For His Glory and His Alone
Friday, December 27, 2013
  My Personal Views
If what we read by good witnesses, conspiracy theory promulgators and other opinion writers on the 'net the present Pope and his supporters and multifarious guides of whom we know no names are perhaps rushing us back to the heresy of “consiliarism”, banned by the Church in the middle centuries. I hope not because we also seem to be caught up in the sin of scandal. Of course I expect to be corrected by both sides of the equation. The equation Christ gave us when he turned the coin over and asked, “Whose Image is this?”
Do any of you agree with me when I write and ask as did Paul in First Corinthians, paraphrase badly but may lead you to question yourselves. “Who am I for?” In today's Church it is a sign of great divisions. Many say, “I am a charismatic” and equally some claim, “I am for Kiko” others say, “I am Chiara”. All of which claim to be everything but do not say, “I am for Christ”.
First of all let us get something straight I told one woman a long time ago and she was infuriated If any one followed me I would shoot them. Christ is both the question and the answer. We find our salvation through Him not by mere men and women's teachings”.
Others say, “I am for the Birth Control and Abortions”. They say we should not be poor, the widows and the orphans and yet God so loves the poor and those others as He pours His mercy out upon them.
I hear some say I am for the Novus Ordo and others claim the Latin Mass is supreme. The Neocatechumenates have their own liturgy, told to change by Benedict but Francis said three weeks ago, “Go ahead it is valid as it is”. Yet Bishops are going out of their way to prevent others from having their EF mass. Why do these anomalies and exceptions clash so badly? I have been asked by some which is the better liturgical celebration that is for you all personally to discern or discover. I will say though until you, all of you, know Church teachings on prayer then you never make a good decision. The Liturgy is a prayer of sacrifice and in the stages of prayer we rise through several stages to the prayer of contemplation to the prayer of silence in the presence of God, and at every stage the virtues of religion and piety must be apparent. The virtue of religion is the interior life shining from us and from to be pious is a great act of respect for the Jesus, who accepted suffering, crucifixion and death so that the sins of people like us can be forgiven so together we rise with Him in glory. None of this can happen if we are not in the Virtue of Charity which we can be in if we are free from sin. We cannot be free from sin by disobeying Christ and this includes us all. We cannot be in the state of grace that is righteousness if we do not have charity that is love for God and our neighbour in the way Christ demands. We enter into the liturgy in the way we enter heaven and the mass is and the Church always maintained does not forgive sins. Here is the first advantage over the EF Mass for me. It is the two prayers that the Church taught, prevatican 2,removes venial sins

Misereatur vestri omnipotens Deus, et dimissis peccatis vestris, perducat vos ad vitam aeternam. P: May Almighty God have mercy on you, forgive you your sins, and bring you to everlasting life.
Amen. S: Amen.
Indulgentiam, + absolutionem, et remissionem peccatorum nostrorum, tribuat nobis omnipotens et misericors Dominus. P: May the Almighty and Merciful Lord grant us pardon, + absolution, and remission of our sins.

