For His Glory and His Alone
Thursday, December 10, 2015
  why do they call us Catholic
I am alternately frightened or concerned, depending upon what good or bad news I hear. One can choose either state. I am frightened for the souls of so many in the Church or concerned about their spiritual welfare throughout eternity. We all were conceived in the Beatific Vision. How many of us will return there?
As a Catholic or as should any Catholic we have to decide our way to Heaven and what is of the greatest importance to save our soul. What are we is the first question we must ask? The answer for me is I am Catholic the name the Church gave us as the Catholic Encyclopedia records
The combination "the Catholic Church" (he katholike ekklesia) is found for the first time in the letter of St. Ignatius to the Smyrnaeans, written about the year 110. The words run: "Wheresoever the bishop shall appear, there let the people be, even as where Jesus may be, there is the universal [katholike] Church”. The encyclopedia goes on to quote many writers of the early times of the Church who around the same time as St Ignatius. The name Universal in English was used to separate us from the original gnostics who denied God was in Jesus and made every effort they could to separate His Manhood from His Divinity, including denial of Mary as Mother of God, or ever Virgin. Ever used to mean “forever in this case”. It is amazing how these lies and denials are still promoted in the world today and waved like a battle flag to calumniate the Catholic Faith. Even I am afraid in the lack of respect for the Eucharist. Can anyone deny that the way the Eucharist is treated by catholics today is not a spiritual way of not caring either trough the virtue of religion or the one of piety. Can any of us deny that if we truly love God as we should, if there is deep in the center of our hearts a firm intellectual belief the Eucharist is the Body and Blood of Him who chose to suffer dreadfully and to die an extremely cruel death upon a Cross, in the stiflingly heat of the Palestinian sun, we should each in our own way, think we owe Him at least a proper thanks? Can any of us say, can any of us think, we would do the same for Him as He did for us? Not voluntarily I think. We run away as fast as possible in our millions.

I give You glory and praise Lord Jesus of Nazareth, Son of the Living God and Son of Mary and thank you for the precious gift of Your Life's Blood poured out upon the whole world to bring to us a state of everlasting grace.

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Wednesday, December 09, 2015
  Quo Vadis Catholics??
I do not wish to be a bully, in fact I detest bullying and control freaks in the pews certainly frost my socks. To me, many of them are the Jezebels in the Dioceses and parish congregations of Revelations chapter 2.
In the same vein I would not be a liberal and this goes for the accommodation theology which they practice so desperately Since I am not a liberal and cannot be. It is against my nature, I am disgusted by the spin theology coming from Rome and so readily obeyed by the Bishops of the Church, this includes all the little asides and leaks to the press. When one reads the vblogs, blogs on the internet and articles in catholic journals in today's world, one finds so often liberals with their absolute desire to prove they are right, more often than not, overstep the bounds of common decency with such cruelty. They hold people like me to be judgmental and foolish. They have no clue their actions are overbearing, downright ignorant and so disrespectful to a laity that seems to have more intelligence than their so called prophetic teachers. If they would read Lives of the Saints on Sundays, they would certainly find the judgment of Saints help no danger for these Righteous people's eternal lived. St Teresa of Avila and St Faustina come to mind. Soon the time will come when we will all have a choice to make; Will we obey Christ or wrong headed Bishops? What a poser for our priests? Those who are ambitious will not be bothered by conscience or the natural law. Any law for that matter. The dreadful spiritual warfare and confusion of the steady men who are our Parish Priests will need every ounce of prayer and support we can give them.
Disrespectful is a word liberals often use as a defensive weapon thrust at anyone who disagrees with them. I do not want to turn those away especially those who are truly seeking God. We should all share in the true truths of the Church. I write this is my truth coming from my feelings for my Church. It is truly my longing to share the great love God has and has shown for me and want them to share in His Love with me. A love found in the teachings of His Mystical Body, the Catholic Church.
I do say that any observer, even one of limited intelligence, would not find it untruthful to believe that today's Catholics and catholics have a serious problem with the faith today. Who is to blame for this very serious lack of knowledge? I have not heard in the Church a sermon on spiritual love even of the love God has for us and what is the love He ably demonstrated to us and for us throughout His passion and death. I have heard many opinions and that is all they are. I have heard a lot of personal drivel on what is an ordinary earthly affection. I have heard a lot on that worldly love that commutes into pornography and disordered affections. I have heard priests who sermonize on, “love is patient”, from first Corinthians and what a bad translation that is. St Paul wrote Charity is Patience and is Kind. Even Paul missed Love is pity, compassion, forgiveness, does not exact consequences, vengeance and silence in the face of insults.
