For His Glory and His Alone
Wednesday, October 05, 2016
  Is this Parreshia? Is this what the Pope meant? I think so.
Obeying the Pope and using Parrhesia, in his words, to just mess things up. Remembering his recent prayer for journalists. He said, “I often wonder: How can media be put to the service of a culture of encounter? We need information leading to compromise for the good of humanity and the planet.
Join me in this prayer request. “That journalists, in carrying out their work, may always be motivated by respect for truth and a strong sense of ethics”.
Pope Francis: journalism based on gossip and lies a form of terrorism Pontiff says journalists must go the extra mile to seek the truth and ensure they don’t spread rumors which can ‘kill a person with your tongue’.
In the modern world there are those whom we call investigative journalists. Like the rest of us, they come in all sorts. Honest, having integrity and having worked in the industry most today are just in it for the notoriety and consequently the high salaries their dishonesty brings them. I have worked with them and watched how easily they substitute their views of what you should have said by clever editing. Suffice to say many of those they interview are of the same ilk.
Let Us hope that when push comes to shove, this Pope will remember that so many of those Catholics who are slowly aligning themselves against his new wrong headed pastoral initiative will fight hard and with integrity and honesty for the sake of all our souls.

There are many Catholic Bloggers who are very knowledgeable about the historic and accepted teachings of the Catholic Church. I trust in God they are not in it for ego, fame and fortune nor do they have some specific axe to grind. Some I think of, as practicing simony they rush to print the latest message from Bl Mary, sell Catholic Trinkets etc and are very close to committing acts of simony. Some ask for help in buying non Catholic items such as equipment and goods. The message they give by their actions may be causing scandal to raise its ugly head amongst the faithful. Consider this and ask yourself are they making a living by selling holy pictures and books when they may be capable of earning a living by the use of their hands and skills. If not, are they not literally pimping Bl Mary’s concern for her Children. In many cases some write intelligently about the faith and are writing not for the children but with impressive and erudite definitions of semi obscure catholic ideas and even exhibit Gnostic fallacies. They would certainly be better teaching the catechism in the local parishes or devising some kind of catholic marketing plan for evangelization There are others who set themselves up as experts on Bl Mary and write as though they have a very special knowledge of Mary and what is acceptable to her. It seems so many have a very intimate personal relationship with Her and Her spouse the Divine Eternal Spirit of God. I don’t think so and many had better change. Then there are among these writers those Catholics that are called cradle Catholics are often dismissed as dated, or non progressive and their catholic habits and practices learned from their parents and grandparents are often hinted at, as being antediluvian. Honestly I am one and I will never give up what my father taught me. Why should I his virtues of piety and religion make him a far better catholic than so many who claim their religion is catholic they work at today. So let me, if I can, convince you as my father did me we should obey the Holy Father in practicing our Catholicism.
Pope Francis, that is still his title I believe, says speak boldly and use Parrhesia. Parrhesia is to speak boldly, freely, openly and truthfully, in a lesser meaning it was used to say preach orate or make your views truthful. Some will add that its use is also tied to apologizing for having to say what one must say all be it the truth. What does apologizing in this case mean? I believe for me it means these are my views I am sorry they annoy you but they are mine and please respect them. I ask the Pope what did he mean when he recommends using Parrhesia; being a Jesuit and he would ask, “What do you think it means?” This is or was was always the Jesuit way, steering the questioner with a question to bring you to your own understanding. I would have then answered, “It is speaking without fear, to speak without trying to please and above all other meanings to speak truthfully with out apologizing for my opinions”. And the Jesuit would say that is good but what about your critical view of the behavior of others and their beliefs’ I would say, “I can only say this is what I believe and it is my lifestyle and I cannot deny my beliefs, but I hear what you say”.
