For His Glory and His Alone
Thursday, August 15, 2013
  THIS IS NOT WOOLY OR SPIN THEOLOGY or any theology at all
Matthew 10 26 Therefore fear them not. For nothing is covered that shall not be revealed: nor hid, that shall not be known. That which I tell you in the dark, speak ye in the light: and that which you hear in the ear, preach ye upon the housetops. And fear ye not them that kill the body, and are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him that can destroy both soul and body in hell. Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and not one of them shall fall on the ground without your Father.  But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.
My Faith is certainly strongly influenced by Jesuits. I was brought up in England. A country, whose faithful, under fire, was nurtured, during the reign of Elizabeth 1st., by Jesuit Priests. The arrival of these Jesuits a long queue of priests, who came to England knowing they were guaranteed martyrdom. Even until the late 1800's Catholic priests were still jailed for being priests. The Jesuit teachings still are in common usage in the church as Francis 1st. cannot hide from them. The Jesuit teachings on Grace are still valid even with those foolish “off the cuff” remarks which Francis, by habit, never qualifies, but dangles them out there for personal interpretations. He continues the recent tradition of vatican 2 with double entendres, just like the pronouncements made by the council in the 1960's. He is a “hail fellow well met” kind of simple bloke, all for equality. I hope to be proven wrong. We can claim there is a lack of good catechesis among the majority of the churchmen who support, with great alarm at the doubt many of us older catholics show, their views of vatican. They proclaim to the Church that it is misunderstood and never really tell us where. One must count among these misunderstandings those changes in dogma. This is what we need explained in a simple comprehensible manner. Tell me where this article is wrong and how did vatican 2 come to change it?
Some of the more erudite of the Prelates call our attention to the lack of good catechesis and it is, for the others, a matter of business as usual. I was taught from the Penny Catechism of England and I have converted a few and never lost and argument with the gentiles and pseudo christians when I have used it as a reference point. Whether vatican 2 is good or bad only time will tell, and it is that time now. We are repeating the results of this type of catechesis which is still promoted by the same individuals that originated this catechist or RCIA at the time of the Pastoral Council of the sixties. At this moment in time can we assess what kind of pastoral news it was?
I am happy that Jesuit doctrine and Ignatian Spirituality may return. As a child in England we were taught the Jesuit Doctrine of perfect contrition. There were many other things we were taught and I remember being told, “Make sure you know to whom you are praying, if God does not hear you satan will”. We were taught to use The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, the greatest examination of Conscience, written by Man as an act of self meditation and also a brilliant form of perfect contrition. I hear the claim regularly, “I confess my sins to God”. It is used so often in our Church today. If this is so, why then did He have to die for us? The Hebrews offered a special sacrifice for sin. They could not achieve salvation until Christ suffered and died. Has nothing changed in the eyes of the liberal obscurantists, who do not need to confess to the minister of forgiveness, the Catholic Priest. Is for them in an unstated, hidden and unthinking fact, the Messiah and the forgiveness of sin has not yet arrived? Did Christ by their thoughts truly need to die? The sacrament of the Holy Eucharist is not so important when compared with the god of their ideas. Where are the great thinkers in the Catholic Church today who can see ahead and call out warnings for the safety of our souls. What is happening to us spiritually?
Perfect Contrition is not understood for what it truly is. Today by its meaning and use makes it a nice, egotistical phrase that allows us to take no responsibility for the malicious actions against Jesus Christ and His sacrificial acts of His Life. It is nothing more on some lips as a pejorative phrase, a way of belittling the ancient sacramental acts we Catholics used to revere. But I wonder if anyone remembers how the phrase is to be properly understood? Can the priests know? Do they know. If they do I have never heard it explained; what it is and what constitutes its form as expressed by the Church teachings? Could I write most priests cannot begin to teach it or with the lack of confessions surely it would have been taught. There are strong unchangeable reasons for its sucessful use. Yet it seems to be disgustingly bowdlerized just as is general absolution. I would like to see some prelate or other explain why vatican 2 changed its use. In fact let us not hear vatican 2 didn't but rather an explanation why in the new church of vatican 2 it was changed and why.