Many priests in North America take their homilies from the internet and do not really take into account what a good Catholic translation of the Catholic Bible says. The Bible is a Catholic Book and not a book of verses translated to suit and defend non-catholic opinions. The Bible came into being around 300 AD, when the Pastors of that time saw the wrongheaded schisms and heresies that denied the unity of God in Man who was both Saviour and Redeemer and not just a pastoral happy go lucky shepherd. Until then there never was a “Bible”, in the Catholic Sense of the word. I write, “God help all those”, who have changed the dictated biography of God, his life and times, dictated by His supernatural love and grace, the Holy Ghost, to the Apostles. The Hebrews had the Talmud, the Torah, the Misnah and other Rabbinic teachings. The word “Biblos” was Greek and never would a Jew use a Greek word in any religious connotation. I urge you all to be careful of which Bible you pin your hopes of salvation on. Open many of the bibles of today’s' pseudo christians and you will get opinionated versions of either what would Jesus do or what my opinion is about His Life. They are not “truth” but opinions hidden by pride.
Therefore a catholic who does not know, even care to know, what the Church teaches concerning the lack of “informing one's conscience” and would rather have opinions of what he or she can believe and “trust in” is not of the true faith. They are in a very serious case of sin. A sin that would soon blossom into schism and or heresy making them even more fallen catholics. We must I submit strongly reclaim and retain what is ours and not one bishop seems to have neither the ambition and will to do so. Accommodate the world is the viewpoint they hold to strongly.
We all must become aware of this lack of effort in education and since the Bishops by their own admission have made bad catechesis the norm, the laity must step forward and provide the faith through an internal evangelisation of our Church. We must claim back our birthright. This is of the utmost importance that we admit there is a problem. We will have to admit many of those who claim catholicism as their main religion are both uneducated in this religion. It seems furthermore so many are happy to stay ignorant of its traditions and teachings as they are quite satisfied to claim their truths are correct. Their opinions coming from their personal needs keep them comfortable in their, which they will find to be, graceless miseries. They will never change or dismiss the silly evangelistic phrase “epiphany” for the true change needed, that is “metanoia”. Epiphany are gifts of the world as shown by the Three Wise Men. Christ died and now draws us to Him. Do these misbelievers truly believed God had got it wrong in suffering and dying and will have to return to make amends and out of some misbegotten version of Love to suffer again. God gets it right the first time and unlike the silly version of reincarnation, in some of the dafter religions, One chance and that's it folks, it cannot be done again. The Gift of salvation was offered from the Cross. Was Christ wrong and it seems this sacrilege yet not publicly stated is freely and ably demonstrated by articles, blogs and news reports published from around the world. This church is divided and dreadfully so. Is this not so? How can one assume otherwise? The divisions were kept well hidden until Vatican 2. After all the doublespeak many true members of the Church driven by the lack of truth, by the double speak of the followers of Janus, and the deliberate interpretations of what others claimed was proposed in the 50's and 60's in Rome, blew the whistle. The advent of the internet the theological errors of warped egos became exposed. Those who wanted the Church teachings defended began to speak out and are ably proclaimed by those who love the Church. The divisions will only become wider and the medicine needed to seal the gap will be ignored as it will not suit the many conceited proponents of falseness. Their egos right now are beyond earthly correction. In fact I make to you all there is a case for concern with this re-admission of Arianism We are again separating the Word into two distinct parts. His Teachings and His Pastoral works of His Mystical Body by seeking to separate the “Mystical Him” from the Practical Shepherd. In fact you all may wish to consider this new discipline in this way. A separation of the priest and his pastoral works from the doctrines and historic teachings of doctrine. It is tantamount to making the Ten Commandments inferior or of no use to the saving of souls. Not one of you can deny Christ came to save souls and His Name by which wishes to be called is Saviour.
