jesus had to power to give them, “the Forgiveness of Sins”. Catholics today are so ignorant and it is a deliberate action by many of us to be this way. It saves arguing with those outside the Church. We take our opinion of what we think of what ecumenicism is to make us liked by the other christians. What was supposed to make it easy for them to join us, went the other way and the interpretation given by other christians became ours, making it so much easier for them to conquer our religious and pious ways. By the Way even the Bishop with his crozier is the elder brother in the diocese for which he is spiritually responsible.
Again my advice is to take this letter to your parish priest and ask him if believing this will cause you to be a heretic? If you can’t work out if you really love Christ or your religion founded in the Mystical Body of Christ, I must ask do you lack fortitude? Do you act spiritually or sensually, ruled by passions and not by Grace?. If you decide, no one except you and God will know of your lack of interest. Who cares you say? I remind you of this, “there are no such things as coincidences and what if a non catholic asks you why do we venerate the position of the Pope? Can you really answer intelligently using historical facts?

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012
Just who is King?

Edmund Burke (1729-1797) wrote this thought, “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.” Burke was a British Statesman and Philosopher. A Bristolian, as I am, he is generally viewed as the philosophical founder of modern political conservatism.
I have heard this quote used many, many times and paraphrases thereof. It is used so many times and certainly by most of you.
Here is some history many of you will not know.

“Let all men know how empty and worthless is the power of kings. For there is none worthy of the name but God, whom heaven, earth and sea obey”.
So spoke King Canute the Great, the legend says, seated on his throne on the seashore, waves lapping round his feet. Canute had learned that his flattering courtiers claimed he was “So great, he could command the tides of the sea to go back”. Now Canute was not only a religious man, but also a clever politician. He knew his limitations....even if his courtiers did he had his throne carried to the seashore and sat on it as the tide came in, commanding the waves to advance no further. When they didn’t, he had made his point that, though the deeds of kings might appear ‘great’ in the minds of men, they were as nothing in the face of God’s power

First of all before I continue, I really do not think this King, of whom you will read in the following, is a bad person. It is his courtiers who are the problem. They are spin doctors and hidden faces that are somewhat mean in their treatment of the rank and file of the peasantry. They will as did Henry VIIIth. pay off the barons with funds so will this King by poor advice pay off others with funds taken from the peasants.
Watching what is truly drama in the news reporting of Hurricane Sandy, I am not surprised to see they, the reporters have missed the true drama. Here is where there will be a rush to dismiss the following remarks. The usual “ad hominem” remarks and unintelligent insults will be provided by those of both superior intelligence and “must win at all costs to prove I am better” pundits. I am neither a crazy evangelist, nor am I a fundamentalist. Rather I wish to be known as an orthodox catholic, who studies, somewhat imperfectly the History of God’s community in this world. 
Canute, King of Denmark, Norway and Britain listened to his courtiers and showed them they were wrong. Their new King, by their own public opinion, of the most powerful country in the world today, could not stop and cannot stop the huge tides, thrown against the East Coast of his kingdom...... They have not yet conquered Afghanistan.
Where did these tides, winds, weather and winds come from? Who made them? The secular defense or answer to the question will of course be “Coincidence” and the relatively new theology of Global Warming. These defenders are today's courtiers of the new king and the scoffers of history.
So I ask again just how did winds form miles off shore, move in a time honored direction, almost it seems by some rule we cannot understand, since time and tide wait for no man. They just how did this action change for them to take an unusual turn to the west Turn to visit the most crowded part of North America? How did a cold spell come down at the right time to meet them? How did this all come together with the Fullness of the moon and high tides. Which incidentally never happened at any time before. Was this natural evolution, global warming or did Gaia, mother nature decide to tell us a joke. She is some humorist, don’t you think? No sign of such a huge storm before in time in the history of the world. It is not written in the dirt of the earth from ages before nor in the ancient books. Unless we take into account the Jewish Torah or Tanakh. Where seas were blown apart, Locusts sprang up, inhabitants of fertile lands were defeated by a Jewish God. If the Jews do not believe what their history tells them then they have no right to Jerusalem. Any Jew secular or religious will of course now leave Jerusalem immediately. The Jewish scriptures make this claim in their revered history book. God gave this land to us.

Wisdom 16:16
For the wicked that denied to know thee, were scourged by the strength of thy arm, being
persecuted by strange waters, and hail, and rain, and consumed by fire.

Jeremias 51:16
When he uttereth his voice the waters are multiplied in heaven: he lifteth up the clouds from the
ends of the earth, he hath turned lightning into rain: and hath brought forth the wind out of his

I hope this King does not make a wrong move and bring home his army, leaving Palestine unprotected. 

A day later OCT 31st.

As I knew, I was warned that what I wrote was not charitable and was not only uncharitable but judgmental. Also I insulted the American People and their Armed Forces. Not one question to at least “examine” my state of mind. First of all get this straight, there are many who can tell you of the great honour in which I hold the US forces, which I have communicated by sending on various links. Not one has asked what I pray for, when I think about this calamitous occasion. Well I asked that God if He would to take care of the little children, take care of the old and the infirm and provide shelter for the homeless. What did many of you pray for? I asked very specifically, "The Catholic Church would rise to the occasion and provide shelter warmth and food. That Catholics would visit the sick and take food to the elderly?" This I can tell you, generally what many asked for was along these lines, “Let me keep my house, do not let me die and I will behave in the future”. All ‘gimmes’ and no I’m sorry

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My Rosary Voice what it means and you work it out for yourselves

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