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Friday, November 09, 2012
  Does anyone realize they will stand before ME?
Wow! One e-mail I have received over the last days, really takes me to task about my attitude and is not only judgmental, which I do not consider sinful, but sentences me spiritually, which is decidedly sinful. I still maintain that the Catholic Vocation is prayer. It is prayer that will gain us righteousness and a direct entrance into heaven, for God is righteous. What is prayer to us, in the Catholic Faith. It is the sacraments, the Holy Mysteries, by which we say we are sorry take us back, forgive us and then the petitions for Grace through the other five. It is the forms of prayer found in the rituals those tradition by which the Apostles taught us to pray and the forms of prayer the Church has authorized as worthy of use. Prayer is a ladder an ascension that takes us heavenwards. A Ladder of Divine Ascent, a habit, a grace filled mystical habit, whose steps are high and steep. God helps us every step of the way providing the impetus which draws us ever higher towards His and our home for all eternity. Notwithstanding when we loose His help we slip back a-ways. We, as the Church has traditionally said “fall”. Fallen catholic that is what we become and according to one of six commandments of the Church now called precepts, when we lose that sanctifying grace that blesses our steps we must go back to the Holy Mystery of Confession and say sorry, please forgive me and make a vow before the priest not to do it again (my own fat chance). Nevertheless it must be done and we must try hard to keep that vow. It, prayer, must become for us a bondage to GRACE, as opposed to what, the bondage to sin, of course, by which we descend through sin which becomes a habit and lower still to becoming addicted to sin to the extent we are ready to enter the wrong place for all eternity. The wrong place is the kingdom of hatred and loneliness.
Just before the top end of the Ladder, maybe if perhaps we use the Hebrew Understanding of the Seven Rungs of the Ladder we will find the step that is Divine Contemplation where assisted by grace we pray in a different manner where our soul purified by compunction one of the early stages of true prayer, literally expresses its love for God before it lapses into the Prayer of Silence. This is not praying in silence, but of silence. It is a grace filled demand made by one’s purity of soul. It is a demand God makes. “Be Silent” we are told and in perfect obedience to Him who is the creator and lover of Mankind we shut up. Therefore until we learn to, we can go no further. Again this is not our effort but we have reached into the inner chamber of our soul where God holds the conversation, literally, I believe with Himself, the Holy Ghost, the Divine Eternal Spirit of Supernatural Love and Sanctifying Grace. It is Him who holds sway, asks the questions of us, answers them for us. His Divine Intellect is in control and we can know His will for us. This is where we learn to contemplate God and the future which is ever present in God’s mind.
Has He asked me questions? Yes, just as unfortunately I have questioned Him pridefully, unfortunately since I have been told, “Be Silent”. Also a very stern voice has asked, “Who do you think you are? I lead, you follow. I died for you read scriptures”. A kinder voice whom I take to be Mary, my mother has said, “My Goodness, Michael you will be always asking questions, even in eternity”. I hope I never have to ask, “Why am I here? What did I do for You to reject me?” For one of the questions I have been asked lately is, “Why does no one truly believe they will stand before me and I will judge them?”
Over the next little while I will tell you of questions asked and what my thoughts were. More reasons I seem to have for the errant behavior of my peers in the Church. I say peers because it seems I go through a sort of tribunal. So now I give you a fair warning, learn to pray and ask your own questions. Do not lumber me with yours’, let alone the problems I know that my prayers have brought me to face. It is hard enough to for me to listen to a very kind criticism of my own ways. So now try this. Print, copy or e mail this to your parish priest or Bishop for that matter. Ask him bluntly, “Can this be true?” After all the their stuttering you can by Church customs tell him to check with the Bishop. Remind them you are their sheep and questions of religion must be answered. Personally I think they should get into the habit they assumed for themselves as priests, appointed to be spiritual guides and confessors in your parishes and dioceses. It seems they may have abdicated from this position quite deliberately. Ask them that too. Remind them you will not achieve heaven without their guidance.