There is a reluctant admittance among the Hierarchy, as a whole, that supports this truth. Although many of them cannot bring themselves to show these thoughts publicly. Yet by their standards I am an unqualified layman and must think simply as would a child and these are my childish thoughts. There is certainly an illogical demand from many of the hierarchy, (almost wrote it heresiarchs), for us to obey them, in all their demands, as they know best what God and His Church wants. What I know as best for the Church is for me to work and receive the salvation, for which Christ suffered so dreadfully and died upon the Cross out of His great charity. My first duty as is all of yours, is to save our souls first. They, the Bishops and priests, are to furnish us with ways to forgive sins and to suffer gladly to help us to salvation. The many spokesmen for the last synod show absolutely no need to do so. Have they forgot what God told Ezekiel, “The soul that sins dies” These bishops want us to count, on for our salvation, the phrase coined long ago i.e. “Father knows best”. Some Fathers do yes but fat chance for many of those other fat cats to know best. It is or is it a truth the Hierarchy as a group are not quite in a state of grave sin collectively? One can say the majority are waiting for the laggards who do want to change to catch up. It is obvious the synod of Bishops are not quite there any more and I pray they use common sense and change. Will the results of the Family Synod confirm for us their actions and speech. Will the findings of this synod be a yes or no to Christ's unambiguous doctrinal instructions to the Apostles? Will they, the minority of these bishops fail to reach the numbers necessary for the great proclamation the synod modernists need to change the teaching contained in the Word. I hope that we will find, in the Pope's affirmation in His final report that he will not make this synod fit the Janus Spirit of the Vatican 2's agenda.
We, though not yet accused, read the hierarchy and believe that we, the laity, are not acting in unity with the Holy Spirit. We should take it as their Gospel in which we should believe and trust in their righteousness. A righteousness of the state of the grace that sanctifies. There is I believe in the minds of the hierarchy they have authority to behave so monstrously. Yet this present hierarchy so full of error with their interpretation of what Jesus, a practitioner of the Jewish Faith living in the mid east, meant by the Power of the Keys and they have made their interpretation their law. The Apostles and disciples of his time would know. The Keys in mid eastern habits of that time were given to what we would call the Grand Vizier, the major-domo or even a glorified janitor, who opened the Lord's door, aired and swept the hall clean for the presence of the Lord, whereby his subjects came to receive justice at the Ruler's hands. They could change nothing and in His absence ruled by precedent. It is now normal for them in some kind of brutish ego to do, “as I please”. The heresy of clericalism explained to me so many years ago is, “I know the bishop, priest or judge, I know his thoughts therefore this is what he wants”. I ask you who reads and all priests and bishops “When did our Lord Jesus Christ say sin is not really a sin. My Father will overlook that grave error. Come now let us be happy and relax, have some fun”, When did He speak to you Bishops and how do you know it was God who gave you a pass on sinfulness?”
It has come to pass in the papal catholic church today many, so very many do not know what to believe in what form any punishment or judgment we will receive, by claiming we have nothing that makes us punishable. Too many who have recently entered the Church are now teachers of catechism and have hung on to their baggage, especially where they truly perceive God's biography is written wrongly and should be shunted aside. This mostly the Catholic God, this very specific dilemma is due to the lack of true and clear catechetical instruction. That was the beauty of the Penny Catechism, children could easily understand it. This point was strongly defended by the English Bishops who insisted it should be used by the Church at Vatican 1. Catechesis, by the way is the tradition of teaching the catechism orally, search in the Oxford etymological dictionary to find what this word meant when first used. In today's Church we have followed the desires expressed by the Germanic Bishops of Vatican 1 who wanted the a more intellectual Catechisms of Bellarmine and Canisius. Cardinal Wiseman expressed the English view, “Bellarmine's work was the most adaptable to the needs of the times, but in both catechisms The questions and responses were much too long and too involved for the children of the poor in England and her colonies. We judge they are impossible. It is these needs that should be the concern of the council”. We can say the same of St John Paul's Catechism. It is too advanced for the protestant christians who we must see, despite their ages, as children entering the Church. The theology of St J P 2”s catechism is too much and overwhelming for untutored neophytes. So every Tom, Dick or Harriet has jumped on the bandwagon and while smirking at the cradle catholic dismiss us with the words of utter foolishness inviting us to come join the modern world. Tell me I am wrong then what about a woman who claimed there were 8 sacraments, the eighth being the RCIA, by which she entered the church. Any observer even of a limited intelligence would agree with me that the non cradle Catholics of today are allowed to teach and give their own opinions. Opinions readily accepted accepted by a very pompous hierarchy who chose not to correct them, have resulted in many awful errors in doctrine. Remember the convert who claimed the Holy Spirit was feminine.
