For His Glory and His Alone
Friday, November 16, 2012
  Defending my beliefs and laughing at the ad hominem accusation of dissent.

Just a little aside, a “non sequitur”, if you will permit me, before I write on another subject with which I have a great displeasure. I sent to many of you a link to two web pages, one was to the American Government procurement office and one to, a real foolish man with conspiracy theories tattooed on his rear end.
 In the Papal Catholic Church there are some priests who have made a great living out of the conspiracy theory they have drummed up over Fatima. One is very rich, and I, from asking, thinks he takes more from the local parish,than is tithed. A truth agree d to by my former confessor. My very personal problem is this; soon perhaps I will die and I want to be ready for that occasion. How many of us Catholics pray to St Joseph for happy death? I will also add that the Church on earth will end when God has had enough of our mendacious squabbling, and we drive out the Holy Spirit. Attitudes is a better word to use than mendacious, I think. The personal egos of the Hierarchs seem to rise above the calls of unity or the revelations and explanations of the Magisterium. They are confusion and whom I ask is the God of confusion? He, our God, does not have to warn me the Hierarchy are going to hell in a handcart. Are they in all honesty anything other than disputatious collegians. They totally lack unity. One allows the Eucharist to be given to outright heretic dissenters. One allows disordered unconfessed sinners to receive Him, our Lord and no signs of any conscience stricken acts. Very little unity of Humanae Vitae. Not one unified defense of the Church on Birth Control. Most are completely by their actions of the Canon laws they use as a weapon against the Laity. How so or why they are this way, is beyond me. Their actions are totally confusing any newly baptized Catholics are right to ask, “What is right?”
I have been told I am becoming more militant and a dissenter. The first I accept, the latter I throw the word like stones into their mouths, paraphrasing St Augustine in his recollections who made the statement, “There is nothing so profitable as throwing the Words of St Cyprian into the teeth of the Donatists”.
So if I throw the Bishop’s actions back at them always careful not to dissent with the Magisterium, the Pope, the papal office and scriptures I will in good conscience point out the anomalies and confusion the teachers of the Church are fostering in the laity. By the way I have every right to be militant, a word that has been lost in the Church of today. I have every right as I attend the Church for mass and other rituals to contend with whoever and whatever when I see and hear of the cockamamie opinions and knowledge of what the Church teaches. I am militant part of the Church Miltant and beware those of you who judge me to be a sinner. I mean those who say you are not a member of the Catholic Church in this temporal World. You have judged me to be fallen and not worthy of heaven. Who is to blame for that DO YOU NOT CONSIDER IT APPLIES TO YOU READERS TOO? Take this once more to your parish priest to your bishop and ask,"What do you think of this?" When he says the Church doesnot teach that, then ask for the sake of your own goodness. "What does it teach? Is it right to give the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar to self confessed sinners?"

Ps. A little something I missed. The next priest or hierarch of the Papal Church. I have some very questios to ask him about  the actions of some bishops. Starting with this phrase, "Is this news true, was he right?