Remember Teresa Higginson’s great prayer to the Divine Intellect , “Wisdom of the Sacred Head guide me in all Thy ways. O! Love of the Sacred Heart consume me with your Fire

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Thursday, November 08, 2012
  What does it mean for my salvation, let alone my fathers?
I have tried so hard to understand, Why Vatican 2" I can neither find a real good reason nior have I been able to read of one why it was occured. The Pope who ruled it must happen made the decision practically overnight. He opened it and according to his own words “went back to his office” and left it to the Bishops watching it on the “Telly” as he did other work. He ordered, yes he did, it was not to change any dogma. The Bishops decided that they could not form a pastoral council without changing dogma. Canon Moeller wrote this in the book, “Vatican 2, An Interfaith Appraisal”. The Council decided the Church needed to be purified. When did this happen that the Church is both sinful and a sacrament. No wonder we are all at se(a)e over sin. We were taught the Church cannot sin but the Churchmen do. Off course if we are all catholic, baptized by some strange desire which we never fulfill, it surely needs purifying. Another strange twist against the Church teaching on the baptism of desire. It is very strange for me to read that other pseudo catholic, other christian sects are Catholics because although they do not want to be but they desire to be. A great statement made by Bishop Oxymoron. No wonder they give the Eucharist to all and sundry who present themselves at our altars. Look at the statement again the Church needs to be pure. If so then there is no Holy Spirit. I ask therefore what spirit was there?
I learnt my faith and Catholic Beliefs from and was taught  by logical teachers who were good Catholics. Those who lived in our parish I often saw them at confession and knew by their example how a catholic should attend the sacraments daily. One or two I saw often at the early morning worker's mas. I can only see and know my father and his beliefs, by the new standards of Vatican 2, are diametrically opposite to the new and changed teachings of 1965. The mass never forgave mortal or grave sins except venial sins were taken care of by the priests words as my teacher called it the little absolution. Yet today's Church says it does. This prayer or blessing was said twice during the Tridentine mass. It was the Indulgentiam absolutionem et remissionem. Now we find the mass of the catechumens replaced by the penitential rite and the I confess is treated as an act of perfect contrition by uninterested laity. Or as I have been told the sign of peace is an act of the forgiveness of sins or as a priest told me all sins present are forgiven at the words of the consecration of the Blood. Do not tell me I am wrong I have asked other parishoners. I have learnt from women who say they have not been to confession for thirty years. One said she did not need to. She was a good catholic. Why priest do you not ask them yourself or is the sacrament of confession not so important anymore? Do you think what I write is not of any help? Wad not Vatican 2 all about empowering thew laity? I ask you again am I to consider my Father is now a heretic and was all his life? Do not bother to write me a noted theologian told me I was just getting in the way.
What did the Anglicans think of it. Canon Pawley called it in the book, "The Second Vatican Council, Studies by eight Anglican Observers" and he revels in two things. How the observers from other faiths were able to fashion the council into seeing their views and that overnight anglicam missionaries in South America had acess to the people that they never had before.  We can certainly see there sucess.
Should I point out how easy it is for evangelicals etc can now steal baptised catholics in lands where the blood of our martyrs fertilized the rocky grounds. Look at the USA catholic immigrants, legal and illegal rush into the US, our Bishops use the growing numbers of them to make the Catholic Population seem fruitful and yet social reports show they ate only here ten minutes and they become evangelicals and pentecostals. It es said statistics are lies. Yet the figures published by Pew and other statistical groups tell a different story than our bishops. Is this true? You say not aznd I ask why then a synod on evangelkization if we are not loosing our catholic souls to other denomenations? We, if we were honest, would publish numbers which show, the lost, the fallen, the forgotten and practicing catholics.
Why not take this blog give it to your parish priest and ask for an explanation. Do you think you have fortitude to ask or do you not have any interest in the matter? After all it is onnly part of the second great commandment.
Do you think priests that I need not confess I have not loved my heighbours as God has loved me? Do you think He, our Lord will judge me harshly for my views? What will you say if he asked you about yours?

