For His Glory and His Alone
Thursday, August 22, 2013
  Is my view of the Church erroneous?
Just had a long conversation with a catholic (small “c” and huge “L” liberal), who instructed me I should not be writing critical blogs on the behaviour of priests and bishops or trying to prove that the Holy Spirit withdraws from those who sin. It was more of a demand than a fraternal correction. This foolish catholic by scriptural standards has no clue about sin, whether it should be defined as original, grave, mortal or venial. Not one clue about how we can be involved in other's sins. This person did not know her catechism. A catholic living by the standards Christ died for must ask, “Where do these self opinionated, seeped in the heresy of clericalism, catholics, who are nothing more than priestly groupies get their faith from? Catholics have faith, that is sure, but so many do not have the capability to truly comprehend the meaning of the phrase. Let me say this another way. Millions of people go to Lourdes and only a very small percentage receive a cure. Why is this so? Is this point of view the truth? Let us not rationalise our answer and place the blame upon God. Ask yourselves did God hear our prayers? Were those who attended the miraculous shrine fully convinced that they would be healed? Were they in the interior of their heart, the inner chamber of their soul, not fully convinced that they would be healed?
May I say the person who inspired this blog is unable to recognise a fear for the loss of souls, and is unable to recognise a true sorrow for the loss of even one soul, especially a priest's, any priest's for that matter. Is this person's view right about my misguided attempts to explain the loss of faith for the slow demise of the Church as the end of the age approaches. It is since the first Pentecost, the Age of the Holy Spirit and I maintain that because of the great gift of free will we can send the Holy Ghost away or more understandably we can cause God to remove us or He can leave our presence. This was the first act of God's judgement in Genesis.
Adam and Eve were sent from Eden and God's presence for the first sin.
Before I quote from a priest's biography of Jacinta, let us stop making the priesthood a society of saints and martyrs. I would not want any priest to be a martyr and feel all that pain but we should consider what we know of those who hold a places of authority and how they can convince themselves of their rectitude, their alpha position in a parish. Although many priests do not espouse this thoughts in their life, there are unfortunates forced by either the Bishop, who is the local ordinary, and the howling mob of liberals are forced by circumstances and vows of obedience to capitulate. I take this opportunity to state to be justified does not get any of us into Heaven. Straighten your minds and thoughts out and consider scriptures, our guide books to heaven. God is righteous and we must attempt to become righteous for our salvation. We cannot inhabit heaven without being Godlike. And unfortunately cannot quite make it on our own but through his condescending help and the sacraments we do make it. It is in the New Testament to where I wish to call your attention to a Hebrew man. We must consider him as the most just of all of his time and the time previous to him. I mean Joseph, Blessed Mary's companion and husband. Do you deny it, of course you do? Have you ever considered what he was, who he was and how God saw his interior life as He, our God, searched his heart? No I do not think so? To understand what I am saying you have to have considered what was Blessed Mary's status in God's eyes and what He, the Father of us all, the creator and lover of mankind created her to be for Him. I will say the majority of catholics and Catholics rarely think of her and what the Virgin Mother of His Child was in God's eyes. Certainly since Vatican 2 the dulia we should offer to her has been severely, maliciously and censored by vainglorious Prelates who patently consider Blessed Mary should obey them. Yes they do and they too never consider that Blessed Mary never obeyed the Apostles only the elder brother Peter as he represented Her Son by the direct appointment of God not by flesh and blood. Read scriptures again and take in all the words. Be like Blessed Mary ponder them over. I did read in one book on Medjugorie. I believe it was called the Signs of the Times, that the local ordinary in Mostar wondered out loud, asking why did Blessed Mary appear to peasant children when She had a perfectly good Bishop who did all he could for and had just finished a very rewarding conference on her in his diocese.
Go to Revelations Chapter 12, use some common sense. Who is the Virgin of Guadeloupe? This woman is Blessed Mary as she appeared to St Juan Diego, the woman clothed with the sun. Chapter 12 as you read it describes the time before creation, separated in eternity from original sin. Her soul was formed before Adam and Eve's souls and was the reason for lucifer's rebellion and tells his dismissal of this Blessed Woman as not worthy of his, lucifer's respect.
Blessed Mary's soul was virginal from sin all that God creates is sinless and beautiful or as the hymn says, “O purest of creatures, sweet mother, sweet maid, the one spotless womb in which Jesus was laid, sinless and beautiful star of the sea”, Going back to St Joseph I ask would God choose as companion and husband, any man that was not justified? That is with only the shadow of original sin covering his soul?