First no one knows the sacraments any more or their source. There is a complete lack of knowledge of the teachings of the Sacraments by the Council of Trent which was called to answer the sacramental doctrines of those protestant reformers. If St Teresa of Avila had an interior life directed by Jesus Himself why did she by her own admission suffer so much for Luther and Calvin?The bishops truly do not see their errors have resulted in no one understanding the Eucharist, Confession and what is sin. In fact although a sin is a sin taught by the Church of and before Christ's time, this band of collectively and ill advised sinful brothers never contradicting each other say what we believed sin to be not a sin and an accommodating Christ with some new appeasement not taught by Him will overlook the misdirection and teaching of this foolish hierarchy of ours. What bad examples are given to the Church's children by men who completely miss-stating and usurping the power of the keys. They are bad examples that the Church once taught us to avoid. It does not give any prelate, who perhaps is not taking his medication, permission to state otherwise that they can make changes to God or His word because they outvote Him in some weirdly democratic synod. Symbolically in the Spiritual world it would be a victory for the principality of janus the two tongued victorious over the Holy Ghost. They cannot do anything to change the commentaries of the true Fathers and Doctors of the Church on Christ's teachings or the unequivocal words of Scriptures. A millstone is a stone unlike the cross it is not a live saving device, which of the two will they
be made to wear. He our Lord will not be outvoted by any false spirit at the final judgment no matter what these pontificators tell us. It is also true that Christ our Lord and Master never said, “maybe”. These so called prophets and teachers of ours in the Church today have to hope that it is they that are paying the piper as the One who did will not stomach their hypocrisy and have their dance done His way. They will not like His demands. Instead of using false prophets and the Jezebels of Revelations chapter two, to teach the children, these driven by what Spirit will have move now and change to bring the teachings back to where Christ and the God who sent stone tablets on which His instructions were written and are therefore unchangeable. Look what He did to His Prophet Moses who like the recent synodial members broke God's word for Him. Meditation on those scriptural events of the Old and the New Testaments might be very rewarding in the quest for any chance of a beatific after life, called the resurrection of the body. Before you think or quote Lutheran dogma, the fashion in the Church nowadays as a defense, remember God the Father is more than just Love, most especially not one that is accommodating, up-datable and subject to the whims of many not in a state of grace. He is righteous, judgmental but never sorrowful in His actions for as the psalmist wrote, prayed, in the Miserere, as a committed sinner, “To Thee only have I sinned, and have done evil before Thee: that Thou mayst be justified in Thy words and mayst overcome when Thou art judged”
A point I would like you to think about, a simple inelegant question. Why the rush to defend Vatican 2 when daily one of the Lutheran dogmas that the Council of Trent loudly condemned the Bishops and priests do nothing about, other than act against it. Luther promoted when only the Body and Blood is served then the Communion is incomplete. The Tridentine council truly harshly condemned this with the words “either kind alone” and yet now it is normal at every reception of holy communion both species are served. I asked one newbie why he needed both he said he did not feel it was complete. This is one reason for the new position as “extras to the ordinary Eucharistic ministers', which by the way those folks do not see themselves as but actual ministers of the Eucharist. One reason for the change was “it was taking too long with only priests as distributors”. Now it is twice as long with myriads of “those who would be priests” on the altar. How very protestant this is. Will the Bishops really support all the councils or continue to pick only the one that suits their ego.
You should at least ask your priests for guidance on this letter. Priests should ask their Bishops is this letter true or is he mistaken in hearing and observing the nonsense instigated by those want who to diminish the frightening reality of the Eucharist, hidden under the tabernacle veil of bread and wine? I would not want anyone to be scandalized by my words. Ask them, as you are their/his parishioners and priests ask your Bishops, your superiors, are we witnessing and subjecting the Mystical Body of Christ and the Eucharist to the indifference, infidelities, blasphemies and sacrileges as described by the Archangel at Fatima. Are we being scandalized and not know it or is there a sin involved when our conscience has not been informed by the Church teachings on the Eucharist. Also ask him or your local ordinary can the Council of Trent formed by the Holy Spirit as a defense against reformation heresy be changed willy-nilly by foolish men?
The ones caught in the crossfire in this fight for the survival of the Catholic Church, the everyday faithful priests, need all the prayers they can receive. Do not hesitate when ever you see a Catholic Priest to say, “Send him help O Lord and comfort from Your holy place”. If you read my previous blogs you can find I do not dislike priests in anyway. I am so sorry that their consciences are hidebound by their vow of obedience to bishops. Before Vat2's disaster which has left the Laity and priests confused and disturbed, the priest vowed to protect the Mystical Body against all heresies. They were truly priests we trusted. Bishops today stick together and seem SEEM to be very misunderstanding of the Paraclete. It is as though they have a different view of Him than is true. They act like He is democratic and if many of the laity wants something it I the work of some spirit. Can you imagine any Holy Spirit working against Church Dogma. Can you imagine the Holy Spirit working throgh tepid people who has not confessed literally fro ages upon ages? I can't

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