For His Glory and His Alone
Friday, August 21, 2015
Am I alone and wrong in feeling the frailties of man, the hubris of priests and theological experts have to this date given the catholic faithful of the east and west a misguided impression of the content and meaning of Blessed Mary's views. There are so many interpretations of Her Loving Motherly act, I wonder how she is not very angry at us in her appearances amongst us here when Bl. Mary comes to bring us back to the sanctification of  Her Son's sacrifice. How can, if there is the slightest element of truth, in the opening question, how can her children claim to be speaking for their Mother, when so many self proclaimed experts dispute and wrangle over her words. I read, often returning to the same books, to feel that in what is reported as "said" by Her, has not been quoted with a full understanding of the context. It is changed to suit the individual tastes of those who wish to contend with little children's words. This is true in the case of both Medjugorie and Fatima. As they make their points many of these self assuming prophets make no sense. They accuse the older children of bad behaviour and then using ad hominem viperous statements they callthe little children who were under the age of reason, liars! Is that any kind of possibility by Catholic Teachings, children under the age of reason can lie and be held responsible? Do any of these experts take full responsibility for their own words. If they do not at this time, there will be a time when before God they will have to. These experts cannot have dealt with little children who can be so easily confused and scared in the face of such authority. Respectfully I say many of these catholic charlatans have never known Her, our Mother that is; not in the sense of a having a strongly focused interior life. It is even more astounding that both Benedict and JP2 told the Bishops they must utilize every Church way, up to and including exorcism, to obtain what is true or the false about these childish oracles or any oracle for that matter. Yet not one expert I have read make any effort to obey these Popes and respect the Papal Office. In fact they adhere very strongly to a wrongful view of private visions. I cannot remember ever reading of Bl. Mary's agreeing with such foolishness directed towards Her visits with her children and her requests. How will the experts defend their views at their judgement? Blessed Mary by her Jewish Faith does believe in Oracles. Read of the Prophets in the Old Testament and remember Christ promised the Apostles help. If those He promised help to, do not listen, will He allow His dreadful Passion and Death to be rendered useless, die on the vine as it were. Is He a liar in His promises and cannot be trusted? Will He, as God Himself did, use faithful servant or servants to make His Point. Will He send Philistines, Babylonians, Egyptians, even perhaps Russians of a sort to make His Point. Will He turn rivers red, take away first borns, send locusts, snakes and diseases. 
There is, if anything is written in stone, an absolute certainty that Blessed Mary would not say anything or appear in any one's interior life to change Catholic Church Dogma or Doctrine. Bl. Mary can chide us, as a Mother. Bl. Mary can make it very apparent that there is something wrong with new teachings, behaviours or practices as Prophets throughout the ages have done. That is to make us very aware that there are consequences to our fornication with the other side. I find it most amazing that anyone could say, and it is readable on the “net”, Our Lady, our Mother said, referring to the Catholic Pentecostals, She did not love them. Too many unintelligent opinions are made and not thought out. How downright stupid, scriptural ignorant or just plain insulting to think our Holy Mother would dislike her kids. Just thinking that, let alone accuse her of saying it, is a downright blasphemy of some kind. The Perfect in grace and created wisdom is our Mother and in Solomon’s prayer for Wisdom he sure makes it clear what created wisdom knows Tell me then how this Mother does not love her children. Let me say it another way how can the perfection of all Motherhood and full of all graces not be the most perfect of mothers and not love her children. This does not mean it is extremely probable for Her to abhor their spiritual behaviour. Yet the Children of Medjugorie by statements of some priest were made to say this Mother does not love, is not loving. I can understand, as many practising catholics can and accept as many of us are of the same mind, Bl Mary abhors the pentecostal catholic charismatic religious, piety and prayer behaviour. Two Popes have cautioned them to go home to their parishes and practice the corporal works of mercy in their parishes. Anyone who reads about the Doctrine of Grace and Mystical Prayer would be of the same opinion.