Although I do write, over the years I have worked diligently to form my conscience, the choice of expressing it is mine. It will be without a doubt in my mind a cross that, for a little while, I will have to shoulder. That is my and for every catholic the burden of my choice. Yet it is for those who read me to ask as Pilate asked, “What is his truth for me?” I would say from the way I was brought up it is what makes me to try to act with honor, honesty and integrity and stand steadfast in my beliefs. The Jesuit might then say, “You are mad”. What is mad in putting ourselves outside the Pandora’s box the world is? Christ did tell us we are not of this world or am I mistaken? I also believe there is a strong suspicion in my mind that when He said we are to be an example He meant stand out among the crowds.
So I write in an effort to understand and to express confusion even a little disgust about the double talk in the Church today, a fruit from the council of Vatican 2. This council used such bad translations and interpretations giving us what the Church has always called, and still are, novelties. This caused Paul V1th to say, “No more changes the children are confused”. This has led to trusting and depending of what is called the sense of the faith and we never hear reference to that which Tertullian called “sensus regula”, which seems for me a sense of the natural law. How can the faith of the great unwashed and unshriven children of the church today be trusted? How can the faith be trusted when many of the “faithful” are under the jurisdiction of sin. We are taught by the Church this jurisdiction is a weakness that impairs the our intelligence and a spiritual weakness. This fact we must understand from the Catholic Church’s historic teachings?
As a long time catholic, remembering the priests of my childhood I write, if the Priests had the fortitude today to tell the truth and say this truth, “You are not in a state of grace and I ask when did you last confess your sins to me or a fellow priest?” The Church today would be rising like a Phoenix from her ashes. This trust in our fellow Catholic's faith today is not a position I would want to use as my defense before God when I am judged. The Church has always taught that not to inform one’s conscience is a grave sin. One very important occasion for informing our conscience is in the confessional with our parish priest, the spiritual guide appointed for us by the Church for our eternal benefit. This blog is my expression of disgust about the confusion I see, hear and question. It does not need the permission of any priest of whatever rank for me to express. It is licit because of the explicit instruction of this Pope who told us to be candid and to express ourselves. I think also he meant “be sorry” that we have to ask these questions about the double talk of Vatican 2 coming not from the Trinitarian Holy Ghost but from the spirit of the roman god, the idol, Janus who was double headed and faced two ways, with two mouths.
So let me state how I am confused. The Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate Heart cannot have as their Latin mass, but the Neocatecumenate can have their own version of the Novus Ordo. Where is the unity of the Church? Can we see unity in the Church, with decisions of this caliber? They seem somewhat spiteful to me. At one time no one who was not one of the Neocatecumenate cult could attend their liturgical ceremonies. I do not know if this has changed recently. I ask is it misplaced? The S.S.P.X. who objected to parts of the Vatican two’s confusing mess cannot be considered as part of our church, as fellow Catholics? Was Lefevbre the only Bishop present who would not be bullied by a hoard of Collegians? We all know of problems with varsity thinkers. Can we not argue this is troublesome when until this year we were not as Catholics able to go to confession with their priests? Has no Bishop ever considered the opening statement of the Pope in his sermon at the opening mass of Vatican 2 about pastoral focus of Vatican 2 and how it was not to change dogma or doctrine. A Pastoral Council he named it. I ask why then have the Bishops think they can now change direction and say the papers on ecumenism and other religions now not be considered dogma or doctrine but merely pastoral and in their own words can be progressively changed with the limits of their circumstances. All along since the culmination of the Council the Bishops have forced us to accept wonky decisions in the Spirit of Vatican 2. They enforce one thing and erase another. I read adultery now can be seen as merely a venial sin and disordered relationships are not sinful if there is love. How very Muslim who believe one can have a same sex relationship as long as there is no reciprocal love. Have I got this wrong? I have lately read the Cardinal Kasper has said and I now quote Lifesitenews, an immensely trustworthy group which should be supported vigorously.