The work of a Jesuit Priest in London gave to the world the various 12 step programmes, adapted from the same Spiritual Works. If in some way you have a bondage to sin, that is a sinful habit, properly used the Ignation spiritual works will rid you of it. The demand or instructions on how it works contains the admonition to confess weekly. The Catholic Truth Society pamphlets were mostly written by Jesuits in London and contain good examples of Catholic Teachings. Try some of them. Find many at the following web address.
They were the theological writers that gave the English Church their religious Education, until the Sisters came to teach the catechism.
I have digressed as usual so I will return to what I started to write but was moved off course. I wish to tell what is the real Good News about how the Divine Intellect that comes to us by the state of the grace, at baptism, or after confession, or by the last rites, can only be infused by an ordained catholic Priest. How does the uncreated wisdom, which comes with the state of grace that sanctifies help us, we who are created wisdom, it helps us to understand so many spiritual acts and meanings. The grace that sanctifies guarantees by Christ's promises, “Where I am the Father is to”. That the Paraclete, the Divine Eternal Spirit of God's Love, the unbreakable bond of love of indissoluble love that travels reciprocally or proceeds through the Father and the Son and goes between the Father and the Son will come to remind us of what Jesus actually said. Without the Church's sacramental actions in the confessional that just does not happen. That is part of the promise of Christ, when He said, “I will send the Paraclete to remind you”.
It must be understood, by us all, and it is part, a huge part of our faith that without the state of grace that precious indwelling of the Holy Spirit, we do not comprehend clearly or deeply what God is telling us through Christ, Blessed Mary or the Prophets. We have only our own opinions and can anyone, whatever our egos and lack of humility, really say they are any more than our own private revelations. We end up with our own interpretations treating them according to modern and worldly beliefs. They are nothing more than holding our own thoughts as private revelations and claiming vociferously they are therefore undeniable and shamefully uncorrectable for this is what the Holy Spirit tells me. This we must hold to be completely untrue. The modern way is to dismiss the traditional teachings of the Church and forge new interpretations of old doctrines and words. A very good example of this are the modern meanings given to Scriptures which today are even made more erroneous by the fallacies of Hebrew translations that came from the Masorete, Aaron ben Asher, in the 1100's. He changed the Hebrew cantillation marks and accents because they were in many cases fly specks, paper imperfections and dirt specks. Those translations of which we were warned of by St Justin Martyr in his “Dialogue with Trypho the Jew, Chapter 71”.
Let me ask and you answer honestly if you can or want to? Would God share His temple with His enemy? Remember we leave God's family when we have original sin shadowing our souls and mortal sin even more grave sends us back to the family of foolish evil. Confession is a present from a providential God who died to save us from sin. A providential God who knew we would sin again and again. Let me ask it in another way one that concerns us all personally as Blessed Mary is one of us in the way we were meant to be. Think of Blessed Mary and answer this, “Would God put His seed in a dirty cup? How many of you are in denial over the true answer?
For a typical modern viewpoint we need only to consider The Story of Fatima. It just might be as it is described by modern authors, be they priests or laity, as a very scriptural mess, described by First Corinthians 1 Verse 12. So I ask those of you who are reading this, “On the question of Fatima who are you for?” I must answer that after The Holy Trinity and Jesus. I am for Blessed Mary. Yet so many priests and laymen have written commentaries on Fatima that are fatuous in the extreme. They miss the point and completely misinform the Laity. It makes the whole premise of Fatima a time of confusion, befouled by so many erroneous opinions. Lucia in the book, “Flower of Fatima” written by Fr de Oliveira who, acted with the authority of the Bishop of Fatima and under the inprimatur of the Primate of Lisbon, tells of the dreadful questioning by various priests who it seems were not authorized by the local ordinary and pressured the three children with inquisitional style questioning. Just who did they think they were or are, these “father knows best” priests subjecting three young children two of which had not made their first confession. How disgusting so many of them by Lucia's condemnation used their priestly authority to bully a little boy and two little girls with trick questions arising out of their own egos. How many mothers with little ones of their own feel good about this truth and treatment of one's so innocent? It was exactly the same at Medjugorie. Unspeakable horrors occurred there. It was and is still probably a pastoral debacle, since the original Bishop handled it badly. Whose authority was it that brought in the pentecostals? We let heretics pronounce upon the presence of God. Can you believe a schismatic pentecostal leader not of our faith suddenly became an expert of the Holy Spirit and pronounced on the validity of His presence? I am personally disgusted on the authority claimed by so many who make themselves experts on Heaven's works and actions. I am doubly disgusted by the priesthood, who desert the very priesthood of Christ and surrender and cheapen the great gift of shepherding they have, a gift that there is not a single person outside the Catholic Sacrificial Ministry can claim. They share it with those interpreters of pseudo religions who cannot prove their claim to a sanctified soul. I mean that divine ability of the priesthood given in trust to Catholic Priests by Christ Himself. Yes I do mean the forgiveness of sins through the three sacraments for the dead.