Bl Mary cannot change the Word of God, nor will BL. Mary try to. It is obvious to me there are certain wilful anomalies in the interpretations of what transpired in Her Latest visits. They are mostly personal and prideful opinions of what the Mother of God said and what Bl. Mary meant. Church authorities and those who do not have authority, that is other than their uneducated opinions, do lay claim to uncatholic statements of Mary's views that run contrary to the Catholic Church's teachings. They hold wrong-headed interpretations of what the Church and Her Mother is all about. I see silly translations and quotes abound in the Church today that Jesus must find very insulting. These claims made in the preceding sentences, I qualify by stating they make some truly foolish interpretations of scriptures. Why then would these spin theologians not bowdlerise anything else? I should think that by now with the conspiracy theories that abound in the Church and all those who are so proud of their theological qualifications have thoroughly confused Blessed Mary's lay children. This confusion that has been fortified by the stupidity and foolishness that has arisen in the Church since the end of Vatican 2, that cult of the individual today's “only me” ego that has developed from the “me too” ego of the 60's and 70's, has caused so many to pick sides. I hear catholics who do not seem to have a very good interior life, but do have a life sorely afflicted by a sense of “Mary did not say that to me, why did she pick you and not me.” They have an attitude there is no way you heard when they did not. Those using their egos have and very impolitely labelled Popes as liars. They are adamant in their knowledge, Russia has not been consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart. There is no exhibition of the faintest knowledge of the ascending and descending of ladder or levels of grace whatsoever. That is applying the Catholic Doctrine of Grace and its accompanying definitions of Merits to various Catholic Ways, heavenly or otherwise. This also means it is highly probable they do not understand about going down into hell either.
It is like the Bishop of Mostar who asked, “Why does Bl. Mary concern Herself with six peasant children, when She has a perfectly faithful Bishop here who is very available and can make her desires happen”. Take into account those who have determined Russia was not consecrated, are those who should ask themselves this. The depth of sin, the insults, indifference, the sacrileges and blasphemy against the Eucharist revealed By Holy Michael the Guardian of the Eucharist, at Fatima is even slightly significant in their eyes and mind? Are they? Did not the Angel teach the Children to pray and ask the Trinity to stop the abuses? I rarely see among the consecration contenders one iota of regret or disgust about the Abuse of the Body and Blood of Christ. How private was the Angel's revelation of Heaven’s view of the myriads of those abuses? Should we keep them to ourselves as they are private. I wish the Passion and Death had been private and we never heard of them. That might not be contentious in the Modern Church. These are the sheep who have pulled their own wool over their eyes, are blind and cannot see.
Am I alone, and I do not think so, in seeing us as a Church heading towards a syncretic worldliness and rationalisation. It is not my wish to give an impression that we are heading towards a besiegement or beguiling of our religion, but it is surely worrying times. I can write that every Tom, Dick, Harry and Sarah both inside and outside the Church are dragging Her slowly but extremely surely in directions we have as a religion been warned of by prophets of old and fought hard to resist. These schemers seem to be making efforts to obtain permits for gnostic pastoral doctrines that heretics and dissidents have always admired. When these actions are followed with successful attempts by the press to confuse the faithful we are in great danger of becoming, “Of this world”. This persuading storm will, which if he is not careful, surely go to a Papal Head. That is to bring the Church into a more modern view of the world today and what the world needs from Her. If it has not already. Can I not feel this way and speak out against it? I would like to see and hope there are many other proper Catholics as opposed to the “comatose in their piety” and “asleep in their tepidity catholics” to be led by their priests out of the trenches (pews) fighting mad and want the nonsenses that damn, arising from those conspiratorial theologies to be extirpated from the sight and minds of the faithful.
The dreadful result is in many cases is causing the loss of Catholic Theology on Charity. If it has not been forgotten in the Present Day Church. The relationship of Charity and merits because of bad catechesis, has become no longer relevant and in the case of Fatima, Dogma is not even applied as it does not suit the viewpoint of those who tell the Pope his pants are on fire, in their hidden ways. Although I think these dissidents whatever dissidence they support are or were very aware of what they write and preach as long as they are careful do not absolutely say “The Papacy Lies” in as many words. I wish to make anyone who believes understand that we are governed by Grace and on every occasion we should place it in our hearts and souls as an additive merited value helping us through Charity to grow closer to sanctity, righteousness and perfection. I wish to show that in the Charity that is in the Consecration of Russia, which is also a call to unity of the Catholic Churches, the consecration can grow close to the perfect blessing if all who should be involved, get fully involved, in one way or another.