June 11, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – In the face of increasing opposition to his plan to approve giving Holy Communion to people who are in adulterous remarriages, Cardinal Walter Kasper is hinting at a new “Vatican II” strategy for accomplishing his purposes at the upcoming Synod of Bishops in October, in which Catholic bishops from around the world will debate and vote upon his proposal.
In his televised interview with Raymond Arroyo of the Eternal World Television Network on June 4, Kasper acknowledged the opposition to his proposal of large numbers of bishops and even whole episcopal conferences, and recognized that inducing a large majority to support it would be difficult. As a result he proposed a different approach.
I get a lot of agreements, but also a lot of critiques, and there are tensions there,” Kasper acknowledged. “Now I propose to those who prepare the Synod to prepare a text which can get the agreement of the whole, of the great majority. It’s the same method also we had in the Council.” He later repeated, “My suggestion is to find now a formula where the great majority can adhere.”
Let us look into the last Synod and see how we were to treat the disordered, those disordered brothers and sisters of us all. We have a man, a self publicly confessed, repentant and straightened out sinner, with a blog. A man who took the splinters out of his eye and publicly confessed his remorse. We are urged by the bishops we should hold him in high esteem, welcoming him home. If there is a man who can judge the disordered, here is the epitome of what the Pope wants and he is so vilified by not only many of his brothers and sisters but also by those whose prerogatives are to make the rules. They, the bishops, are so confusing. There is nothing more confusing by saying do as I say but not as I do. Did the Bishops or did they not tell us we must take this man back into our midst and love him without rancor and he could receive Holy Communion under the supervision and discernment of His pastor? Does he have a Pastor or was that right unalienable right he has been removed in some way? All of us must have a Priest to forgive our sins. Sometimes the Local Bishop will provide a special confessor to guide us who are in that position.
I ask a question here about the disordered and what has the Church done over the years to hide this problem and what is the result. Is it governed now by an episcopal declaration it is not a sin. I am only doing what the present pope has said using Parrhesia with a great deal of sorrow for having to ask? We know and have seen it confirmed that so many of the disordered priests etc were shuffled around, from parish to parish, diocese to diocese, from country to country. My question is to ask why it has never been made known how many were sent to Rome and stayed moving slowly up through the ranks of the Roman Curia. I ask have they become so powerful they can change the Church’s teaching on the power of the keys to make their aberrations not a sin? I am sorry that I have to make such questions and to ask them publicly. I cannot, I know, question, yet I do as the Pope has expressed his views on the subject of the disordered except again one rule for the priesthood and a different one for the laity. I cannot forget he is infallible on faith and morals. We must obey his instructions to us. Are they we should question, forthrightly and honestly, but with sorrow, this making of a new history is it an error?
This Pope must have been selected and appointed by the Holy Spirit because he sure is separating the sheep from the goats at the Vatican. I ask what are any of the Church Hierarchy or Laity doing to defend the Mystical Body of Christ. Is it, the Vatican, the modern Coliseum at Rome and the beasts are ravishing the faithful.
I ask with a sincere remorse that I, not well educated, have to ask this question why the Pope’s own public instructions at the start of the last synod and in his publication of Amore Laetitia, why are the translations by some prelates so confusing. Why is there no unity in the translations why do or did the prelates and ordinaries translate the words of the Papal instructions to such a confusing degree? Was it under the tutelage of Cardinal Kasper. So different to The Church’s teachings both historical and traditional, Why! Why! Why? Or in the great phrase of the early Church should they not expect terrible triple woe to be upon them or should the Sheep, the Children of the Church pray as Moses did, for the Bishops, priests who claim the spirit tells them they have the right to be priests?” This new aberration that is set to be consider women to be deaconesses might benefit from prayer as Moses prayed:
By this you shall know that the Lord hath sent me to do all things that you see, and that I have not forged them of my own head: If these men die the common death of men, and if they be visited with a plague, wherewith others also are wont to be visited, the Lord did not send me. But if the Lord do a new thing, and the earth opening her mouth swallow them down, and all things that belong to them, and they go down alive into hell, you shall know that they have blasphemed the Lord”.

Although if I pray this way I would certainly change the punishment and leave it to God’s will
Candidly, as the Pope proclaimed, I would also those who are considering the role of those religious and laity who through some kind of Gnostic heresy that say God has given them a vocation and should be priests would deserve this prayer. It would be an extra thing to witness when God reacts especially if we ask Him in the name of his beloved Son and as promised He acts for the sake of His family Name which as I wrote at the start He will act in honor and defend His Family Name. Of course when one asks for such an action one must know the wrath of God might descend upon him. A double “of course” would be know that through a sincere faith in Jesus’ scriptural promises many events can be set on course for the Glory of God to be demonstrated. Moses believed do you? If you have faith be like the Apostles wake Jesus up so the coming storm can be abated. He, our Jesus, was a little disappointed at them and is at us but, but look at the lesson it taught the Apostles. How often He must have said and thought, of them and of us, “Oh Thou of little faith”. His words of remonstrance did not mean he did not act.
Speaking in Parrhesia again, I pass a comment it seems there is a great desire to change many decisions of former councils. In particular, I mean the Council of Trent on the Sacraments and the written directives of former Popes.

Try this prayer of Moses to have the fortitude to ask your parish priest, who is your confessor and spiritual guide this question. “Is there any veracity in this blog? Did the Pope really instruct us as Catholics to practice Parrhesia and how can we put his directive into action. If he did so then if he applies this to our faith and morals we should do as he directs but with the candour, truth and honesty. My prayer is many of you will.

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