So going back to my treatment of priests, how many of them are transfigured on the altar? I have seen one whose altar shines with a golden light at mass. I have seen some with the hands of Christ holding them. St Faustina whose recognition of her sainthood was held up by Rome because of her comments on the silliness of priests in the confessional. Read her diary. First of all I do not consider priest to be insincere. They are all convinced they want to take action and at that moment they do take action but when their sheep howl at them, some priests put aside all further actions and forgets to do them for often personal reasons. What perhaps is a movement of the Holy Spirit in the first place, is wiped out by the howling of wolves and replaced. Some priests have become convinced by this howling they are exceedingly holy and act if their word is a law unto themselves, mesmerised by their thoughts, convinced they can put things right, many choose sides and only pleases the crowd. But I fear they never ask, “What is truth?”

How did Lucia look at those who abused the three children questioning them, always wanting answers. When they did not get what they wanted to hear got mean as Lucia describes so politely. How similar are the calumnies and detractions foisted on the Children of Medjugorie. Here are Lucia's words from the book, “Jacinta Flower of Fatima”.
Except for a very few priests who, even in the press, favoured the persecution against Fatima, judging the whole affair to be superstitious, the majority of the clergy maintained a prudent reserve and waited. This was only fitting. After the apparitions there was an investigation of the case which the Reverend Pastor of Fatima, Lucia's Parish Priest, who officially reported to the Cardinal Patriarch, his hierarchical superior. Ordered to institute a process, he obeyed. Witnesses were summoned the parents and their children, the seers themselves. He investigated everything, and at the end of the hearing he forwarded the process to the Patriarchal Curia. He wanted to see things clearly, but that grace was denied him; and because he did not see clearly, he remained unbelieving even after so many questionings.
But this was not the first case of the kind in the history of the Church. Various things seemed strange to him, one of which was the erection of a chapel in a deserted place far away from any centre of population. The parish church was itself under repairs. He thought it more reasonable that alms should be brought to the parish to defray the heavy expenses of the construction, rather than that they be given for the erection of a chapel in the wilderness. For that reason, in his last questioning of Lucia, he cross-examined her more strictly. She writes:
The pastor also subjected me to his last questioning. The time appointed for the events had come to an end, and his Reverence, who did not know what to say about all this, began to show his displeasure and asked.
"Why are all those people going to prostrate themselves in prayer in a desert place, while the Living God, the God of our altars, God in the Blessed Sacrament is left alone, abandoned in the tabernacle? What is all that money for, left by them without any purpose under that Holm oak, while the church under repairs cannot be completed for lack of funds?” he asked.
If I had been the master of the hearts of those people, I would certainly have led them to the parish church, but since I was not, I offered to God one more sacrifice. The good pastor continued to show himself more and more displeased and perplexed concerning the events, and one day left the parish. The news then was spread abroad that his Reverence had left the parish because of me, since he did not want to assume the responsibility that the facts imposed. He was a zealous pastor, much beloved of the people, and so I had much to suffer.
Several pious women, irritated by the loss which his departure had caused the parish, found Lucia one day and insulted and beat her. Jacinta regretted that she could not suffer in like manner.
But it was not the pastor alone who observed and questioned the three children. Many others, especially priests, either from mere curiosity or from zeal, or even as a form of study, stopped to question them at length and in detail:
Lucia wrote. "For that reason I was constantly being summoned to the house of the pastor to be interviewed by this or that other person, by this or that other priest. On one occasion a priest from Torres Novas came to see me. He asked for such minute details in a manner so filled with ruses that afterwards I retained some scruples for having hidden some things from him.
"A little while later, another priest from Santarem appeared. He looked like the brother of the first. As least, it seemed that they had rehearsed their parts together the same questions, the same tricks and ruses, the same mannerisms in laughing and in scoffing. Even their stature and features seemed to be the same. after this interview, my doubt increased, and I really did not know what to do. I asked Our Lord and Our Lady constantly to tell me what to do.
This habit of escaping whenever we could was part of the pastor's complaint. The parish priest complained that we ran away from everyone, especially priests. He spoke the truth, but then it was especially priests who questioned us again and again without mercy. Whenever we found ourselves in the presence of a priest, we disposed ourselves to offer to God one of our greatest sacrifices." The questionings were repeated over and over again as if it were a police investigation. Eagerness to know, curiosity, an itching desire to talk with the seers, all these practically removed them from the bosom of their families.