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012
  What should we consider when we examine our life
We, as Catholics, are instructed by Church Teachings to look at ourselves, to examine ourselves, even in a roundabout way to examine others. You deny this other examination and call it judging? Why so? If we understand love aright, we know through the second great commandment, we must love others more than oneself. To love this way we must go a step higher, ascend towards Heaven and see the greatest commandment of all and in a small but convoluted manner by loving the Jesus we should see in others and die to the slanderous misinterpretation of the word “judge”. We must be willing to receive the condemnation of others for tell them, "you are sinning". First of all the Apostles and even Jesus Himself, who could not go outside the bounds of the teaching revelation of the Hebrew faith and judge rightly, is never taken into account. Jews believed we cannot ask for a punishment greater than the sentence of the God of Justice who is above mercy, who is Jesus. His Father being Justice. It is the highest imperative of our lives, we rise above justification, which is not justice, to righteousness. Catholics given much, in the Sacraments, must not easily accept Purgatory but must, MUST, achieve Heaven for that is what is expected of us. It is part of the Judgment, our Triumphant Christ, will use when we come before Him at both the time we stand before Him at the end of our life here on earth and the final Judgment at the cessation of all temporal worldly life.
Therefore I suggest we look at all things done for our benefit. We have to take all things into account, especially those we do for the total benefit of our interior life, for the charitable behavior above all things towards the Trinity and towards our neighbors. Look closely in all things that effect us to find the workings of heavenly forces done for our eternal benefit and assess the value of these deeds in our miserable earthly life. Did we use them or did we refuse them? This is Wisdom and when used by us it is Wisdom created in us and our brothers and sisters in Christ. It is also a very English devotion at least it used to be. St Bede, St Duns Scotus and Fr Baker SJ and Teresa Higginson were great proponents of this devotion.
The last, a woman, who should be sainted, is highly qualified by today’s statutes, those written qualifications for sainthood of the Church. Disqualified because as theologians said the Church did not need another devotion. What a load of hogwash? Teresa’s devotion preceded Christ in time on earth. It is contained in Chapter 9 of the Book of Wisdom. Teresa’s revelations were of God’s Memory, Understanding and Knowledge. All contained in the Sacred Head of Christ. It is His Divine Intellect. My goodness how mush we need access to this Magnificent Feature today? The head is where the brain is. Christ’s wisdom was uncreated. Any reasonably intelligent Catholic lay man or woman can or will call this, as the world does, our intellect. Why could the theologians not know this? Of course I believe firmly and strongly that for us to release the power of uncreated wisdom in us, we must be solidly entrenched, firmly and strongly in the state of the grace that sanctifies. Then I believe the past, the present and the future that exists in God, is ours to plumb and use for His Good and of course ours. For Teresa’s qualifications see You can also find her biography for download at,
Ask yourself was Teresa Higginson really needed by the Church? You can only answer that question by reading her story. Unless we the Laity work for her beatification nothing will happen.
The next woman that should be blessed is Rose Ferron, a Catholic Lay Woman, born in Quebec and spent most of her life in Fall River. Read her story at This is another case where, unless we Laity work for her beatification nothing will happen.
We cannot doubt that in the Church today the habit is more Priests and Religious are blessed by their peers than the Laity. Is it not a prophesy that the Laity will save the Church??
You will read on one of the above web pages the usual silly disclaimer that the writer acknowledges the authority of the Church as the final arbiter in the case of theology, and the case for sanctification etc., in the hands of the Church. Does that in today's church only mean the priesthood. I wonder often in today’s church if this is still the case since Vatican 2 has made the inclusion of the Laity to be prominent in Church affairs? Can, in today’s Church a lay man or woman have enough grace to make an informed decision on the Holiness of their brothers and sisters? This is of course if we use the sacraments wisely and can prove them to be our personal way and the habits of our daily life? 
It seems that at last the Hierarchy is becoming equally concerned as I am of the sanctified sacramental life of priests. Why do I, you think? Well I can never get a decent explanation of St Cyprian of Carthage’s question. “Who can absolve sins, whose sins are not absolved?” He was of course talking about the Sacrament of Baptism administered by those Bishop’s, of that time, who readily surrendered their bibles to be burnt by Roman Judges, rather than accept martyrdom.
I am certainly not a member of Concerned Catholics, nor yet a member of Call to Action, nor a member of an hysterical prayer cult. There can be no one who can doubt I am disgusted by the Mr Potato Head Mass. But I am concerned strongly as was Cyprian about Bishops or Laity who rather than have a few moments of embarrassment for the defense of our faith, who  hide behind close doors. Those priests and hierarchs who even demand we follow their rules and, yet do not enforce with correctness and proper applications the rules they write. I find and I will admit to errors but commonsense tells me when I read of the interminable childish squabbles the Roman Curia and other hierarchs are seen to have with the Papacy, I know, I should for the sake of my soul, have a great deal of care. If I am wrong what then is there right in the case against the Papal butler and his computer adviser other than to hush up scandalous behavior on the part of fallible hierarchs? I am sure names were named and actions described. I remind those in charge that the dark is always eventually illuminated. The sooner the better, for the Laity has to know who to trust.
I have a great problem with the number of people who call themselves Catholic, who do not practice our religion but only put into play their sensual opinions. Many are, and if you have not received absolution from a priest in the sacrament of confession you too, are fallen. Christ received the power to forgive sins through His Passion and death. He gave this power to the priesthood. He broke the covenant with Levi and made His Son His Levi. He did not change the Old Law nor make Joanna of Chuza, or Sarah, or Mary the Magdalene or Susana of Cana new levites, under the New Law. 
Go to confession, confusion falls away and one's mind becomes clearer. Grace overcomes one's lack of knowledge and our eternal future becomes a reality. David told us a pleasing sacrifice to God is a contrite heart. If a priest does not judge you and does not see you are contrite there is no forgivenes, no absolution. The Council of Trent, when I confess directly to God became the Mantra of the Reformers, who claimed an act of perfect contrition was adequate, made this statement. The Church says that it is impossible for her children to make an act of perfect contrition without an external circumstance. I would think the maiden tied to the railroad tracks with the express train moments away, with the old man laughing gleefully may be such a circumstance. She would certainly have a right to be perfectly contrite. By the way, the reformers knew they had no sacrificial priesthood and could not offer the Laitys' sacrifice. Read the Church of England's mission statement about the Eucharist and remember Luther went as far as Constantinople to become a bishop.
So again I urge you to write, or forward this communication, or speak to your parish priest and your bishop and check if what you read is truthful. When they say as they will, wanting to disseminate, make no commital to the faith, "The Church does not teach any of this drive". Then you must ask, “What then does it teach on these subjects?”