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Wednesday, November 07, 2012
  Words! Words! and Spin
I read all I can find on the Catholic Church. I do have a good memory for the meaning of words and I have access to dictionaries on line and an Oxford etymological dictionary at the local library. Therefore I am at a loss sometimes to understand what I read. Regularly the way words are used differ to the meanings of the words used. In fact it seems there is an ignorance that modern terms have, when viewed by what they used to mean. When writers’ opinions on what words now mean can explain why we do not and cannot communicate “understandably”? I also find so many of the instructions in our church canon laws are remarkably impracticable. One that I find most confusing is for a confession to be licit a screen must be hung, in place, between the priest and his client. I use the word client a little sarcastically. It was used in a commentary about Vatican two and how the Faithful were considered. I do say and, of course many will take exception, canon law is mostly written by the priesthood, some of whom never defend it or the Body of Christ. Look at the controversy over giving Communion to Church Dissenters. Those politicians who vote to support abortions and Birth Control and publicly defend their positions. What I mean is why bother to make laws that the majority do not follow or deliberately break? Is this because of the definition as stated by Vatican 2, of the Sensus Fidei and used to alleviate the guilt of sinners. It is more likely to be a lack of fortitude, a fright of the reaction of weak bishops. It is not this sense, of course it is not. The individual believer participates in the Church’s sensus fidei only insofar as he is guided by and is faithfully obedient to the Magisterium. A layman who refuses to accept that guidance is manifesting not his God-given sense of the faith but the unformed state of his conscience and the incompleteness of his submission to the Word of God. Do I believe all that?​ Not really because when this was quoted at Vatican 2, the true sense of Catholic Spirituality, I mean the very foundation of our Holiness, the sacrament of confession was gradually yet rapidly in decline. I asked a priest once who became a Bishop in a discussion about the above, actually I wrote him a letter and asked, “How can you say the Laity’s sense of the presence of the Holy Spirit is accurate. How can you claim this when many have not been to confession for years? I could have given the names of so many with whom I had discussed how often they confessed their sins to a priest.
Another wrong meaning in the use of a word is sanctification when sanctifying is what is meant. A book written by a catholic priest says the Bishops have the power of sanctification yet it is more real to say they have as do their priests the power of sanctifying. They can through Baptism, Confession sanctify us by the forgiveness of sins. Sanctification is the result which we achieve by using the Sacraments. They can make us saints and we carry out the act of sanctification. In fact our true sanctification makes the 5 sacraments of the Living more fruitful by adding the individual graces of these sacraments to the sanctified, pure soul. The Eucharist therefore is only fruitful when we have sanctifying grace to add too. Every debt we owe to God repaid and if we are of the right mind and actions, grace is applied to our souls. One smiles when we remember as children we were told our actions are written down in the Book of Life.  I smile because God knows all things why then does God need a diary?
 I shudder whenever I hear the words First Fridays, so many work in the practice of this devotion. They never realizing that the graces of that devotion are not awarded if our Church demands, through Her power of the Keys,  we go to confession and then make a Holy Communion before the promised rewards are given to our soul. Ask your parish priest and watch him try to disseminate. I would remind you for the sake of charity to make this known to your brothers and sisters at or on each First Friday. It is not the intention of the receiver that is considered but the state of the receiver that qualifies the person for the plenary indulgence.
It is like Love, and I cannot bring myself to use the word unconditional, God was, is and quite ruthless when He makes a decision about us. You do not think so. Then why was He so quick to throw Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden. They sinned and what was the next fruit over which they would have demanded control. It was the knowledge of creation. They were long gone.
What about what could be the most perfect act of contrition the “Miserere”. What did David mean when he prayed, “Turn not your face from me, nor take away your Holy Spirit”? What does the first Chapter of the book of Wisdom say about God and a sinful soul? What did Christ say to Peter when He told Jesus He was wrong about the death and passion.Get out of My sight”? What Jesus do when the young man could not do all the things necessary to follow Him? He watched him leave and talked about camels. A brute without a sentient heart and soul. Look at the Passion, Christ dying for us on the Cross and Dismas commonly called the, “Good Thief” when repenting a sorrow brought about by a reference to Mary, Jesus’ mother readily forgave Dismas. He had no good thing and totally ignored the unrepentant sinner on the third cross. Unconditional love in the way the word is used today is a myth. Jesus laid down His and His Father’s sentiment conditionally governed by the conditional preposition, “If you love Me, you will keep My commandments. Personally if a Catholic hears of any difference between what he thinks is true and his knowledge, he is bound by the virtue if his faith to seek Wisdom.

Ask your parish priest for his advice on this subject matter. It will make a good discussion.

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