However, God be thanked, their contact with priests was not limited to questionings and cross- examinations. There were priestly hearts, some still remembered, others already dimmed by the mists of time, who exercised to the utmost their sacerdotal mission on behalf of the three children. In spite of the suffering they had to undergo because of his unbelief, Lucia and her cousins nurtured always a great love and respect for their pastor. There were other priests whose influence was more intense and more profound than his, probably due to the fact that it was free of the thorns which followed the influence of Father Ferreira.
"One day it was the turn of the Reverend Dr. Cruz of Lisbon to interview us. After his questioning, he requested us to go with him to the place where Our Lady had appeared to us. On that day we walked on either side of his Reverence, who rode a donkey so short that the good Father almost dragged his feet on the ground. He taught us a litany of ejaculations, two of which Jacinta retained and which she never ceased repeating ever afterwards.
We bring this chapter to a close with the pleasant memory of a charming priestly personality who exercised a profound influence on the seers. God has already called him to Himself and for that reason we can, without the risk of wounding his modesty, speak openly of his virtues, of his zeal, and of his piety. He is the pastor of Olival and Vicar of Forane of Ourem, the Reverend Father Faustino Jose Jacinto Ferreira. The best proof of his zeal consists in the fact that during the years of his ministry at Olival no less than twenty-eight priests ascended the steps of the altar-and it was he who had led their first steps toward the sanctuary. Let us quote from the Voz da Fatima a few remarks concerning this beloved Priest:
"Father Faustino, a distinguished figure of former times, was as much at home and as full of good will at the Court and at the Patriarchal Palace, as in the humblest dwelling of his parish. He had seen two generations arise, moulded by his apostolic labours, and many of the priests who then ministered in the parishes of the Vicariate he had directed toward the sanctuary.
It was and is not different at Medjugorie. I feel strongly quite strongly at this abuse of little children. The difference between Fatima and Medjugorie is in Medjugorie the holiness crowd has grabbed the reins due to the weakness of the former Bishop and are controlling the affairs there and this is equally disgusting. Instead of the Church which should be properly in control, look at what has happened A Japanese scientist turns up with a Geiger counter and promptly announces the results. An American head of some kind of pentecostal group turns up and announces he is very convinced that he feels the presence of the Holy Spirit. Sort of insulting to the catholics driven elsewhere to look for the help and counsel the Church should be giving. Which I must say does not seem to be given there either. Donations are wasted no one knows what happened to the millions of pounds, dollars and what have you have gone There is no accounting given. The Church knows and does nothing She gets her share and so did the gun runners through a local priest.
It is becoming more and more obvious that the Church is suffering from secrecy. Secrecy brings with it distrust. When I operated or managed a TV station, or conversely an electronic sales distributor what caused the most problems were silly little secrets that caused gossip and worries. I never encouraged them and I kept nothing hidden. Why do you think there is so much whistle blowing in the Church? Why do you think many of us in the Church since long before Vatican 2 are starting to make our distaste, not displeasure but distaste for the changes we know are happening and the constant denials for disorders in the Church. Look at the priestly débâcle and the hidden homosexuality in the priesthood and religious. When it first came out 15years or so ago the defence was made by statistics of how the number published but just one or two proven. This was proven statistically by stating all the priests knew each other and therefore it was the same priests referred to statistically and could only be, one or two. Prelates claim Vatican 2 was deliberately misused, misinterpreted. If so why then has it not been put right. It seems to me the prelates have said we like the way it turned out. The report handed to the Papal delegates at the last conclave has literally disappeared into the night. Never was this a trouble for us pre 1961. The only secrecy honoured is in the confessional and that does not count any more because it looks like that less than 10% in the west uses it. Is it any wonder the Church is rudderless or seems to be there is not a true decision maker visible. The lack of leadership and responsible men are completely invisible and with the retirement of Benedict we are being deserted and left on our own. To be ruled by off the cuff remarks which allows the press and other opponents to the Church's truths to assure then world we believe the same as them and in their way. God forbid. I was, to be honest thoroughly disgusted when catholics said as they did so often in the past, “Vatican 2 freed us we do not have to believe that any more”. Surprisingly it is rarely said today because that battle has been lost and so many accept it as true. I can remember twenty years ago after Humanae Vitae, arguing the point of the infallibility of the Papal office since vatican 2 says the Pope is not infallible. Nothing has really changed even many priests find Humanae Vitae embarrassing and not worthy of a homily.
So once again so you do not get led astray by my beliefs take this to your parish priest or the local Bishop and get their advice on the veracity of my viewpoints.

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