When these prayers were removed, almost immediately, the teaching was changed to the Eucharist Himself, forgave venial sins. Let me give you an instance of change when Christ preached salvation on earth. Moses instituted the writ of divorce when adultery was commonplace. Christ reinstituted what God has joined together no man can separate. The Church and her bishops had better be very careful about the spiritual decisions they make, very careful. The spiritual aspects of marriage include tying souls together as an act of God. What man can separate souls? When did the power of the keys contain a permit for a separation from God? I find it strange that the act of espousal either as a religious becomes a bride of Christ or a man espouses the Church as His bride can be declared null and void by men. That of course is a matter of my conscience and of your own.
I want you to know of my personal experiences. There will be most of you who will want to dismiss all of this that follows as not necessary for salvation. It does for me, my salvation I mean.
I have seen many wonderful actions of Both Jesus and Mary during the Novus Ordo and often wondered why. Let me tell you of them in a shortened form. First I have seen no signs of Jesus blessing anyone during the penitential rite either as a congregation or individual. I have been however on occasion very aware of Blessed Mary sat at the epistle side at the back surrounded by many creatures. I have seen large hands and hands only pointing down with the priest in between these large hands. I saw at a woman's funeral at the end of the mass move from the coffin into the waiting Jesus' hands. I thought it was a communion dress but in conversation with several priests afterwards. They agreed it was a wedding dress. Rightly so in other parts of the world women of this sort have been beatified. This woman refused, when first pregnant to have a treatment for her cancerous ovaries which would have resulted in an abortion. I saw Blessed Mary offer the baby Jesus three times to a man after communion. I saw at a widows memorial mass as the widows and widowers offer a rose at the offertory moved from the altar steps by what I thought was husbands and wives to the altar, unfortunately in some cases it was angels who moved the flowers. I saw at another mass the whole altar glow in radiant gold at the consecration. I know of others who have these blessed experiences. One woman said every time the priest opened the tabernacle Jesus' face looked out at her. At the lain Mass none of these happen and I was later told why, “Too many present have arrived in divine contemplation or moved into the prayer of silence, I will not disturb them nor will anyone disturb Me as I reminisce with my beloveds”.
Here's where we part company at one New years eve Mass as I stood to move to receive Him at a particularly inept pastor. Jesus asked, “Why are you going Michael? You know it is not me.” I was a little taken aback, and asked, “What about all these others?” “I will come for them as they know no different”. At adoration at midnight, I could not stay as it was like there was no presence to warm me. It was the same for another. The next day we were both told, “Finish here and do not come back until I tell you”
What to know more. I asked before the Blessed Sacrament one day, “I do not know which bishops and priests to obey?” “You will know soon enough”. Another time I prayed, “Why me? Can you not use others to speak to?” “Michael we would like to speak to others but so few listen” There was a time when I asked about where they go and why not to other homes? I cannot quite remember how I asked but Blessed Mary answered we would like to be in every home Michael, but very few want us.” I asked Her one day, Why do I feel I have to call you Mary my love it frightens me to be this forward”. “You will be more frightened if you do not”. Another time, “Michael, when you pray over people place your hands on them”. I replied I am English and also not a priest”. “Do as you are told”. I have many episodes like these but all I can say when the Pope said. “Mary is not a mail man”. I was horrified, truly horrified. But Mary my love does say, “Poor Man”.

To those of you who laugh at such fancies above take them to your parish priest and get answers from him. Ask if he thinks this to be true and those in the Vancouver Area remind them I go to mass amongst them and it could be their Church this happened.

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  Third Warning and Egos
In a former blog, I wrote about a prayer which Blessed Mary, my love, instructed me to say over many. For a while it did worry me in both its content and how it would be received. One priest did warn me many would truly hate me and do all they could to prevent such a prayer being used. The phrase the third warning cannot be allowed to be abused, dismissed and misinterpreted as is the phrase 'the third secret' by so many very foolish priests and laity. Especially when it is used, if that is the right word as a conspiracy theory (theology) to prove how great I am by certain very foolish individuals in the Church today. Many of whom do not have the first hand knowledge of God. I mean it was not revealed to them in any way but buoyed up by their own importance, they shout the odds over the Words of Mary. God help them, I pray. I would urge all of you to be very careful. The misinterpretations by self acclaimed experts remind me very much of the words, “What would Jesus do?”. Words used by the most foolish of men to polish their egos. My fear in saying what I hear, translated for my own pleasures of my ego does frighten me dreadfully; as I have no wish whatsoever of loosing the eternal friendship and sight of Jesus. I fear His saying, “I do not know you”. For the safety of your soul and to regain the humility you may have lost, understand this, think it over and then say, “What did Jesus do?”
The use of the word warning is very significant. It is very New Testament and as a Revelation in scriptures it can be explained thus, Jesus Christ was the first warning and this you can find by thinking over why did Jesus come besides perhaps fulfilling the Old Law and not to destroy it. God laid down for His chosen people laws that he wanted followed and we tend to miss out what He really was and what He fulfilled. He was the offering of the first fruits of His Father's harvest. God always demanded to be appeased by the sacrifice of the first son of any tribe or peoples. He demanded in no uncertain manner, this offering as a blood sacrifice of great purity in form and spiritual substance on the part of the offerer. In many cases it was the Father Himself who made the offering. Jesus was to my mind and probably some of you too if your pride in your abilities do not overwhelm your humility? I give you the second warning found in the Flowers of St. Francis