Look at the Consecration of Russia “humbuggers”, They have thrown The dogmas and truths of the Doctrines of grace and merits out the window to prove themselves and their egos above God and any heavenly actions. This is one side of the equation. The other side is the Hubristic Priestly Powers that demand obedience to themselves rushed to close off and silence St Lucia, by the vow of obedience she made her superior. I watched one time on YouTube a trio of fools trying to make God a fool using their theological degrees to prove their point. They were folks with a lot of knowledge and absolutely no intelligence to use it. They were fighting to make winning points in their debate and were not truly into the  reason for the Consecration of Russia to Bl Mary's Immaculate Heart. Fatima, is only to many of them a way to show their theological superiority over God's lay childrenand make good money out of the faithful. I ask, “Was it not Blessed Mary who stated very plainly.  "Those who are not with the Pope are not of us”.
Perhaps I could be clearer? Let us therefore examine God for what He is from what we know about Him. That is from the Dogma of the Mystery of Divine Grace. From the point of view of what would or how would Bl Mary speak for the Spirit of God, Her Spouse revealing for us His greatest attribute of God for you and I, which is Charity. Did He not promise when He died for us He send comfort and reminders to help us. Would He not use for the Apostles something they would understand? A kind of the oracles of the Old Testament type to warn us of the errors we make. Surely His Charity would not deny Him any way of warning us. Why do we listen and then find every way to dissmiss them. We allow our priests and prelates to deliberately obfuscate His warnings from those He chooses as His Prophets? The awful ignominy for me is we let them do it without any defense of Heaven. Why is it so? If this were a survey I was taking you could say yes or no in answer to the questions before you in that last sentences. God's charity for me, is l know from the Holy Ghost. It is His tremendous love between God and His Word, a Divine and contemplated Love, His Supernatural Love and Sanctifying Grace, that proceeds from the Father and the Son, and under certain proscriptions He dwells in in me. He came, this God Man, and chose to die in such a dreadful Passion and Death upon the Cross for the sins of people like me to be forgiven. How about you, is your soul grace filled? The Supreme Love of the Spirit can dwell in us. A love we must maintain and of which we could say contains all His attributes. The Father and the God man His Son contain the Divine Essence all the virtues and attributes in perfectly infinite order. Will this wondrously magnified God, the creator and jealous lover of mankind do everything in His almighty power to change us before any kind of corporal power is occasioned by His anger? Does God merit this statement yes or no?
How and when do we receive merits for each charitable act we do? Our Holy Church says we receive rewards for all acts of Charity. She says, “Every degree of grace is in itself infinitely valuable, more precious than all created things in heaven and earth, a treasure for which we should, with the Apostle, ”count all things lost that we may gain Christ" and His grace. Every supernatural action performed in the state of grace, every moment utilized and made to bear fruit, merits another increase of grace from God; and it rests only with man to double this grace again and again in a short time, and the greater this increase of grace the greater also the merit of our works. In Christ Jesus' Ballads of Love, those parables of the Talents lend themselves to the proofs and promises of God that this is possible and is so. Failure to make them grow in our souls is punishable. In growing the gratuitous gifts from God and in so doing turning them into virtues has its own rewards and penalties. She, our mother the Church also maintains in its definitive teachings on grace, this determination. “The soul of the Son of God has every claim and right to grace, merits it instead of receiving it as a gratuitous gift; it likewise receives grace directly and in exceeding abundance, and can in no wise lose it. Our soul receives grace as a gratuitous gift through Christ, in a limited measure, and easily loses it (Grace) by mortal sin.
Any other belief comes from Luther’s preaching and is condemned.