The churchmen now defend their point very arrogantly, setting aside the great theological minds of the past, which none today can truly match, They themselves agree anyone can be saved outside the church. Just like rappers they trash talk and never qualify the conditions that govern their words. Why should they since vatican 2 these so called religious teachers and thinkers have never applied one thought to their words. They have forgotten God's directions, admonitions in the Old Law and Christ's words in the New were always conditional. Every thou shalt and if you love Me is a conditional dilemma for us all. It is as Christ said, “If you love Me, you will keep My commandments”. What are commandments what qualifies words as commandments? After vatican 2 when every idea formulated by the Churchmen in the printing promoted at the end of each session was and is very open to personal opinions and meanings. Now the Laity who rarely confesses are suddenly filled with the Holy Ghost, the Divine eternal Spirit of God and were therefore blessed in a special way; that is with wisdom, knowledge and understanding; that is with the Divine Intellect and were therefore participating fully in a life of grace and all that this phrase means. We can claim as the rules have been eased we can now for the Holy Spirit. Why, probably because no one has examined their fruits and what mouldy fruits most of them are and were. They claim holiness is what we are, and yet does one see any sign of the virtues of religion and true piety.
I am ashamed to say many times in these later years have I heard in homilies this fact. Once baptized we are full of and never loose sanctifying grace. How foolish, one might say this closely approaches either a dreadful heresy or a belief that becomes a passport to hell. I think of it as a dreadful gate to hell wide open and welcoming. It will without doubt or correction on anyone's part gain believers of this new doctrine a place in the eternal kingdom of hatred, despair and self loathing. Any priest who bases his vocation on that premise is lacking in true catechesis and should pay close attention to and fear for his priesthood, because it is drifting away from the sacrificial ministry of Jesus Christ. By the way lock up the confessionals and throw away the keys, they are no longer needed, we have been baptized 'solemnly' and are full of the Holy Spirit, full of the righteousness which unites us to God in heaven. God has never in scriptures by the new teachings in the Church, His community, thrown anyone out. We will be surprised to find some time in the future there is no one in Hell or there is no hell. Adam and Eve, knowing this must be very happy and wonder what all the fuss was about. They were wronged when dismissed from God's presence. Cain likewise. Ezekiel was hearing satan when he promoted the fact that, “the soul that sins dies” The present Pope in his off the cuff remarks, especially on his plane trip when returning from Brazil, shows why we should feel the days of Vatican 2, those so confusing days when now there is two meanings for the doctrines and articles of vatican 2. These two answers to every question, are still in full strength, and no prelate wants them or allow them to be changed.
The Church teaches that for every power etc in the Church they are opposed by a corresponding false idol of some kind of principality or power. In fact with the two faced voices or speaking with two mouths in the church we can say and not doubt that one of the biggest idol that drives and tempts the church today is Janus, the two faced idol god of Rome. Look at the bad catechism the Pope taught on that flight returning to Rome, as long as we or person of whatever disorder goes to confession and makes a good confession, who is the Pope to deny him a place at the altar as minister or as a receiving lay person. What utter balderdash since Francis never qualified his remarks with the correct teaching. He made it seem that once confessed he or she is shriven forever of that sin. Here is how I was taught what it should be by the late Monsignor Don Newman and in my youth by Canon William Percival Hayes.