A noble baron named Landulf, of Massa di Santo Piero in the mountains near Gubbio, who was very devoted to St. Francis and finally received from his hands the habit of the Third Order, was given this assurance of St. Francis' death and his glorious Stigmata.
At the time when St. Francis' death was approaching, the devil entered into a woman of that village and entered into this women and tormented her. Moreover, he made her speak so intelligently in Latin that she defeated all the learned and educated men who came to debate with her. Now it happened that the devil went away from her and left her free for two days. And the third day he came back and afflicted her more cruelly than before. day he came back and afflicted her more cruelly than before. When the Baron Landulf heard about it, he went to this woman and asked the devil who was dwelling in her why he had left her for two days and on returning was tormenting her more severely than before.
The devil answered: "When I left her, it was because I met with all my companions who are in this region and we went in great strength to the death of that beggar Francis to dispute with him and take his soul. But as it was surrounded and defended by a throng of angels in greater numbers than we were, and it was carried to Heaven by them, we left, embarrassed by our defeat. So now I am giving back to this miserable woman what I neglected in those two days."
Then the Baron Landulf commanded him in God's name to tell the truth about the sanctity of St. Francis who, he said, was dead, and of St. Clare, who was alive. The devil replied:
"I will tell you the truth about it, whether I want to or not. God the Father was so angry over the sins of the world that it seemed He would soon utter the final sentence against men and women to exterminate them from the world if they did not change for the better. But Christ, His Son, prayed for sinners and promised to renew His life and His Passion in one man the poor little beggar Francis, through whose life and teaching He would lead many throughout the world to the path of truth and penance. And now, to show the world that He had done this in St. Francis, He wished that the Stigmata of His Passion, which He had imprinted on his body during his life, should at his death be seen and touched by many persons. Similarly, the Mother of Christ promised to renew her virginal purity and humility in a woman, Sister Clare, in such a way that through her example she would snatch many thousands of women from our hands. And so as a result of these promises God the Father was appeased and postponed His final sentence."
Then the Baron Landulf, wishing to know for sure whether the devil who is the father of lies-was telling the truth in this matter, and especially regarding the death of St. Francis, sent one
of his faithful squires to St. Mary of the Angels in Assisi to find out whether St. Francis was alive or dead. That squire on arriving there found out, and on returning reported to his master, that St. Francis had passed from this life precisely at the hour and on the day which the devil said
Omitting all the miracles of the Stigmata of St. Francis which may be read in his Legend, in concluding this Fifth Consideration it should be known that to Pope Gregory IX (as he later declared), when he was having some doubts about the wound in the side, St. Francis appeared one night, and raising his right arm a little, he uncovered the wound in his side. And he asked him for a vase, and he had one brought to him. And St. Francis had him place it under the wound in the side, and it seemed to the Pope that it really became filled to the brim with blood mixed with water which flowed from that wound. From that moment all doubt left him. And later, in agreement with all the Cardinals, he expressed his formal approval of the Stigmata of St. Francis, and gave the friars a special certificate with a hanging seal. And he did this at Viterbo in the eleventh year of his pontificate. And afterward in the twelfth year he gave another more comprehensive one.
Also Pope Nicholas III and Pope Alexander gave many privileges, whereby anyone who denied the Stigmata of St. Francis could be prosecuted as a heretic.7
And this suffices for the Fifth and last Consideration of the glorious Stigmata of our Father St. Francis. May God give us the grace to follow his life in this world in such a way that by virtue of his glorious Stigmata we may merit to be saved with him in Paradise!
To the glory of the Blessed Christ and His little poor Francis.

By the way for you to think over St Thomas Aquinas seems to have been a relative of this Baron.

Now I urge you again do not take my word form what you have read, but take this, email this or in some other way take it to your confessor, and if you cannot or do not use the Sacrament of Penance send it on to your local ordinary or some one you trust IMPLICITLY for the good of your soul. I have a real chump talk about the time of enlightenment, so full of his own glory, he claims Jesus is going to reveal all at once at the same time to all enlightenment. What I horrible joke and misunderstanding of how God works. Can you imagine the fight to get to confession in the Catholic Church? Asinine in thought and in actuallity.

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