What else does our Mother, our Heaven on Earth, teach us which is and has been so easily lost by bad catechism and by the opinions of so many fallen catholics and manque theologians.
“Every degree of grace is in itself infinitely valuable, more precious than all created things in heaven and earth, a treasure for which we should, with the Apostle,” count all things lost that we may gain Christ" and His grace. Every supernatural action performed in the state of grace, every moment utilized and made to bear fruit, merits another increase of grace from God; and it rests only with man to double this grace again in a short time, and the greater this increase of grace the greater also the merit of our works. Moreover, we must by the acts that we perform in the state of grace rise continually higher, ever ascending to a higher state of grace. But this we are unable to do alone, even with the grace we already possess, because no one can be raised above his condition without the help of a higher agency. The Divine Spirit therefore must prompt us to aspire to a higher degree of grace, and assist us to reach it. For this the seven gifts of the Holy Ghost are not sufficient; they indicate a condition, and are therefore dormant qualities of our soul till they are brought into activity by Him. (Not as Spirits but as Virtues, which should be heroic). The gifts of the Holy Ghost make a pliant instrument of our soul, but we need the master-hand to play upon it, and so bring out its virtue and harmony”. So from the point of view of Charity and Merits as we make these good works of Charity that added to our sanctifying grace help us to ascend ever higher and with God’s help reach a state of perfection with as it says above, “the help of a higher agency.
I apply this question to myself and all of us should? Ask yourself, using the gift of introspection which we get through Baptism, if the work of praying for others and if especially directed so by Bl Mary in the requested Highly Charitable Consecration of Russia by the Blessed Virgin Mary and Her Immaculate Heart can we discern the works of a higher agency????? Does each individual act of charity in consecrating or praying for Russia earn a charitable meritorious grace? What is the height of perfection which would be then present if the total membership of the Church falls into line and in order to please Our Mother make a prayerful action to assist in this Consecration? Is not the Consecration done imperfectly due to the frailties of some members, who shudder and shaking with their prideful denial makes it disgustingly imperfect and causes it not to contain the fullness of a perfect merits?
Bl Mary says this, “It is all the Bishops of the World under the Pope must consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart”. As the height of the perfection is needed for a perfect consecration, can we in a way surmise that if all the bishops of the world obey we can arrive at a figure of merit. Is this figure 1% or 100%. We  should seek 100% perfection if all join in? Therefore can we also surmise that even if a few bishops attempt the consecration there will be some merits in the Consecration. Therefore those lying wonders of Fatima professors should consider very carefully the choice of words and denials of Mary’s requests and results. At least admit that due to the frailties of man, the consecration is done, not yet perfectly accomplished? I mean incomplete, that is not perfect.  
Who are those who are Bishops in Mary's eyes? First and foremost they are those who by the Latin Catholic Church and The Orthodox who can trace back their beginnings to the Apostle. sThey are those who are of the Apostolic Tradition Latin East and West, Byzantine West and East. This includes Catholic and Orthodox. Does this not suggest to you egotistical experts this is Mary's call for Catholic Unity??? Yet at no time does Mary ask they do it all at once but consecrate they must. Each act of Charity and the consecration is a great act of Charity towards the Russian People and grace for us all who believe and pray. The Consecration ascends closer and closer to the perfection needed. We should all ask our priests and add ourselves at Mass whether we be Orthodox or Latin to add the Names or titles of the Russian Patriarch, Greek Patriarch, Coptic or any Bishops who are Apostolic in their anointing as our effort to get Russia consecrated and anointed to her Immaculate Heart. It will I assure you bring a perfect consecration of Russia closer.
Now those of you who do not lack fortitude send this on to your bishops and ask your Parish Priest your spiritual guide in this world and get their take on my words. If you do not have fortitude to ask then you lack a virtue. I should worry about this lack if I were you. For the scriptures say be afraid of no man only of the one who can truly slay your spirit. Look at that place where that will take you.

Almighty and Eternal God, I give glory and praise and thank You for the precious gift of Your Life’s blood poured out upon the world to bring us to a life of everlasting grace.

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