If one has a sinful habit that reoccurs and is sometimes the urge is so powerful it cannot be resisted, then weekly confession is a necessity and even daily if needed as it is of paramount importance to save our own soul. I welcome catholic homosexuals, adulterers and other assorted scallywags among whom I can be found, into the Church if the parish priest says he is ready to receive Holy Communion. That is the crux of the matter. It is the priest the defender of the Eucharist who has that decision to make. I went through a time when I needed to follow this way to receive. I went to Fr Newman weekly as he told me not to come to him for communion if I did not attend confession weekly to him. It was our secret of the confessional and I was glad to use by his guidance. He knew he could tell this to a catholic, orthodox in his Latin beliefs and Church teachings, this advice for my soul would certainly not be acceptable to a liberal catholic obscurantist. Priests do know who will obey them and yet they still throw the truly observant laity to the wolves. For all I knew he told other priests locally that I was under his spiritual care and they should send me back to him. The same goes for any sin, secularly married couples, adulterers, who must make every effort to stay celibate as their pseudo marriage for whatever reason or others who should not receive Holy Communion because they are as we used to say, “Fallen Catholics”. Here is the problem with the Church many priests are too frightened to enforce the above as a practice. They are frightened that complaints will be made to the Bishop. They know from the war in the trenches, the liberal sinner will make lots of trouble. I find from conversations with many catholics they no longer count on confession as a worthwhile sacrament to practice. Again this is bad catechesis. Is it or could it be said that the very minor possession through a mortal sin causes the possessor, as the rite of exorcism says to be frightened of the sacraments. After all in retrospect the Absolution given is surely a minor exorcism and who wants to return to hell?
The Pope should have qualified his remarks as what he said is to open to personal interpretation. Janus triumphs again and again. Can we say, since so many agree that the documents of vatican 2 are easily to be used for personal interpretations, and can be use to mean many things. It is as a small number of prelates admit, “they are confusing”. Therefore is Janus the god of vatican 2 for some. Is there a pride, in many, that will not admit errors so malicious and never ask for forgiveness from the orthodox believer so scandalized by all they hear, so different from what they were taught. It is for me a church turned upside down and for me so different to what my catholic father, teachers, sisters and priests taught me. The dreadful new teaching on a baptism of desire, the lack of necessity for the Confessional, the tacit acceptance of receiving Jesus while using birth control, the tacit acceptance of abortions, women on the altar, eucharistic ministers and no altar rails all against God or Christ's ordinances in scriptures.
Another problem for me is parishes today never request newcomers for marriage and or baptismal certificates. The parish I am in does not know how many are not baptized or how many are on their second marriage, whether their first was annulled or were never or not married in the Church. Do the majority of parishioners care? I do think they do, since we are all to be “welcoming”. What does this do for priests? It widens their comfort zone. It as the same as in business today, what the boss does not know he can deny all knowledge of and he is untouched by blame. There is no sense of responsibility. If there is just one blasphemous communion in a diocese or a parish, Jesus knows and at the particular judgement He will ask for an accounting from the priest for the soul he has lost. He will ask did you do nothing to protect me from the unjust, the unrighteous? How will you answer Priests? How will you answer as you look around the court and see your sinful lost sheep, who will witness to your sacrileges? You, the sheep, how will you answer especially when Holy Michael the Archangel gave the Children a prayer at Fatima to atone and make reparation to the Trinity for the iniquities, the in-differences, the insults, the sacrileges and the blasphemies heaped upon the Most Holy sacrifice of His Altar followed by the plea that those sinners would be converted. Is it you or most of us dismiss the events at Fatima and not necessary for our salvation or not worthy of belief? Most priests do not know or even seem to want to know the status of the souls in their charge. Souls who are their immediate and all important responsibility. It is not good just to pray for your sheep, it is a lack of fortitude, you must actively work for their salvation by teaching and catechesis. How can you bear to say the Confiteor at mass especially the, “what I have failed to do part”. How dreadfully priests will be reminded of this burden when they see Christ at their particular judgement. Good Luck to you all Fathers.

Again I urge you who read this you do not have to accept these words from my mind, but you must for the sake of your souls check its veracity. Take a copy or forward it on by e mail to your parish priest and get his opinion. Be brave for you too will be at fault if you do not remind your priest to be a priest. Find some intestinal fortitude of your own to save the souls of our priests.
Oh Blessed and Immaculate Mary give our Priest your special blessing and always hold him close to your Immaculate Heart

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