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Monday, November 12, 2012
  Another Question
I write this as much to correct myself, at whom it was directed, as for a reminder of others. My Heart asks, “Why do so many desert my Son on Sundays?” Ow! That hurts, any one else's conscience a little alarmed? Look at Sundays in the west today and answer another question, asked of me earlier, that also filled me with remorse. “Why do you spend Sundays with the Gladiators?” Big sports day for most of us. NFL Football, Hockey, Golf and Soccer” The men settle down with chips and beer to watch men paid professionally to beat up on others and quite violently. Scorers run to the sidelines and celebrate, often on their knees in some sort of prayer. Women vanish of the Mall for shopping
Who should be more ashamed than the Bishops who are responsible for our spiritual growth. They and our priest should draw us nearer to God than to the boastfulness of pro's doing what should remind us of the gladiators of old. Huge crowds of spectators flock to stadiums that are fuller on Sundays than all the Churches in any Bishop’s diocese and not one word is heard in protest. Sports stadiums that react with mass hysteria to mayhem reminiscent perhaps of the brutes without souls who massacred the martyrs of our early Catholic Church. Why no warnings dear pastors of our souls? Why not indeed? Can I ask you Pastor Bonuses and Priests to explain to the Mother of God, why the Man, Her Son died lonely on the Cross and we avoid Him during the one day the Church has set aside for us to keep Him company. Somewhere, somehow in some way our faith is lacking the zeal to win the dreadful spiritual battle that wickedness is waging more than successfully against us. Of course when I hear priests supporting unconditional love I should not be surprised. After all the great example set by Catholics on Sundays is readily accepted by the world. It does not matter by the new standards of our faith that we sin. "Christ", I hear often and this seems to be readily accepted by us Catholics, for I never here a sermonized corrected answer,  no matter what we do it is OK by Him. In a recent blog I asked why, if Love is unconditional why was the second thief at the dreadful last moment, when even Jesus, through own preaching was to leave His errors at the foot of the Altar, and forgive anyone who had offended Him, why did He not forgive them both. One was missing a good work was he not? He did not say sorry. He was not repentant. We, too must, atone and expiate, not just our sins but others too, lest we are held guilty for the same spiritual crime.
Do the Pastors of the Church not see the war we are engaged in. I mean a war not for our bodies but for our souls? Why do very vocal minorities dismiss us as nothing, unimportant in the scheme of things they hold dear? Yes they do. Their fifth column inside the Church is winning the battle for souls and a change in what they only consider a policy that in their sensual opinions can be changed. They, so far, are right. I do not include on the side of the Angels, those dreadful conspiracy theologians, who call into question the actions of the Papacy and use Blessed Mary, who obeyed Peter and supported the Apostles, to prove the office of the Elder Brother to be wrong in its religious actions.
Let me call you attention to St Faustina Marie Kolwalska. Notebook1; no.39. Early in St Faustina Mary’s diary, Jesus told her of the chastisement He would let fall on Warsaw, Poland’s most beautiful city. The chastisement would be that with which God had punished Sodom and Gomorrah. The saint saw the great wrath of God and a shudder pierced her heart. She prayed in silence. After a moment Jesus said, “My child, unite yourself closely to Me during the Sacrifice and offer My Blood and My Wounds to My Father in expiation for the sins of that city. Repeat this without interruption throughout the entire Holy Mass. Do this for seven days”.
Do not forget we cannot be close to Jesus unless we are in a state of grace. 
 Poland and Warsaw, was part of St Faustina’s Fatherland, she was expected to pray for them. There are three countries dear to me. The UK where I was born, Canada where I have lived the longest and the USA of A where I have so many good friends. I cannot pray in the same way for the US, as did St Faustina, for Poland, but I can pray for the first two. This is what I say, are my words better than Christ? Of course they are not. But I wish to be as accurate as possible. Now before any of you decide to use them, ask your Bishop or priest for his OK. I have used them during the Mass.
Almighty and Eternal God, Consuming Fire of Terrible Jealous Love, Divine Companion and Eternal Friend of my heart, my soul and my love, I offer You The Sacred Wounds and Precious Blood of Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, His gifts, for the Forgiveness of sins, poured out upon the world by Your Son. I offer these precious gifts to you in expiation and atonement of my fatherland and I and ask for you to have mercy upon all our souls”.

Take this to your Bishop and your parish priest, ask them to urge their flocks to start this habit. Look out for the squirming and procrastination.

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